Pani – a story we wish were true – part 20


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Parth had been watching her as she was going away. Both of them were feeling a pain in their hearts but were confused as to why was it paining ? Why did it feel as if they were going far away from each other. Parth was expecting she would turn around but she didn’t and that hurt him and niti was expecting him to stop her which he didn’t and that hurt her more. As she was moving she felt 2 gazing eyes from behind and for once she thought it was him, she stopped to turn around but did not have the guts to face the truth had it been just an imagination and she found he was long gone. She wanted to live with the thought that it might be him, waiting for her to turn around.

She badly wanted to turn but didn’t and a small drop of tear escaped her eye which she quickly wiped away and went into the building and out of sight for parth. He could not see her face but he knew she was crying on the inside as he saw her wiping the lone tear trying to come out of her eyes. He apologised to her in his heart expecting his apology to reach her somehow ! He started his car and left as he lost sight of her. Niti was still standing near the lift when she heard the car ignition and came out to see him going. She knew then that he had actually been looking at her. Those eyes she felt on her were his. Both of them silently knew and understood each other but were still too far away to be one.

The next morning was the usual shoot. But now both parth and niti were pure professionals. Both of them understood each other well even without saying. Niti was hurt after what had happened last night but she could also see it in his eyes that he did not want to do this to her but had no other option. She was therefore ready to support him the way he wanted, by being just a professional co actor. Parth on the other hand was really very guilty on the inside to have hurt her so much but could do nothing to change it. But, the confidence in her eyes that he saw helped him, as if telling him “Don’t worry, i understand what you are going through and i will support you just the way you want it”.

The next scene was the one with nandini’s family where manik had arrived at her place with the contract of enslavement. Both of them were in their get up as manik and nandini and were rehearsing their scripts till the time the set was being set up.

When niti was waiting outside her vanity and going through the script, parth came to her.

Parth: Hey should we rehearse the scene once ? That way we can add some inputs by ourselves and make the scene better ?

Niti: Yeah sure lets do that !

They then rehearse for quite some time and by the end of the day, both of them get used to the professional atmosphere between them. Of course they do miss the short lived friendship they shared but are now settled in their own routine.

So, nandini murthy is the spot girl now. Mr. Manik monster malhotra has got all his evil plans to harass nandini but does parth approve of the same ?

As the spot girl track was about to start, parth was going through the script of the next few episodes. It was late night, he was sitting in his balcony enjoying the cold breeze, and was going through the script.

Manik would ask nandini to clean up his room, clean up the ice cream on his shoes, serve her dinner, follow him everywhere. Out of all of this he found only the “follow him everywhere” part good.

Parth: (thinking to himself) why so cruel ? What has she done to deserve such a punishment ? I mean cleaning my shoes is the limit. Should I talk to the writer to remove that part ? I mean it would be actually niti who would have to do that right ? No No parth focus ! You are just working and so is she. If she does not have a problem then why do you have ? And its just a scene nothing else.

The next day, they were shooting the same scene where nandini had to clean maniks shoes. Niti did find it a bit awkward when she read the script but since she was now used to the “professionalism” she was okay with it. However, parth was still concerned.

When she was cleaning his shoes, the camera focus was on her only which was a good part because parth was not at all acting manik. He was that parth who actually cared for niti. He still hadn’t figured out the reason for the same but there was something that inclined him towards her. Ayaz noticed his concerned expressions and talked to Charlie.

Ayaz: Listen, just look at parth. Does he at all look manik ? Just see his concern for niti.

Charlie: haha ayaz ! You can definitely catch anyone !

Ayaz: Exactly ! I told you that the Romeo Juliet award of our set has to go to them. But you dont believe me.

After the scene, Ayaz and Charlie include Krissan and Utkarsh as well into their discussion.

Charlie: Kriss, Uttu come here Ayaz is calling you.

She takes them to Ayaz and they start discussing.

Ayaz: So friends ! I’ve got you all here to prove my stand ! You didn’t believe me right when i said there is definitely something between Pani . So I’ve got a plan that will reveal the secrets.

Krissan: Ayaz please stop it na ! Lets just leave them to themselves. Why keep interfering ? We know they just wish to be professionals. If there would have been something like this then they would share it with us.

Utkarsh: I think i agree with her but then I’m also excited for Ayaz’s evil plan. It is going to be fun !

Charlie: Yeah kriss. It’s just for fun. C’mon don’t be a spoiled sport !

Krissan: Okay fine. Go ahead.

They discuss the plan and move towards executing it.

Ayaz goes to parth with a sad and concerned expression to which parth asks,

Parth: What’s up bro ? What are you thinking about ?

