Udaan 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj wins Colonel’s trust

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Udaan 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor joining the raw agents. She says I couldn’t keep myself away. She covers her face with the veil and goes. Colonel says so you love Naina. Suraj says yes. Colonel says your words won’t do any magic on me. Suraj says its not magic, but my true love, you can test my love, I m sure that my love will pass any test, I can give my life right now. Colonel says that’s easy, its tough to take someone else’s life, this box has a gun, I want you to kill a stranger. Suraj gets shocked.

Colonel asks what happened, you said you are ready to give any test, this is your test, if you fail, you will be shot, my shooters are aiming at you. Suraj sees the shooters. Colonel says you have to shoot that burqa clad woman, if you can’t do this, you are not suitable for Naina, you will

be punished for yesterday’s mistake and shot, you have to shoot her. All the best. He goes. Suraj sees the gun in the box. Abhay looks on. The man says Colonel gave the gun to Suraj. Abhay says snipers are aiming at Suraj, don’t do anything. Colonel stands far and looks on. Suraj thinks of Chakor and Naina’s words. He thinks what to do. Suraj points gun at Chakor. Abhay gets shocked. Chakor turns to Suraj and gets shocked. She cries and drops her purse. She picks it. Suraj sees her bangles and identifies her. He gets shocked. Mahiya…..plays…..

Suraj sees Colonel. He says Saanvi and shoots aside when Chakor turns. Abhay gets relieved. Colonel says wow, ask the shooters to come back. Chakor runs and hides. Abhay asks how can you be so foolish, fate saved you. Chakor says no, Suraj saved me, he knew its me, he took Saanvi’s name so that I know. Colonel asks the people not to run, bullet is shot by mistake. He praises Suraj. He says we will celebrate your small win, we will party and have a drink. Suraj says I drink occasionally, I have work today. Colonel says forget your work, you made me happy, I found a suitable guy for my daughter, you are handsome and brave too, you can do anything for Naina, we shall celebrate. Chakor cries. Abhay says come with us. Chakor says no, I have to go to colonel’s house, Suraj is in danger, we have less time and have to find proof, trust me. Abhay nods.

Chakor comes to Colonel’s house. She says I work in dance school for the blind, the kids have sent a surprise for Naina, see my ID card, I got the CD, kids made this CD for Naina, she wants me to make Naina hear the songs, so that Naina gets happy, let me go in. Guard says we can’t let you in, we have to call in. Suraj says club went behind, stop the car. Colonel says we aren’t going to club, don’t worry, I m taking you to my house. Suraj asks why. Colonel says I want to talk before Naina, you would be dying to see her. Suraj says yes. Colonel says I recall my days seeing new lovers. Chakor stops the guard and says its a surprise for Naina, just let me go for five mins. The guard allows her. Chakor hides and enters the house. Servant cleans the house. Naina asks did dad call. Servant says no. Naina says don’t know dad got impressed by Suraj or not, I will call. He asks shall I clean the study room. Naina says no, dad gets angry when anyone goes there. Chakor thinks to go there. Naina turns. Chakor hides behind the curtain.

Colonel says welcome to my house. Chakor says how did Colonel come. She gets hurt and hides behind the table.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The episode was very good. Loved it

  2. I forgot to add, Suraj didn’t think of Chakor and Naina, he was remembering how he ended up in this situation, starting from Chaor convincing him to the briefing about his mission.

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