Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to gargacharya.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the rain stopping. Kalkey says enough for today, kansa says nothing is going to happen in one day’s rain, you cannot drown vrindavan. Kalkey says kansa, don’t worry, i have the power to drown this entire world, now I have used my powers on the earth of brij mandal, I attacked a spell oj the ground such that the ground wont soak any water, from now when I shall rain on brij mandal then the water wont soak into the ground and thus entire brij mandal will drown. Kansa says what a plan and laughs.
In vrindavan, all people are brushing off the water from their houses. Yashoda brushes the water from the verandah. Yashoda says since when I am trying to remove this water from here but the ground is not even soaking it. nand smiles and says yashoda, it has just

rained so it will take time, leave it. yashoda says yes maybe and goes. Kanha looks everywhere properly and says maybe mother is true. Balram says kanha what are you saying? Why wont the ground soak water? Wait you need a lot of strength to do it, I will do it. balram takes the sweep and starts sweeping the ground of water. Balram tries harder and stops and says yes the water is coming back, why isn’t it going? Kanha says something is wrong, I have to go to guru gargacharya and ask him. balram says you always think something is wrong, kanha says brother even you tried but the water isn’t soaking. Balram says that is true. Kanha goes.
Narad muni says prabhu how is kalkey doing all this? Why does he want revenge? Lord Vishnu says kalkey was a demon who wanted to rule the universe, he had an army but he did not kill humans, he rather turned them into demons. In flashback, kalkey uses his powers and he goes and terrorizes people. The demons attacks arrows on them and it hit the people, all people turn into demons as well and become a part of kalkey’s army. the then king of earth, is terrified as he sees kalkey taking control of earth quickly. The king prays in water to lord Vishnu, lord Vishnu appears and says don’t worry maharaj. King says what do I do? Kalkey is slowly taking control of earth and is spreading iniquity and turning people into demons, slowly dharma will be gone prabhu. Lord Vishnu says make a huge boat and take all important species of all living beings in that boat, there shall be a great flood on earth that will drown everything and then you and all species will start a new life after the apocalypse. The king says I shall do as you say. the king does as lord Vishnu says and then lord Vishnu brings the great flood over earth which kills everyone, then he takes Matsya(fish) avatar and defeats kalkey sending him back to patal lok.
Lord Vishnu says this way kalkey was defeated but kansa has given him a body again to kill kanha.
Kanha is with rishi gargacharya and he tell rishi the entire problem. Rishi says kanha that is true but this water does not look like it has been sent by varun dev, it seems some powerful demon has defeated varun dev and taken control of his powers, we have to see. Rishi gargacharya uses his yog Shakti and throws water on the agni and from a portal he sees varun dev. He says varun dev what happened to you? why have you been taken captive? varun dev says rishi gargacharya, kalkey defeated me and has taken me captive, he has put all this rain in brij mandal and the ground wont even soak the water because he has used a spell on the earth of brij mandal, he wants to drown all of brij mandal. Kanha says that is a huge problem. The portal closes. Rishi says kanha kalkey has to be stopped, this is kansa’s plan. Kanha says I knew it, the water wasn’t soaking, something has to be done.

Precap: Kalkey comes with kansa to bring rain in vrindavan again to finally drown brij mandal and kill kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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