Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 36


Recap: Manan store room sequence shoot going on. Parth and Niti’s feelings behind the scene. Ayaz’s prank to try and make the two of them realize their feelings.

After having their lunch, there was some more time left and all the girls were sitting together and sharing gossips and other fun talks.

Krissan: Charlie, why don’t you get Troy and choti on sets someday ? We all would love to meet them. (Troy and choti are dogs that Charlie and Amar (her boyfriend) have adopted. Charlie had gifted Troy to Amar and then later, herself had adopted choti.)

Charlie: I would love to yar ! But Troy goes with Amar and choti would need me by her side all the time. And since we have a hectic schedule on sets I won’t be able to pay attention to her. But I will get her someday when we don’t have so much work load.

Veebha: great then do let me know when are you getting her so that even i will get my timmy (veebha’s dog. Imaginary name)

Charlie: okay btw what’s the new gossip? Does anybody have any ?

Krissan, Niti and Veebha nod their heads indicating they have none. But Charlie continues,

Charlie: but I think Niti has something.

Niti looks up at her questioningly !

Charlie: what ? Don’t you know what am I talking about ?

Niti: no !

Charlie: so then tell me what’s cooking ? I mean did you see Parth’s face at that song we sang ? It was a normal prank Ayaz asked us to play. But what was there so much that he was so angry ? What’s cooking Niti ? C’mon tell us !

Niti: (stammering out of nervousness) wh-a-t ?? N-n-othi-ng.. Why are you asking li-ke that ?

Charlie: (bursts out laughing and veebha and Krissan join her) look at your face ! (Stretches Niti’s cheeks) I was just kidding baby doll !  I was just pulling your leg.  C’mon girl, aren’t we aware of the Cold War between the two of you ? I mean after knowing all of that we can’t even imagine the two of you together. So I was just teasing you.

Niti keeps staring for a while trying to digest in what Charlie had just said. She then takes a sigh of relief and then leaves for her shot when called by the spot dada.

Both Parth and Niti move back for the continuation of the same scene. The next part to be shot was the part when Nandini starts crying as she had lost hope that they would be found by anyone and that she would end up in that place with the monster. At those thoughts she starts crying. Manik suddenly feels bad for her and gives her a piece of cloth to wipe her tears. Parth on seeing Niti crying, thinks, “whenever I made her cry due to those silly fights, she must have cried the same way right ? But why did I do that ?! She is a nice person, kind hearted and a sweet girl, I shouldn’t have hurt her that way.”

The next part to be shot is the scene where the college is closed down due to which the lights are switched off and Manik is afraid of the dark. Due to his fear, he asks Nandini to keep talking to him so that he would not feel he was alone. That was when Nandini began talking and Parth kept noticing Niti talking to him. For a while he comes out of his character and thinks, “I don’t quite remember Niti talking to me like this. We do talk on the phone but it’s been quite a long time since we were seated face to face and were talking freely. I think I should ask her if we could do something about it.”

The next scene was when Nandini gets scared of a mouse and starts running here and there. Manik suddenly picks her up and makes her sit on a high rack.

Director: So, Parth you have to pick her up from that chair. She would be standing on it all panicked and you have to calmly go up to her, pick her up from the shoulders and come and place her on this rack. You’d be able to pick her up right ?

Parth: Yes of course !

He then looks at her when nobody is watching and giggles while teasing her about her short height and less weight. Niti makes a puppy face at that and then instantly gives him a smile.

During the shot, while he picks her up, he feels like he is picking up a little kid as she was also behaving like one. He found all her actions so adorable that he actually wanted to stretch her cheeks and play with them. But he controlled his emotions and let the shot get over.

After pack up that day, they again follow the same routine except one thing. Ayaz insists to help them and support them and therefore suggests that he would drop Niti at their meeting spot and the others would think that it is Ayaz who is dropping Niti home.

In the car,

Parth: Such a long day today right ?

Niti: Yea ! That’s because we had so many scenes to do.

Parth: Yup ! By the way, I was thinking, if you don’t mind, would you like to go out someday? I mean for dinner or so ?

Niti looks at him confused as to why is he suddenly asking for that ?

Parth: No it’s okay if you don’t wish to. I just thought maybe we could spend some good time. As in we always talk on the phone or so or in this car that too till we reach your home. And now that you will get back your car from the garage within 2 days, even this won’t be there. So, we don’t get time to sit and talk face to face, you know like normal friends.

Niti: You are right ! We’ve been so much into this hide n seek game that we don’t get time to sit and talk. Okay the let’s go.

Parth: Great then, tomorrow after pack up ? Dinner ?

Niti: Sure !

After sometime of reaching home, Niti gets a call from Parth informing her that he had reached his place safely. It had been Niti’s instructions that he had to give her a call as soon as he reaches home. Parth somehow found it sweet of her to care for him so much. That day, they did not keep chatting till late as they had to go for shoot early the next morning and therefore needed some rest. But none of them could sleep even after disconnecting the call.

