Papa By Chance 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan apologizes to Bela

Papa By Chance 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan thinking of Suchi. He calls Suchi and says you made me out of the house, you don’t love me. She says I love you, I miss you, you can’t be separated from me, you can just be away. Amrit wishes she was a guy, then no one would have dared to take Bela to police station. Bela says daughters make parents proud, don’t say this again, you are my tiger. Amrit hugs her. Yuvaan asks why did you make me away from home, you never gave me big punishment. Suchi says I like your mischief, but mom has to be strict when mischief becomes misbehavior, its not justified to raise hand on Harman, he is elderly as your dad. He says don’t compare him with dad, tell him, I won’t leave him. She cries and says I don’t know where did my upbringing go away. He says when you see Harman’s

truth, you will know. She thinks Harman saved us from death, how shall I explain you. Dhoni recalls Yuvaan’s words and tries to see mum and dad. He gets sad. Gungun and Ullu cheer him up. They recall their time with parents. Dhoni asks will you leave me. Ullu and Gungun say never. They hug and laugh.

Yuvaan plays harmonium and plays songs to cheer up Bela. Tu jo rootha…..plays….. Bela tries to sleep. She goes to Yuvaan. He says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Bela scolds him and asks him to give her harmonium. Amrit gets angry. She says I will ruin Yuvaan’s Sunday too. She switches off the electricity. Yuvaan wakes up. Gungun recalls her mum. She calms down Ullu. Yuvaan looks on. He goes out and sees fan on. He asks Bela how did lights go off in my room. Amrit says phases are different. Yuvaan says I will talk to power minister. He calls her middle class. Amrit says he will know his real status. The man scolds Yuvaan and disconnects. Amrit taunts him. He sees Amrit and asks her to electrician. She asks him to manage his work. He gets angry and goes. Amrit asks Bela not to worry for him.

Mohini talks to Harman. She is at store. Harman asks Manjeet to give her what she is asking. Harman says I m busy with my wife. Suchi asks him to carry on. Mohini says if you want info about Yuvaan, you will come and meet me. Bela checks water tap. She asks Amrit to check. Amrit says why is water falling from terrace. She goes and sees Yuvaan giving bath to Dhoni. Yuvaan runs to washroom and shuts door. Amrit shouts on him. He says this is only way to get rid of hear. Ullu comes and asks Yuvaan to come out, he has to go loo. Yuvaan asks him to go away. Amrit asks Yuvaan not to trouble. Yuvaan comes out in towel. He asks her to call electrician. She refuses. He says I won’t stop running water, I will have bath.

Ullu says let me go, I can’t control. Mohini gets hair oil and says I will impress Harman today. Ullu goes to pee. Mohini asks him to run away. She keeps the hair pil bottle there. She asks Yuvaan what’s happening. He says ask Amrit to call electrician. Ullu takes some bottle and pees in it. Mohini and Amrit ask Yuvaan to go. Ullu runs away. Mohini takes the wrong bottle and goes. Ullu tries to tell her about bottle. Mohini asks him to go. Yuvaan and Amrit argue. Mohini shouts. Bela asks why is she shouting now, what happened. Ullu sees the oil bottle and says its here. Amrit says if he has oil bottle, what does Bua has. They see Mohini.

Yuvaan and Amrit argue. They have an argument. He says your love is hidden behind your anger even today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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