Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brij bhanu saying radha please eat food. Radha says father, I will not eat food unless I get the gift that I want and it is my promise. Everyone smile. Brij bhanu says radha now we are in gokul and we are guests here, when we go back to barsana I will give you what you want. Radha says father when what I want is in gokul then how will you give it to me in barsana? Yashoda smiles and says brij bhanu ji, what does radha want? Please tell us, we will bring it for her. Brij bhanu says nand Bhabhi you only ask her. Yashoda comes and says radha what do you want? Radha says kaki I want the one thing that you love the most.
There shirdhar is walking in gokul as brahman and as he looks at people, they start getting a disease on their body from which their skin burns.

All the people are in trouble. Shridhar thinks now even I will see who is that person who saves you from everything?, he will be vishnu’s avtar.
There yashoda says what is that radha? Radha says my father has 1 lakh cows kaki, I am radha and I do not repeat what I say, the only thing I want is kanha! Everyone listen and are amazed, yashoda and everyone laugh. Yashoda says kanha? You want kanha? Radha says yes kaki. Suddenly damodar comes and says nand baba, come fast all the people of gokul are in trouble, we have to save them. Nand says what happened? Everyone go with damodar. Radha says wait, wait.
There kanha and balram see all this and kanha says what happened to everyone? They are all in trouble. All the people who are suffering say kanha you saved us that day, save us now, you are our god. Kanha says but how can I save you? a woman says kanha that day you saved us from that brahma rakshasa by playing your basuri, save us now too, you are our god and you can save us. Everyone say save us kanha! Shridhar is standing and watching and thinks why are these people asking this child to save them? No one can save them now, even gods fear brahma rakshasa and what will this boy do? Kanha is shocked and worried. Kanha says don’t worry, mother says if there is a difficulty then only patience can give us a solution. Kanha starts praying om vasudevay namah! Yashoda and everyone come. Kanha says mother! See this. Nand says what happened? Damodar says all the people are havinga terrible disease. Nand says call the doctors now and people don’t worry you all will be saved.
Later the doctors are making medicine and put it on the body of the affected. Kanha’s friends are there too and say kanha you can save us all, please save us. Suddenly shridhar comes there. Nand is speaking with one doctor who says I have never seen a disease like this in my life nand baba, we are trying our best to cure the people but in vain. Nand sees shridhar and says brahman I have seen you here for the first time. Shridhar says yes, I am brahma shridhar. Everyone do pranam. birj bhanu says brahma dev do you know any cure for this disease? Shridhar says there is no cure for it, because this is not a disease it has been caused by the demonic powers of a demon. Everyone is shocked. shridhar says yes a demon, and these people have time only till sunset otherwise they will all turn into people having demonic thoughts and they will slowly become demons. Kanha says no brahman dev, mother says everything has a solution and when nothing works then god comes and helps. Shridhar says lets see kid if your mother is right or I am. Shridhar and goes and sits outside and keep saying Narayan! After some time, doctor says we have time till sunset nand baba, and these people can be saved by the medicine in which all gods powers are there. Damodar says which is that medicine? Tell me and I will bring it. doctor says there is no such medicine but only the gods can do something now. everyone now look at kanha and the affected people say kanha you are our god, save us please, only you can save us.
Kanha and balram come out and walk in gokul. Kanha says brother balram this is not true that I can save them, that day gurudev gargacharya told me to play the sweetest music that is why they all could be saved, I am just a child, what can I do? Balram says no kanha, that is not true, I don’t know what is true and what is not, but I just know that you are everyone’s savior. Balram says I know that now because you saved everyone from putna who could have destroyed gokul, you also ate the kheer which we though you ate because you liked it but you instead ate the poison of our part, you then saved us from that sound of the brahma rakshasa by playing the basuri, which does make you our savior, balram says I don’t know about others but kanha I believe in you, I am your brother and I know you can save everyone even know. Balram goes.
Narad muni says see Narayan! Shesh naag’s form has recognized kanha though no one did, shesh avtar knows who kanha is. Lord Vishnu says balram knows kanha and he believes in him, now kanha has to do something.
There kanha says brother balram believes in me and I will not break his belief I will do something before sunset to save everyone!

Precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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