Both of them kept thinking about the whole day’s incidents and the way they came across difficult scenes and tackled them. Niti thinks to herself, “Now such scenes would come up every day and even more difficult, more close, more intense. I hope we are able to handle them all the way we did today.

Even Parth had been concerned as to how would they handle such scenes further but he knew somewhere in his heart that something would come up to help them. That day, Parth decides to write down his thoughts and feelings about Niti, “not necessarily about her. I’ll write about my experiences in kyy.” he explains to himself. He then pens down all his thoughts from the day he met Niti at the party and started hating her, to this day when they had started sharing a good friendship bond.

The next day at shoot passes just as a routine day but by evening, something happens that disrupts things at the shoot as well as the dinner date Parth and Niti had to go for.

Precap: something has happened that disrupts things at the shoot as well as the dinner date. What is it ? And would it be solved in time to let Parth and Niti enjoy their first date, “as friends” ? ?


So friends, I am stopping at this for you all to guess what would have happened that disrupted things ? And would it get solved ? Would PaNi be able to enjoy their first date which of course they don’t consider a date as they are “just friends” . Please comment down below and let me know your guesses.

P.S. Please don’t be disheartened if the actual thing in the next part does not match up to what you had guessed.

Also friends, I would like to invite suggestions on both my stories from all of may leave in your suggestions for the current as well as future track. I’ll try to incorporate something suggested by a majority group.

Thank you for your continued support ! All of you have become a really important part of my life and are very close to me so Thank You very very much !! I love you all !!


Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Superb nd that parth teasing niti about her short height nd less hahaha so funny nd uspe niti ka puppy face banana it’s very sweet…thank u di for giving us such amazing story ??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Haha…I know right ?! Niti is the sweetest !! I toh love her !<3 and i love you too for appreciating my work…thanks you !:)

  2. Is it disha s entry again di..?? And niti suggesting parth to forgive her..?? BTW today s epi was as adorable as everyday and how do u manage to write itna sweet and lively di..???

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Keep thinking and just wait till wednesday to find out if your guess comes true ! Btw thanks for these kind words of appreciation…And to answer your question, main sweet likhti nai hun, tum apni sweet comments se meri story ko sweet bana dete ho…:)

  3. Manisharahman

    Thank you so much
    I love ayaz pranks

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Me too 😛

  4. May be ayaz and others play one more prank and so pani realized their feelings towards each other….. Love u too medhavi for such a nice update… All the best for ur studies and for further updates…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Priya, please don’t thank me, i just try to make you all happy… But i would like to thank you for your wishes….thank you so much… and just wait till wednesday to find out if your guess comes true !:P

  5. hi suprb super i have 2 say u can be a good writter medhavi i aprishiat ur work it was awsom

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww thank you megha…It’s such a sweet compliment…I wish someday….;)

  6. sujatha muthukannu

    Hi.. Am waiting for ur disrupt thing… Keep gng. Take care dear.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you and you too take care…:)

  7. Omg what will happend yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Haha wait till wednesday…;) 😛

  8. as always superb dear.and waiting for the next update.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Paru…:)

  9. Is it Ayaz pranks or something else n today’s episode was just awesome I was in awe with niti’s puppy face n part teasing her lol

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Haha don’t they look adorable together ?;) And thanks for guessing something…now just wait till wednesday to find out…:)

      1. Ohu r welcome can’t wait n by the way r u student like me I mean I am an eight grader

    2. Yes i am a student but i have completed my graduation and am doing further studies in CA final…and also working together with it…

      1. Wo dats amazing how can u juggle all dis at one time n PS tell me some study tips coz I do self study n me an ICSE student

  10. Awww cho cute parth is teasing niti n the way he wants his frndshp to grow more n stronger was so adorable…
    I can’t even imagine if these things would have heppen in their real life then they guys would have been the perfect example of” true love” …
    N n n onceagain there’s no doubt that u r an amazing Writer i loved it dear..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Alifya thank you so much dear….:) And yes I agree they are a perfect example of true love ! That’s why all of us also love them so much….just wish these things were real that would have gotten our dreams come true !;)
      Good night dear…take care…

  11. Night night
    sweet dreams

  12. I think all there will be delay in shoot or all odrs will make other plan for dinner !!!!!? and again an awesome episode medhavi …. I will nt be shockd if u r calld by some creator for writting story of another season of kyy u r jst simply amazing writter …..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Omg Sia !! You are such a sweetheart ! i literally blushed when i read that comment….I don’t think i deserve so much but wouldn’t mind if what you said comes true…;) thanks to all the support from all of you !! And dear once again, a big big big thaaaaannnnkkkkssss !!!!! Love you !!!<3

  13. Suprb yaar…☺

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you !:)

  14. luving pani updates….pls keep uploading like this medhavi….v all luv u n ur updates..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks misthi….I love you too !<3

