.Swaragini writers have gone mad…..I think all the viewers should stop watching this stupid serial…it is promoting lust and sentiments of a relationship.First of all they fooled us by keeping the serial name as swaragini.It should be swara vs ragin,then they showed a traditional girl going too bad.
They showed a bit of SwaSan and Raglak’s romance and then Lakshya pushed and threw Ragini out of the house after getting the property back and Swara ne Ragini ko sambhala..
Then Sharmishtha did the gatbandhan of SwaSan in the mandap aur unki mandap ki aag see the scene changed into chita ki aag where SwaSan were standing in white clothes

This is can laksh do that to her.I am not supporting Ragini but physically using a girl for revenge or mean moives is giving wrong message to societyAlso I don’t think they are going to make swasan together ever & I think the dead body is of ragini.possibility of it being Ragini’s body is high as Tejaswi had put in her papers a while ago and it was being reported that her contract with the show ends sometime in February.Alsoi thinkshe will commit suicide because of Laksh betrayal.(I don’t want her to go as I am fan of teju)

However try to contact swaragini or colors creatuive team to change track as its giving wrong message to society

  1. Yeah u r absolutely right dear..i m also big fan of tejsawi ….but how can any person stoop so low chiii…chiii..disgusting yukk..yeah Rashmi Sharma and writer of this serial giving wrong message to society…
    Meine bahut girls Ki comment padhi..or bahut si girls ne kaha hi Ragini deserve it how can any girl say that……girls u all know that I hope so…kise se ke sath revenge lene ke liye itna girna it’s really disgusting guys …..isse acha toh hota usska yeh lakshay murder …..i think Kisi girl Ki izzat ke sath khelna maut se bhi badi punishment hoti h….because of devil lakshay my sweet and innocent Ragini became a vamp….i hate u laksh…..

  2. Ya dear I completely agree with u ye aisa kaise dikha sakte hai

  3. ragini deserves it how can she stoop soo low and treat her own family like that. theyre the ones that looked after her when she did so much crap so its her fault she deserves it but I don’t want her to go then I wont watch it ragini aka tej should stay

  4. how can u hate lakshya hes cute and I support him. what ragini did to him was absolutely bad

  5. and make sure that this serial last long really long

  6. It really doesn’t matter if anyone is fan of her or not…
    The thing is how can they even think of showing such things.. It will give wrong message only…
    Waise bhi society mein girl ki log kitni respect krte hain everyone knows that well.. Uske baad ye serials and all k msgs… That’s disgusting…

  7. i hate ragini bt as a grl laksh did wrong he cant do this to a grl….
    i agree ragini is bad that doesnt mean laksh cheat her

  8. Ragini has done all the misdeeds n she deserves it. As long as Laksh is concerned the episode is yet to come n I don’t think Laksh will even touch Ragini that too just for property. He hates her. And if Swasan is added then last episode mei ek ho hi jayenge. Aur Swara ka dimaag tho suru se hi kharab hai. Ragini ne swara ko marne ki koshish ki use mafi mil gayi Laksh ne ragini ko marne ki koshish ki tho who galat. Swara ke liye justice ki rule book log ke saath change ho jati hai. Shekhar ne Sharmistha pe Visvas nahi kiya lekin unhe milane ke liye Sanskar se shaadi kar li. Lekin laksh ne bharosa nahi kiya tho Laksh galat. Ragini n Swara dono ko doctor ki jaruwat hai.

  9. Please stop watching the serial..when the trp will get low maybe writers then change the plot…I love the serial so much but it is becoming worse day by day

  10. I agree with this. Ragini deserves this. She did all wrong with her family members. She is so selfish.

  11. I don’t think k ragini going to die coz all shows have same track like i got to know that raglak will consumate their marriage so i think later writers will introduce a baby of raglak n one more thing is maybe this time they will show ragini dead n meanwhile they send her somewhere n probably she will come with her child..not sure but anything can happen n they will not unite Swasan soon..they can’t our happiness na…

  12. Yeahh u r right . This is going to make a wrong impact in our society. ..this is the problem of many serials..its disgusting…i wish that they may focus on a track which morale n motivate our society

  13. I agree with everyone who is opposing or going to oppose what is now showing in SWARAGINI…….in the comments…….. Bcoz jahan tk mujhe lagta hai agar koi ladki traditional hai aur apni family se pyaar karti ho toh woh aisa toh Bilkul nhi karegi…… aur chalo agar usne aisa kiya bhi toh Itna bhi bura kaam woh kabhi nhi kar skti jaisa show me dikhaya ja rha hai……. Aur ye sb dekh kro logon k man me bhi ye baat aa jaati hai ki agar who kisi traditional ladki ko dekhte hai toh woh shaayad uske baare me galat baat soche…….. Its not good for our society…….


  15. I agree with you Candace

  16. I also agree with you Candace

  17. Yes… U r right Candace

  18. I think that all of you are right ragini neh bohoth bura keya tha leykin laksh ko yeh nahe kar nah cha yeh tha and io think that leher is right laksh might not do that its not always true . althought I don’t want ragini to leave how ever she is the truth should always win over bad I do want kavita to go though and swara and sanskaar to be toghether because they match

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  20. I think that reha is right I don’t belive that lakshya will do that and even if he does ragini did a lot of bad things so I will feel bad but not that much. I really want sanskaar and swara to stay though

  21. but spoiler also showed that lucky n ragini both were showering flowers on swasan so it is hard to believe DAT ragini is dying probably it is kavita

  22. See in end both will unite no matter what happens in this crap show and ragini is not leaving the show so even if she dies she will come back as in serials anything can happen just like return of Kavita so need to worry but you the message given to the society is definitely wrong

  23. According to me leave serial and read do of searching they are way better than the serial and the stories are just like awesome even I don’t watch this show but I do read ffs

  24. not at our side
    i am swasan fan and hate rag

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