Parth’s Birthday Imagine (The Best Bdae Gift)


~❤ The Best Birthday Gift❤ ~

Its one a.m. PaNi had a blast with their friends, celebrating Parth’s birthday. He is presented with a lot of blessings and gifts. True happiness reflects from his face. Finally, everyone decide to head to their respective rooms leaving the two love birds alone/together.

Niti walks into the room, laughing with Parth. These guys are laughing at something really funny, Ayaz did, when they were out. Niti has never seen Parth so happy. Like, he has no single worry in the world.

Soon the laughter dies down. It’s just chuckling every now and then as they remember the hilarious incident. Niti moves towards the dressing to remove her accessories. Just the earring and a pendant which she considers as her lucky charm only because it was a gift given by Parth on their first anniversary.

Parth is standing behind the mirror admiring her reflection in the mirror as she takes off. She can’t help but feel the heat rise up her cheeks. She always liked him watching her like that at but sometimes it makes her very self-conscious.

“What are you looking at, Birthday boy ?” She asks.

“I’m looking at the most beautiful girl in this world.” He answers. Niti smiles shyly at the ground.

“I like it when you do that. When you smile at the ground, when your cheeks turn into that slight shade of pink, when you tuck the strands of your hair behind your ear, that’s really adorable.” He says.

Niti doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He is never showering her with so many compliments at the same time, but she’s liking it. She bits her lips to prevent herself from smiling.

“Oh and those lips of yours.” He says inching closer to her. He is standing literally behind her now just a step far. He gently moves her hair out of the way, his breath making her shiver with nervousness.

“When you bite those lips of yours its damn hard to control.” he whispers in her ears huskily and plants a kiss on her cheek.
“You’re so beautiful.” He says in a barely audible tone and plants a soft peck on her lips.
The both of them are losing control when Niti pulls away.
He is confused. “What’s up ? You okay ?” He asks as she lay herself on bed.

“Yeah! It’s just that you have your shoot tomorrow. Moreover I’m really tired!” She shrugs.
“You should sleep now. You gotta wake up early.” She adds.

He frowns as the realisation dawns upon him. He looks like a poor lost puppy as he stands near the mirror, pouting.

“Baby come here. Lets cuddle!” Niti says throwing her arms in the air to cheer him up. Immediately, he runs and is by her side pulling her in his arms.

“Are you sleepy yet ?” He asks. Niti shakes her head in denial.

“Me too. I just hope everything goes well in the shoot tomorrow. It’s an important one for me.” He says.

“I know babe. You’ll do great. Take my word on that. Also I wanted to give you something.” She says. He looks confused as she turns to face him.

“What ?” He asks.

“It’s your birthday gift honey. Now close your eyes.” She ushers him. He closes his eyes shut and hears her shuffling around. Her footsteps faint in the background and are audible again. She quickly plops in front of him.

“You ready ? She asks, probably more excited than him. He smiles

“Yeah. Always babe.” He replies.

“Okay, open up !” She exclaims.

He opens up only to see the best thing in the world. Its a guitar. An acoustic one. The one he had always dreamt of owning and playing but never got time to learn due to his busy schedules.
More over he missed guitars like anything after ‘Kaisi yeh yaariyan’ ended. He missed every bit of music.

“How’s it ?” She asks wriggling her brows.

He, who is very much surprised, gives her a huge smile and pulls her into a hug.

“It’s amazing! How did you know I always wanted one ?” He asks.

“You only told me how much you missed being Manik. You missed every inch of music and especially your Manik’s guitar.” She giggles.

“Thank you so much Niti. Its perfect!” He exclaims pulling the guitar on his lap. He admires it, like a child admires a new toy. Seeing him happy satisfies Niti.

“So tell me Parth.” She clears her voice which snaps him out of the admiring beauty.
“Which was the best gift ?” She asks. She is secretly hoping for him to say the guitar but he keeps on thinking hard.

“Lemme think. I got a watch, a perfume, a new trainers, a guitar….ugh! There are so many. I cannot chose.” He says. Niti frowns.
He sees Niti and quickly puts on a smile. He is just joking with Niti.

“Well I like this guitar. It could have been my best gift but it is not. You know why ?” He asks putting the guitar aside and pulling Niti to his lap.

“Why ?” She asks.

“Because you are my best gift Niti !” He says planting his lips on her forehead. Her heart melts after hearing those words.

“Aww. Parth! You’re so cute!” She exclaims and pulls his cheeks. He laughs.

“I know. Right ?” He beams.

“Bur seriously Niti. I can’t thank you enough for whatever you did for me today. Sometimes I don’t understand how did I get so lucky ?
Meeting you on the sets of our show. Missing you badly after quitting the show. Coming back only for you. Realizing our love. It all seems like a dream to me.
I just want you to know, that I’ll always be there for you. No matter what, just like you’ve always been there for me. Thank you so , baby, for making this day so special!” He smiles.

“No thank you so much for making me feel so special every now and then. I love you, Parth!”

“I love you more.” He replies.

And starts their classic PaNi fight. This time the topic of the heated argument was “If Parth Samthaan loves Niti Taylor more or Niti Taylor loves Parth Samthaan more.”

They agree somewhat in the middle that they equally love each other.

That night they fall into sleep into each other’s arms. The next day is a big one for him as well as Niti. Before closing her eyes she just prays for his happiness. . .

This is what is called love! True love!

Hey guys. How was this one ? Did you like it to PaNi imagines are always special for ne and honestly I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot while writing this. I’m sure my parents might be calling the mental asylum right now. See ya !
Luff you !
Dont forget to comment !
PaNi forever and always !

Credit to: Anu

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  2. Hey Anu it’s just superb… while reading both the episodes i was having a big smile on my face…. plzzzzzzzzz continue as FF… it would be nice reading this imaginary PANI F..

  3. Awwww…….
    Anu u r impossible dear…..
    It’s just mind blowing update yar…..
    U r really an amazing writer…..
    Keep going….

  4. Superb anu…I loved it

  5. Omg anu dearyyyyyy it’s amazingly awesoooooome. ….loved it to the core. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads n love PaNi forever….

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