  15. Hello! medhavi when i am missing kyy i am look like this ? after reading your story i am look like this ?….girls chat nice…Charlie pulling nitis leg thats naughty…parth dinner plan thats superb..i am desperately waiting for they dinner..i hope it happens…ayaz support pani thats like a good friend..yeah face to face chat thats true whenever we talk to somebody when they gave reaction expressions that make us talk further…medhavi i want to tell you manik cares for nandini similarly my parents care for me i don’t want else in my life since childhood they caring me thats enough to live my whole life i am so lucky to have them in my life…bye take care God bless you hamesha aise hi raho

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww tabassum I don’t know what to say….I feel so blessed to have a friend like you who supports me and appreciates my work so much all the time….you really made my day, just when I was about to go to sleep after replying to these comments… this one is probably the last one unless some others come up while i refresh and so i’m really happy my day is ending with such a lovely comment from you….And yes you are right, it is necesary to talk face to face…that’s how you can understand the other person much better and can develop better bonding…and yes dear there is nothing above parents’ love and I’m so happy for you when you say your parents love you so much you do not need anyone else…I wish you do find that person who could match up to the love your parents give you….:)
      #behappy always dear !!
      #spreadsmiles !! Cuz you do that for me always !!

  16. Medhavi your stories are interesting plzzz keep writing them I love reading them all and have curiosity what will happen next as I m huge fan of kyy .

    1. Thank you heeral…and yes i will keep writing and entertaining you always…:)

  17. The way ur writing is superb medavi…….

    1. Thank you so much…:)

  18. I really hope that the dinner date happens! Plz dont let anything disrupt their date….lol but I loved itttt as asual!!! btw you know wht? you could maybe have something go wrong in Parths house and then parth has to stay at Nitis….idk though just an idea! but SUPERB! LOVED IT!

    1. Haha…even i so wish the date happens….:P but lets see what happens…?! And thanks for the suggestion…it’s nice…i’ll try if i can incorporate it somehow or maybe just change a little bit or so…
      Thanks for the feedback as well as suggestion…:)

  19. Awesome, marvellous episode medhavi, it’s superb, I was laughing like hell when I saw that mouse scene in the show itself n now reading about the whole scene reminded me everything n your imagination for behind those scenes is marvellous. …love you loads for this cute story, parth teasing niti for her petite body n her puppy face soooo cuteeeee. ..first date…wowww but what can happen to stop it, hmmmm you’re the mastermind dearrrr…I hope you will do something very amazing to let that happen…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      *tight hug* Roma !!! yes that mouse scene was actually very hillarious and to match up to that i had to think something good….i’m glad you liked it…love you !! Comment is shortened as i am feeling sleepy…it’s 2 am !! Good night dear…:)

  20. Its amazing yaar..waiting for next episode??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you !:)

  21. I really don’t have idea…..what u plan for next update……..bas itna pata h……ki woo superb, amazing, mind blowing, se bhi jada acha hoga…….or haa……
    “SCENE of the day……when nandani start crying as she lost hope……nd manik feel bad…..behind that…..parth think whenever he hurt niti by those silly fights…..she must cry in same way……..”
    Aww…..parth is soooo cuuutttttteeee……
    Love it……
    sach mujhe dii……u r amazing writer…….
    Agar sach kyy season 3 ane wala h….too unhe apse acha director mil nhi sakta……
    Love u dii……
    nd thank u……hum khushi ka itna dhayan rekhne ke liye……
    Nd sry….itni late comment Karen ke liye…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Kavya main kya bolun tumhe ?? Itna appreciate mat karo yar main sach mein itna to deserve nahi karti…bas iss baat se khush hun ki tum sab enjoy karte ho itna zyada…aur tumhe na to thanks bolna chahiye na sorry….tumhe khush karna is my job and i love it…aur late ho ya jaldi, important ye hai ki comment karo ya nahi, fir bhi mera kaam enjoy karo….

  22. Superb yaar. How u connect ur story wid d actual episodes of season 1 is simply mind blowing. Again I have no words left to appreciate u. I am speechless. Too good dear. Love pani.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much dii…even i am speechless at your appreciation…:)

  23. Wao.. good 1 and keep it up.

  24. Loved d mouse scene n parth’s thot behind it!! Charlie teasing niti lol
    umm i guess.. Shoot wil b delayed plus othrs plan fr d dinner bt pani denies n makes sum xcuse n go fr their date n d destination might b d same! As u said they’re goin out not at pani’s place!
    Very chotu cmnt na 🙁 srry fr dat medhu 🙁 cmnt krna hai lambaa lambaa mujhe bt i hav jst 15 mins more n i hav to cmnt at mny stories!
    Superbbb chappy!!! Loved it a lot!!!
    Now jumping to manan ff n waiting fr pani ff 😀 love u medhu :*

  25. cookies n cream

    I literally wait for your updates and I love the prank part 😛
    waiting for the suspense!

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