Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa sends all evil upon vishnu’s disciples.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with keshi saying kansa this pot contains milk. Kansa laughs and says why have you brought milk here? Keshi says this is no ordinary milk, this is the milk of kamdhenu, the gods have used their minds and with this milk they poured over kanha and saved him from dying. Kansa says what? Keshi says only the milk of mata kamdhenu can remove kaal kuth poison, it is very holy. Kansa takes the pot and starts throwing the milk down and says so that Vishnu, and the gods they used tricks again, and by using this kamdhenu’s milk they saved kanha. Kansa throws the pot down angrily and says I wont step back. Kansa goes out of his palace in anger.’
There kanha is between the gods. Mahadev is impressed by kanha and he starts saying an aarti song for Krishna. All gods join and

narad plays his veena. The goddesses appear and spray flowers on kanha as kanha walks towards vrindavan.
In vrindavan, all women takes milk, butter, fruits and other food for kanha and come to yashoda’s house. Yashoda is making food and other various sweets for kanha. The women come and yashoda is confused as she sees them, she says what happened? The women say yashoda we have brought this all for kanha to eat. Yashoda is angry and she says why? Am I not there to make his food? I am his mother. The women say its not like that yashoda, today something different happened in our house. An old woman says yashoda, today the cows filled all the pots of milk, it has happened as if a lot of food has come in our houses. Other women say yes, even the fruits and food, everything has increased in our houses and we think only kanha is responsible for that, because of him everything is going well in our village, we want to give all this to kanha and feed him. yashoda says so if your houses get more food and milk you will come and feed my kanha? No! he is my son and I am making food for him, I can feed him and I am his mother, I wont allow you all women and gopi to feed him food everyday. Yashoda says why do you always keep coming here for my son? he is my kanha.
Women says yashoda why are you being so rude? We are not going to snatch your son away from you. Yashoda says you think whatever you want about me, I wont let you touch my son kanha. Now go away from my house, do you work. the women go. yashoda goes back to making food and says why should they always come and feed my son? as if his mother is not there for him. balram comes and says kaki what are you making? Yashoda says I am going to make some sweets and other food items, and some pickle as well. Balram says wow, I will taste it. Balram then tastes the crushed pickle ingredients and then says kaki, it is so spicy, oh my god, it is spicy. Everyone laughs and yashoda says drink water balram!
There kansa is in Mathura and he says loudly, I summon all the evil in this universe, come now, this is bhagwan kansa, go and stop anyone who would even think of being loyal to that Vishnu, don’t let the rishi’s do yagya, there shouldn’t be any disciples of that Vishnu, I will break you on all levels Vishnu.
There kanha is with rishi gargacharya and suddenly rishi’s come running and say kanha, guru gargacharya, we have been doing yagya’s for weeks now and praying to prabhu Vishnu but all evil has happened, it has started to fall over us, we cannot do anything and not even pray to our prabhu. Kanha says why? What has happened?
The rishi’s say, one day we were praying to lord Vishnu and doing a yagya, suddenly blood started raining on our yagya, the entire yagya was turned unholy and we had to run for our lives. Another rishi says the other day we were praying to suryadev in the river and suddenly the river water turned into blood, another day we were inside the hut doing another yagya but blood start raining there too and the hut collapsed. Kanha says I see, some evil is here and I can guess who is doing this, but rishi’s don’t be afraid, from now, I Nand-putra Kanha promise to you all that I will protect you all from any evil and anything that disturbs you.

Precap: kanha goes to vrindavan. Rishi’s continue to do their yagya’s as kanha swears to protect everyone. In Mathura, kansa thinks of another plan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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