Ishra abhagya arshi and Naagin love story season 4 part 7

Ishra abhagya arshi and Naagin love story season 4 part 7

At iyer home

Khushi wakes up and smirks

Khushi then wears a red Saree

Khushi receives a phone call

Voice: did you get it

Khushi: yes I have married him

Voice: good good now we will do something to him

Khushi: we will ankit

Ankit is shown injured and alive

Ankit: they will pay

Khushi and ankit laugh

Ankit: meet me at plaza today at 12 pm

At Bhalla House

Rivanya room

Ritik: Shivanya

Shivanya: what do you want man

Ritik: you

Shivanya: ritik please

Ritik holds her and they have an eyelock

Tere sang pyaar plays

Shivanya goes outside

Ritik: this is not fair she doesn’t want to come to me

Ishra room

Ishita: raman wake up your lazy

Raman: madrassan be quite

Ishita: whatever

Raman pulls Ishita on him

Ishita falls on him

Sans plays

Raman tries to kiss Ishita but she moves away

Raman: fine don’t talk to me today

Ishita: fine by me

Abhagya room

Abhi: fuggi Meri fuggi

Pragya: it’s too early to hear your crap

Abhi: what

Pragya stands on a stool to get something

Pragya slips and falls

Abhi catches her

Allah wariyaan plays

Abhi: you gained a lot of weight

Pragya: how dare you

Pragya leaves annoyed

Abhi laughs

11 am

Khushi and Arnav are seen hugging

Arnav: your mine

Khushi: I am I have to go meet a friend at a home at 12 can I go I’ll be back in an hour

Arnav: fine it’s reception tonight so come soon

Khushi: yeah yeah

Khushi leaves

12 pm plaza

Ankit is shown holding flowers

Khushi comes behind him

They hug each other

Khushi: baby I missed you so much

Ankit: same honey

Khushi takes the flower

Khushi: I love you

Ankit: love you too tree four five

Khushi smiles

Ankit: so Riya

Khushi: Riya raizada

Ankit laughs

Ankit: yeah your Riya we abducted Khushi to get Arnav property

Khushi removes her mask

It’s Riya (shilpa shinde)

Riya: it’s so much work

Ishita Pragya and Shivanya imagine Mrs. Bhalla end

Ishita: Mrs. Bhalla

Mrs. Bhalla: what

Shivanya: you killed our mother

Mrs. Bhalla: yeah so

Ishita: fine

Ishita stabs her from the back

Pragya from the front

Shivanya grabs her and burns her

Shivanya: killing

Ishita: costs

Pragya: revenge

Imagination ends

Mrs. Bhalla comes

Mrs. Bhalla: today my daughter in law will cook something sweet

Pragya whisper: you wish

Mrs. Bhalla: did you say something

Pragya: no I said why not

Mrs. Bhalla: go ahead then don’t make the same things

Mrs. Bhalla leaves

Shivanya: I feel like giving poison in this fat dummy food so she does

Ishita laughs

Pragya: fat dummy

Pragya laughs

Shivanya: I know right

A place is seen

Mrs. Bhalla comes there

And 3 men come there

Mrs. Bhalla: great job

All 3 men’s are Raman Abhi ritik

Mrs. Bhalla turns into Yamini

Raman turns to Shagun

Abhi turns to Tanu

Ritik turns to shesha

Yamini: wow black snake the pills for change character works due to it we killed Mrs. iyer


Mrs. Bhalla: madhu

Madhu comes and stands shocked to see her to be son In law’s ready to kill her

Amma is shocked

Amma: why Santoshi

Santoshi stanbs her

And so do her son in law

Image captures in her eyes but she realizes it’s not them

Before anything she breathes her last

All laugh

Flashback ends

All laugh

Yamini: wow what a kill then Shivanya saw the eye pics

Shesha: now what can we say

Shagun: they will pay

Tanu: they have to

Shesha: Ritik Abhi Raman we loved them and they betrayed us

Precap: Khushi (Riya) next move

Villains are partying

Ishra abhagya and rivanya come close but stay apart

Revenge saga

The real Khushi is seen tied up

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    1. AHT

      Thanks Jyoti

  1. Where are part 5 and 6??
    I couldn’t understand this part…☹️?

  2. Jasminerahul

    abhigya scene was romantic and funny .rivanya ishra scenes were romantic. shocking that khushi is kidnapped and the one who is with arnav is riya with khushi’s mask.surprised to see shilpa shinde as riya. so arnav got intimate with riya?shocking that yamini shagun tanu and shesha only killed Mrs.iyer in disguise of toshi and boys.hope the girls realize the truth soon

    1. AHT

      Thank you for commenting more twists will come eventually truth will come after something you’ll read it soon

  3. Wow love the romance between Ishu and Raman and Abhi and Pragya and you do not ever tell a woman she gain weight but I guess Abhi was being cheeky with her all in all good writing keep it up oh sorry this is my first time here.

    1. AHT

      Thank you for reading and commenting

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