Chandragupta Maurya 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Rescues Durdhara

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Chandragupta Maurya 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dacoits attack Durdhara and her team. She warns that they are daring to capture king’s sister, they will not be spared. They all laugh. She attacks them with sword. Chandragupta is also brought tied by Chanakya’s men disguised as soldiers. They tie him to tree and attack dacoits, but dacoits easily overpower soldiers One of them is about to attack Durdhara when Chandragupta frees himself and rescues her. Dacoits run away. He asks Durdhara she was showing her sword skills in palace, what happened her. She slips on banana skin, and he holds her. Soldiers reach and warn Chandragupta to leave princess. He leaves Durdhara, and she falls down. He says he followed soldier’s order. Durdhara fumes in anger.

Back to palace, Daima scolds her daughter that Durdhara

considers her as friend and not servant, she should have protected Durdhara. Dhananand walks to meet Durdhara. Soldiers show Durdhara’s maids and inform these maids failed to protect princess. Dhananand orders soldiers to send maids to Selukus. Soldier further informs that slave Chandragupta is caught. Chandragupta is presented in front of Dhananand and Durdhara. Durdhara angrily shouts to punish slave who dared to go out of palace without her permission, who went against her and even touched her. Dhananand asks whether he should punish the boy who fought with dacoits and saved her, he will reward him instead and make him Durdhara’s bodyguard. Durdhara sits shocked. Chandragupta thinks if he stays in palace,he can search his mother. He asks if he can get 1 year’s salary at once. Dhananand says he likes his daring nature and gives him money.

Chandragupta walks holding money. Mura sees him and asks what is he doing here. Chandragupta says he is Durdhara’s bodyguard now. Mura says he should not be in palace, she will show him secret way out. He says he returned here to search his mother who sold him for a few bucks. Mura stands crying. He continues that he wants to meet his mother once and looking into her eye say how much he hates his mother. They hear sound, and Mura takes him away. Soldiers drag maids with them. Maids plead to forgive and free them. Chandragupta asks Mura if they are Durdhara’s maids. Mura says yes, they are sent to Selukus as punishment for failing to protect Durdhara. Chandragupta says it is soldier’s duty to protect Durdhara and not maids, he will rescue them. Mura stops him and pleads not to go there now and leave palace. Chandragupta says he will go away from here now, but will not go out of palace.

Precap: Chanakya gives money bag to Chanakya and says his new boss is king Dhananand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Honest opinion

    Still have the same question! Why does Chandragupta wanna be slave of dhananand instead of Chanakya?! This is so frustrating!!

  2. Nice episode, when Chandra and Durdhara meets it looks good. Durdhara is more cruel than her brother but slowly this cruelty will turn to kindness when she will fall in love with Chandra. Is this Chanakya s plan to send Chandra in palace is not clear.
    Precap is same, now what Chankya will do as Chandra refuses to work for him.

  3. Such serials should be stopped for mocking history badly. Had they taken life of Chandra Gupta maurya from Buddhist scripture. Present generation could have learnt something. Serial is absolutely trash

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