May I Come in Madam 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju sending recording to Khiloni. Sanjana comes and likes the song. She asks did you sing this song, its amazing, wow. He thinks if I say truth, madam will like Khiloni. He says I was just singing, Khiloni did recording. She asks this was you, you are so talented. He says its Lord’s blessing. She says I have an employee who sings so well, I didn’t know. She says I also didn’t know, I mean I felt this now. She says I want you to sing live n my cabin just for me. He says not today, I have much work, I will sing tomorrow, hear this till then. She likes the song.

Mummy asks Chedi why did he not come to meet her in park. He says some dogs got after me. Kashmira gets chaat. Chedi flirts. Kashmira asks them to have it. Sanju comes and greets Chedi. Chedi praises chaat. Sanju taunts mummy. Chedi argues. Sanju says its our family matter, Khiloni would be waiting, I will go, donkeys eat chaat. He goes. Kashmira gets angry.

Sanju meets Khiloni and says I will make peg for you today, you sit well. Khiloni asks why do you want to kill me by making peg. Sanju says I m very happy, madam praised me a lot. Khiloni asks him to die. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni asks what did you do. Sanju says I have made her listen a song, she has become my fan, I made her hear your sung song. Khiloni scolds him. He says its my voice.

Sanju asks am I not yours, recall when I did mistake, who got beaten up in school. Khiloni says mine. Sanju says when I teased girls, who got defamed. Khiloni says mine. Sanju says I thought to impress madam by your song. Khiloni says don’t cry, your work will be done, I will hide and sing, you do lip sync, madam will hug you. Sanju says I love you too.

Its morning, Sanju and Khiloni come office. Sanju hugs Khiloni. He goes to Sanjana. She says I was waiting for your sing. He says I gave lift to her and came here, I will start singing now, I m gathering energies, you also gather words to praise me.

Sanju counts and starts lip syncing. Khiloni sings Tauba Tauba teri surat…… Sanju acts. Sanjana dances and claps. He signs Khiloni. Sanjana says you were awesome, I have no words, I will increment you for this talent. Sanju says its not needed, real artist doesn’t need money. She says fine then. He says no, I will accept it. She says I have a deal for you, I will introduce you to music company, they will shower money on you if they like your voice. He says sorry, I can’t race for money. She asks why. He says my first love is you, I mean this company. She says if we record your voice and then sell songs. He says yes, it can be done. She says my friend is big organizer, you have to perform in front of him. Sanju and Khiloni leave.

Sanju praises Khiloni. He gifts him wine and asks him to sing a song, madam wants to record it. Khiloni says I can’t sing. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni says I have sore throat, I had chaat made by Kashmira, she added lemon in it. Sanju gets angry. Khiloni says sorry. Sanju asks her to sing and show. Khiloni sings and coughs. Sanju worried.

Mummy and Chedi’s voice also spoils. Sanju comes home. Chedi greets him. Sanju shouts Kashmira. Kashmira comes. He scolds her for making bad chaat and spoiling everyone’s voice. He says I will not forgive you from Khiloni’s side. Sanju goes and meets Sanjana, saying we will keep singing program some other way, I have to take mummy to hospital. She asks him not to make excuse. He says its kundli’s problem. She says my friend is coming to hear you, you have to perform, go and prepare. Sanju goes.

Sanju sings Humma humma…….Sanjana smiles and dances with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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