Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kutnag attacks the people.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev saying devi even you are thinking what I am. Parvati says yes, I remember our marriage and it is during sawan marg only, prabhu has made us very happy by doing this leela. Mahadev says yes, I am so happy to see my baal roop in the form of prabhu.
There kutnag says Vishnu, you made me suffer so much, look at me, I am coming paramavatar to kill you, I am coming!
There all people sit to rest. Radha is eating fruits and kanha says what are you doing gopi? Radha says I am eating pear. Kanha says don’t you know? Guru gargacharya said that devi parvati had done harsh meditation to marry mahadev, and you are devi parvati now and you are eating pear. Radha says so what? Even mahadev drank poison to save the world, and you still eat mud, so you go and eat

mud, let me eat pear. Kanha gets up and says this gopi will always stay arrogant even if she has become devi parvati.
There kutnag comes out of his kut lok and comes on earth, he heads towards vrindavan.
There kansa is in his palace and says today either kut nag will live or kanha will live, in both cases I will only win. Kansa laughs.
Narad muni says mata laxmi, if kanha was born to kill kansa, then why hasn’t he yet? Kansa is spreading his adharma and hurting people. Laxmi says devrishi, kansa is always stopped by kanha and the purpose of kanha is not only to kill kansa but also to the adharma he has created as well as the adharma all around the universe, so kanha is waiting as he is making kansa himself end the adharma he created. Narad muni says that is very intelligent mata.
There all people are paying to shiv ling and kanha and radha pour milk over shiv ling and say har har mahadev. Everyone do the aarti.
Mahadev says I am grateful to be prayed by kanha and radha, prabhu Vishnu and devi laxmi, I and parvati do pranam to you for honoring us.
There all people do the aarti of bholenath. After the aarti, nand and all people say mahadev ki jai, parvati ji ki jai. Gargacharya gives everyone the aarti. as a villager is taking aarti, suddenly some poison falls on him and he falls down suffering as his skin starts burning and melting. All people get scared and gargacharya says this is because of kaal kuth poison but where did kaal kuth come here from? Suddenly everyone see up and kutnag is there, he takes his human form and says I will kill you kanha and all people, kutnag throws poisonous gas everywhere as everyone start choking. Kanha says don’t worry everyone, stay here you all are safe in mahadev’s temple. People say what if he comes in? kanha says he is very huge, he cannot come here. Kutnag comes inside and people say we were scared about that, he came in. kanha says everyone run fast, people run out. Kutnag says no one will be safe from me.
Nand says there is only one way to be safe from this nag, lets go from the small way through Yamuna, lets go quickly. All people run and run and suddenly they stop and see as the way is blocked by huge boulders. Damodar says there is no way. Kanha sees and says there is no need to worry, see there, everyone see a small door way through those boulders. Kanha says come on quickly, all people enter in and start running from that way. Kutnag comes there and says nothing can stop kutnag. Kutnag becomes huge and attacks on boulders to open the way. All people see shocked.
There kansa is with keshi and kansa says kutnag will do something. Keshi says I think he can do anything because he has kaal kuth poison in him.
There damodar says this nag is melting the rocks. Kanha says don’t be worried, we don’t need to be scared because life and death is in the hands of god, we have to do our karma. All people run and after getting out kanha says radha take everyone to vrindavan. Radha says what about you? Kanha says you trust me right? Radha says yes. Kanha says then go take the people to safety. Radha takes everyone to vrindavan.
Kanha says evil nag! Kutnag sees and says so Vishnu you came in front of me finally. Kanha says I don’t know what you are saying nag, I am kanha my mother’s son. kutnag says you don’t remember me Vishnu, you had attacked me with nidra ban and for 2 yug’s I slept but now it is your time to sleep forever. Kutnag attacks poisonous gas on kanha. Kanha dodges and says kutnag my mother says that those die who follow adharma and so listen to me and go back to sutal lok. Kutnag says my kaal kuth poison will kill you. Kanha says I have to dodge from this poison, but I can at least take away this nag from the people. Kanha teases kut nag and runs away as it follows kanha.
The people reach to safety and nand says we are safe now. Yashoda says where is kanha? Everyone is scared and damodar says I last saw him in that cave.

Precap: kanha says I will also see how much power your kaal kuth poison has got. Kanha jumps down a mountain and kut nag takes him inside his body. Kansa fires arrows on kutnag and kutnag is hit with kansa’s arrows and he falls down with kanha inside him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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