SwaSan (A New Love Story) Part 14

Thanks so so my much for all the comments. Kritika I live in East London, bow. Anu London is a really nice place,although I would love to live somewhere sunny like malibu. HoweverI wouldn’t recommend coming now as it literally rains every day.?

In raizada house
Arnav’s dadI is called dadu by love
Dadu approaches kushi.(she’s a really sweet,fun person)
Dadu: beta who r u
Kushi: namaste I’m kushi I work for your grandson
Dadu: nameste, I’ll show you where he is
She points it to her. It’s near the pool side, they have an indoor pool. As she is going there she thinks of staying near the the pool. She starts kicking the water like a kid. Arnav sees her and says kushi. She gets scared and false into the water.she starts shouting help I can’t swim. Arnav dives in and carries her out. Dadu comes and sees kushi all wet and shivering.
Dadu: bets how did this happen and Arnav y u standing there like a statue take her to your room

In the shopping mall.
Ragini: laksh you and who is this
Before lash could say anything omi interrupts
Omi: hi I’m omi makes best friend you must be Ragini right n who’s this beauty beside you
Alia show her finger that has a ring on it
Alia: I’m sorry I’m taken
Alia n Danny r engaged but they don’t love each other they r engaged since both of their families always wanted them to marry each other since childhood. They don’t mind since their close friends.
Laksh: Ragini n Alia we were just about to go for dinner will u like to join us
Alia: of course
Ragini looks at Alia

At the mountain side

Swara: sanskaar why did you call me here
Sanskaar: come I need to show u something
He takes her near the edge of the mountain; there’s a fence around it. Sanskaar goes behind Swara n puts his head near awards face n holds her arm up pointing to beautiful view. Swara is mesmerised by the view. Swan are so close they can hear each others heart beat they tilt each of their heads together n have a eyelock.(kabar nahi) sanskaar leans his head forward n Swara also lifts her chin up. He softly places hus lips onto her n have a soft kiss. They then stop but then starts again and have a passionate kiss. They then stop and are shocked.

Precap: kushi has to say at raizada house for the night, raglan dance in the restruant, Swara tels sanskaar that their kiss was natural we were just attracted to each other then that’s what we kissed but it’s nothing big I mean it happens every day

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  4. Very nice part too short swawan scrnes r gudd love it…..enjoy your schul life nd concentrate on your studies

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