Ayaz: Umm..No let it be. You wont like it.

Parth: Arey ?! What would i not like ? Atleast tell me. You look really concerned.

Ayaz: Yeah i am concerned about someone but you wont like to talk about that person. So, it’s okay let it be. I’ll figure out something by myself.

Parth: Oh please just speak up ! Who is it about ? and what is it ?

Ayaz: You sure ?

Parth: Yes of course !

Ayaz: okay ! You know how i consider Niti as my little sister right ?

Parth is stunned to hear her name. He did want to talk about her but still he didn’t. He does not respond for a while.

Ayaz: See i knew it. It’s okay lets not discuss that. I know you don’t really like her.

Parth: No !

Ayaz: What ? Do you like her ?

Parth: Not like that. I mean..

Ayaz: So you like her ?

Parth: What is it about her that is concerning you so much ?

Ayaz: (Acting really sad !) Actually my little sister is very upset ! She was crying right now when i went to her vanity. She didn’t even talk to me properly.

Parth: What ? Why crying ? What happened ?

Ayaz: She says she has never even cleaned her own shoes. She has always had the facility of a servant for it. And today, in front of the whole cast and crew she had to…

parth: She had to clean my shoes. I knew it she would feel bad.

Saying this he leaves to go towards her vanity.

On the other hand, all the girls were sitting and chatting in the vanity.

Krissan: so, niti I still remember that day from the restaurant and I realise you did not answer ayaz’s question.

Niti: what question ?

Charlie: Arey remember you were lost somewhere that day and ayaz had asked you whether you were busy thinking about someone and you just easily changed the topic.

Veebha: but how come suddenly we are talking about that day ?

Charlie: Arey veebha actually me and kriss were going through the photos from that day and we remembered this thing. C’mon tell us niti. Who was it ? Or rather who is it ?? (Winks)

Niti: what are you talking about ?? I don’t remember any such thing.

Niti gets nervous and everyone notices her expressions. Charlie and krissan start exchanging naughty looks to each other by pointing towards her nervous expression. Veebha on the other hand who is not aware of all the drama is really concerned about her friend. She wishes Charlie and kriss would leave soon for their shot so that she could talk to niti and calm her down.

Just then a paniked utkarsh enter the vanity but before he could speak anything, veebha who is relieved on seeing him speaks up,

Veebha: ohh hey uttu ! So you are here to call Charlie and kriss right ? Go you guys might be having your next shot .

Charlie: what’s wrong with you veebha ? Why are you in a hurry to kick us out of here.

Veebha: (embarrassed) no not like that. It’s just that uttu is here to call you and director sir would be very angry if you don’t go fast that’s the reason. I don’t want the 3 of you to be scolded.

Utkarsh: somebody at least let me speak !

Krissan: yeah say it uttu. What happened ? Why are you so stressed ?!

Utkarsh: parth is badly hurt !

Hearing this niti looks up from her thoughts and suddenly tears start forming in her eyes.

Charlie: what ?? What happened to
Him ?

Utkarsh: he..he fell off from the stairs and is hurt on his head. It’s bleeding.

Veebha: ohh god !! Did you call the ambulance ??

Krissan: leave ambulance ! Let’s go take a look and take him to te hospital in our car.

All of them get up and niti is the first one to leave the vanity and run towards the building.

Just when she is running she collides with someone who was coming at an equal pace and both of them fall off on the ground with niti over the other person.

Due to the sudden jerk both of them had closed their eyes and when they opened their eyes niti found parth below her and parth found it was niti.

Niti had been crying all the while and parth starts wiping her tears and niti just starts checking his body for any wounds because of the accident.

All of this was being witnessed by the others and one more person who was not expected to be there at that moment ! It was disha. She saw the 2 of them in that position which made her furious. She just shouted out “parth!”

Both niti and parth look up to find disha standing at some distance and immediately straighten themselves up.

Niti realises parth was completely alright and is really angry as she understood it to be someone’s prank. She saw the others except veebha laughing at the situation and she knew it was all their plan.

Parth rushed to disha who just turned around and started leaving. Niti left with veebha towards the vanity and all the others burst out laughing.

Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww dear thank you so much !! You are a sweetheart to compliment my work in this manner ! Thank you ! ?? and also a special thanks for understanding my schedule change !

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      Oh I never realised my story could also be understood by people who have not seen the show…that’s a big big compliment !! Thanks dear !!☺️?

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      Hey dear thanks for the suggestion…I had no idea about other Pani fan fictions so thanks for letting me know…and I promise, whatever my track be ill make sure it’s not boring for you all !! So stay tuned to find out more…?

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