The pain that continues..(episode 14)


Episode 14 :
Aadit lying on his bed with his one hand under his head n remembering how he hugged her n his promise n starts smiling .
Aadit ( to himself) : what I have promised ? really I’m mad . how can Aaradhya stay with me forever ? I mean just few more years yaar . after that u won’t be able to see her even . n next time when u see her in future she may be even….even…..married to…( his words became heavy n he don’t want to finish it but he is trying to make his heart understand reality ) married to ……someone else . ( he gets up suddenly n with anger tone ) wat the hell I’m thinking . how can someother hold her hand . I will break him into pieces . ( he composes him self n gets off the bed n goes near window )

Aadit (looking into sky ) : why do I will break him ? we r not even friends even then y it is pains to imagine her with anyone . wat the hell happening with me ? I’m over reacting . theres nothing between us . yes I accept that I like her presence n fights between us infact I love them . nothing more than that right .( he thinks as if getting it conformed from heart ) I don’t know yaar but onething is conform this girl is driving me crazy .
Next day after some classes n works . the day ends . finally revenge night.
Aaradhya : so u ready???
Damini : absolutely waiting for this bro …
They look at eachother n laugh evilly .
Aaradhya : so lets start mission bhagao boyfriend .
Damini : cheers .
They takes their water bottles n pours water on disha ‘s bed n cover it with blanket .
Aaradhya : done .

They hear disha coming out of washroom n acts as if they busy with their works n waiting for her to get into bed .
Disha : wow two loud speakers silent today . wat happened power off .( she laughs )
Aaradhya ( to herself ) : aaj tho tumhari fuse nikaalke rahungi .
Soon disha sits on her bed n shouts .
Disha : whats this ??
Damini n Aaradhya laughs aloud .
Aaradhya : wat disha u made bed wet as if u r kid …
Damini : ya yaar we have washroom right .
Disha : shut up idiots I know u both did this .
Damini n Aaru : we….no….
Disha : I know it …
They hear door knock.
Aaradhya : dude ok then lets ask ur BF about it .
Disha : no . I’m wet wat he thinks of me .
Aaru : but we can’t send our guest back .i’ll open .
Disha : no..
Damini : I’ll open .
Disha holds her but she frees herself both Aaru n damini opens the door . soon disha jumps into her bed n covers with blanket .

Guy : disha .
Aaru : ofcourse …there u can see one bed on it one blanket under it ur girlfriend .
He about to enter . but Aaru n damini stops him .
Aaru : unfortunately u cant meet her now .
Guy : disha tell to these in ur style .
Disha : go away ….
Guy : wat ???
Aaru : i think u got it now .
Guy : disha …
Disha : if u really want to save our relation then run away now .
Guy : ok ….as u say ..
Damini n Aaradhya : bye boyfriend …
They shut the door n give hi-fi to eachother . disha bursts out now .
Disha : how dare u idiots ?
Now even Aaradhya looses her temper .
Aaradhya ( shouts ) : shut up ….wat u think about urself . only u can shout even I have mouth . mind ur language next time,if u wish ur safety .
Disha : oh u r talking as if u did nothing ….u guys know my weakness n troubled me . when I came to know urs then I will show u .
Aaru : oh well in that case let me make ur work easy . I have two weak points . no.1 I’m scared of ghosts which I came to know yesterday n no.2 monster malhotra in straight fifth room . beyond this I don’t think I have anything

Disha : why u guys done this to me ?
Damini : not bcoz we r mad disha . u felt really bad right n think of ourselves . what we feel while waiting outside room for hours in night . we are not mahan devis to not feel bad . so we thought to make u understand atleast to care others .
Disha : hence u both did this to me ? do u both think I will leave u both for this .
Aaru : who asked u to leave . don’t leave it that easy hold it on until u feel to leave it cuz I won’t back off in these interesting things as I love them .
Disha : u both are …..
Damini : stop it guys . we are not enemies . disha u did wrong n now we did wrong its over . don’t extend issues . sorry from Aaru n myside if u really hurt .
Aaru :yaar why u saying sorry …
Damini : no Aaradhya it is needed . lets end the issue . guys comeone we r friends now right .
She forwards her hand n asks both of them to join her . first both Aaradhya n disha looks opposite side .

Damini : Aaradhya …
Aaru : fine yaar…
She joins n later disha too joins them .
Disha : ok fine I’m sorry like something ..
Aaru : if u r saying sorry then make it the way ….
Disha : I don’t have any formalities …
Aaru : yaa…n I wont even expect .
Damini : guys started again .
Disha n Aaru : sorry .
Damini :gud …disha go n change ur dress . today Aaradhya n u sleep in one bed .
Aaru (shouts ) : wat???
Disha : don’t worry dear . I wont take much space …i’ll come in a min .
She goes to change her outfit.Aaru looks at damini .
Aaru : dude wats wrong with u ? r u serious . how can I share bed with Alien .
Damini :yaar this ends ur fight completely .
Aaru : time knows ….
Both Aaru n disha shares bed . they keep on pulling blanket to their sides whole night like cats n finally goes to sleep .

Precap: Aaradhya buying watch for Aadit . all her friends decides to visit Taj mahal .

Credit to: honey

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