Parichay 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 20th February 2013 Written Update

At The Bar:
Kunal goes into a bar and finds BB already sitting there. He asks BB how he knew KC will come there? BB says whenever KC is disturbed he come there. KC tells BB that he became father 9 years ago but he could never fulfill his duties as a father neither to AC1 nor to AC2. He feels very helpless as a father hence came to the bar to drink. BB questions KC how come he is drinking as he had quit drinking. KC says he left alcohol but alcohol didn’t leave him and it has become his medicine now.

Chopra House:
Veena finds alcohol bottle in KC room and throws is outside. She asks everyone not to tell KC that she threw the bottle as she wants to stop KC from drinking again as she feels he always resorts to drinking in these kind of situations.

At The Bar:

is tells BB how they lost everything, money, bungalow, and career only because of him and he is responsible for the downfall of his family fortunes.

Chopra House:
Veena says that KC can’t bear failure hence he might start drinking again due to not able to being able to fulfill his children wishes. She reminds them what he had done to buy suite for his brother Anand and he might do the same thing again.

At The Bar:
Kunal says he drinks to forget about all the worried, problems and failure, but he wants to be worried today. He doesn’t want to shy away from his responsibilities, his failure, and his duties as he wants to face them today hence will not drink today. He says today he doesn’t want to forget that he is indeed a father who has responsibilities of his children, his wife, and his house. He says that old Kunal has died today and this new Kunal will not run away from anything and will face all the problems and difficulties in sober state and drains down the drink in the ice bucket.
He says to BB that now he is not going to fall back to his old habits, but will remain strong for his children and wife. BB asks what will he do next? Kunal says he doesn’t know what, when and how he will do something, but he is sure that he will not become like old Kunal Chopra again. BB asks him to come with him.

Chopra House:
Siddhi is sitting in the bed and kids are sleeping, Raj and Veena come and she says that the kids went to sleep crying. Raj says they are very intelligent kids and will understand KC’s helplessness. Siddhi says she hope KC also understands his own helplessness.

On the Road:
Kunal and a drunken BB are walking on the road. BB says without a doubt KC is the best lawyer, but he is always left behind because of his principals and morals. He says it’s good that KC follows moral and ethics, but because of this he is not reaching where h deserves to be.
BB says there is way that KC can make rest of the money, if he agrees to fight a case and prove the other party guilty without knowing whether or not he is guilty. KC says he can’t prove someone guilty without knowing it for sure. BB says a lawyer’s job is to present a case and Judge decides who is guilty. He keeps trying to pursuit KC to take up that case so he can arrange money for his children.

Chopra House:
KC comes home and sees kids are sleeping. He then notices a map where the kids have marked Singapore and recalls their teacher’s words that his kids are very smart and they will surely win the Olympiad. He then recalls how the kids had said that their father is the best in the world.

He comes out of his room and sees Veena in the kitchen. Veena says she is warming up the food for him as he had left without eating. Kunal says he is not hungry and leaves.

SiNal Room:
Kunal comes to his room and Siddhi asks where he was as kids were asking about him. She says she has an idea that they should go to kids school in the morning and ask the teacher if they can deposit the money after the trip. She says the school might also provide them the scholarship as their kids are very talented.

Kunal asks Siddhi if she know the difference between right and wrong. She says if one doesn’t regret after doing something they are doing the right thing, however, If people regret before and after doing something, they are doing something wrong. She says it’s hard to follow right path and easy to follow wrong path.

Kunal wonders if these things mean anything in today’s world. He asks he you do something wrong for a good cause, is it considered wrong? She says it’s still wrong if someone suffers due to that. Kunal says he isn’t sure anymore what’s right what’s wrong, and what sin is. He says he you want to get ahead in life, you can’t be always thinking about others, but you have to think about yourself too. Siddhi wonders why he is talking alike that. He tells Siddhi to go to sleep and goes to change while Ek Banjara song plays in the background.

Kunal changes in a blue Kurta (It’s a new blue Kurta never worn before by KC). Kc come to bed and recalls BB’s suggestions to take up the case which might be against his principals then he recalls how they had to tell the kids that they aren’t going to Singapore.

Kunal is sitting on the half berth and recalling about all his past conversations with BB and Siddhi.

At the School:

Next morning SiNal go to their kids school and propose their idea of depositing the money after the trip. The teacher says this is against the school rule and impossible for her to bend this rule. She says since Kunal is a lawyer, there shouldn’t be any issue with them depositing the money. Episode ends on KC’s stunned face.

Precap: Kunal telling Siddhi that he is willing to go to any extent to make his children happy. He says just like everything is fair in love and war, he will do whatever it takes to make his family happy.

Update Credit to: Rani

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