Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 11th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with massa looking at Adi witht he property papers, she snatches the file and see its the property deed.
Lovely downstairs in KN, looks around the hallway for clues, whilst its shown in kitchen that mystery person with gloves opens the kitchen window, lovely hears this and runs towards the kitchen where she see the window open, she realizes that the person left from there, she runs to tell massa.
Massa scolds Adi that she never thought he would stoop so low by trying to burn down KN so he can have his way, Adi is super shocked at this, he tries to tell massa he knows nothing about this, but she slaps him instead, Lovely is outside at the door watching this.

Lovely then tells Massa that Adi is not reponsible for this and that it is someone else, Massa say she wonders who would do this to them.
She turns to Adi and continues scolding him (seems like she thinks its still him who tried to burn down KN).
Adi is teary-eyed trying to explain when his phone rings.

Massa tells Lovely to answer the call, lovely takes Adi phone and puts it on speaker where chote lal is talking abput his deal with Adi, he tells Adi to meet him outside KN now, massa cuts th call and looks at Adi.

Massa drags Adi downstairs to the doors of KN, where they see chote lal standing there.

Massa shouts at Chote lal asking him how dare he try to burn down KN, chote lal denies doing anything like that.

Chote Lal tells massa he already paid Adi for KN and so he taunts Massa, Adi gets mad at Chote Lal and lifts him up and threatens him to dare not say anything to his mom, Adi tells Lovely to bring the bag from inside which she does.

Adi returns the bag (the suitcase of money which chote lal had given to him) to chote lal and tells him to get lost.

Chote lal leaves, running away with his bag whilst Adi looks at massa and she walks away from him.

Adi begs Massa to forgive him, Massa says she cn never forget what he did, Massa then calls on Lovely for them to go join the picnic. (Whilst this convo was going on, it was shown someone was watching them).

The rest of the family including Rdhe are waiting for Massa and Lovely to return
Massa and lovely joins everyone and so they all get in the bus.

Utkarsh sits next to the doctor, but Lovely tells him to join gehna which he does, Massa observes this but says nothing, karantiya also watches this.

Everyone is happy, and smiling as well as singing, Badi sa looks at Massa and see that she is worried.

When the family reaches the picnic site, they are greeted and offered juice which Utkarsh takes two glasses and offers one to the doctor. Lovely and karantiya observes how Utkarsh and the Doctor are talking and smiling and they suspect something, Lovely tells karantiya they will ahve to find out about this.

Precap : Massa telling Babusa her discomfort seeing Utkarsh being so close to the doctor, its shown Utkarsh is busy chatting with the doctor, when gehna turns and see this.

Update Credit to: Rozey

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