It’s been two days of shooing away the infamously famous seventh gaaye/cow of Anika’s life. The same life which has been really busy and tough on Monday and Tuesday, it’s Wednesday and she is planning to go out with her sister and brother to spend some time with them to relax her mind before the next set of works. Next day will be a tough day as some investigators would come to investigate the new product that her company is planning to launch by very next month and being the manager incharge, she has been awarded with the most tough job of explaining everything about the product to the investigators.

“Maa I am going out with Ishu and Sahil” she said checking money in her purse.

“Return soon, and beta don’t let Sahil to have much of outside food” her mother said looking at Sahil ever so lovingly.

Sahil, their brother who is the most pampered of all at their house. A boy of around ten who is smart and cute. He is not their own brother or the sibling of their mother’s womb but the son of their aunt who died in an accident six years ago. From then Sahil has become their family. He calls Anika’s mother as Maa and Anika’s father as baba.

“Ufff… why all the restrictions are over me?” Sahil asked looking at his mother irritatingly.

“Because you are small na… okay let’s go” Anika said as she put her hand over Sahil’s head and brushed it backwards.

“Why is Ishu di taking so much time to get ready today?” Sahil asked glancing at his mother and then his Anika di.

“No no… Here I am” Ishana said coming out of her room and smiling broadly with a glow on her face.

Perfectly done eyes by kohl and liner with nude lipstick. The make over was perfect. Anika squinted and looked clearly at the glowing make up of her sister.

“Let’s go” Ishana said excitedly and hurriedly went towards their car.

It’s very rare to see Anika driving but that day Anika preferringly sat on driver’s seat and switched on the engine. Sahil sat on the passenger seat while Ishana took the back seat.


“What is going on Om?” Shivay asked sitting beside a lost Om who is smiling since the day before.

“Why are you smiling like fools?” Rudra added one more question.

“Om… we are speaking to you” Shivay said looking at his brother not replying to their questions.

“Om… Om… Om…” Rudra vigorously shook Om and to the god’s grace Om looked up to him.

“Wo… I want to share something with you two” Om said as his cheeks betrayed him and grew red and warm.

“Yeah… but why out of nowhere are you blushing?” the man with no emotions for others except his family asked his brother.

“Actually there is a girl…” Om for sure got cut in the middle as the fake coughs echoed the room.

“Is she hot, with slim figure… say na O… say say” Rudra again shook Om to take out the next unspoken words soon from his mouth.

“So… I… actually…” he stuttered and the blush became more evident.

“Rudra, for sure he won’t tell us soon… so let me make a cup of coffee for myself” Shivay said and was getting up when Om completed his sentence.

“I… I proposed her yesterday” Shivay sat back over the bed with a thud and Rudra’s cough filled the room but this time it was real.

“What did she say?” another question from Shivay’s side.

“Arre yaar, you are so duffer in the matter of girls, she must have said yes or else why would our O blush so much… haan haan…” Rudra being the girl expert among three of them answered poking Om’s cheeks. Om blushed more.

“That’s a great news then, let’s celebrate” Shivay said.

“There is more to it Shivay” Om said with somewhat different expression that is way different from blush or happiness and somewhat related to awkwardness.


“Are you crazy? For this reason you asked me to get ready, you should have told me the truth Ishana” it’s very rare that Anika calls Ishana by her complete name and when she does, it’s for sure that she is angry.

“Di… di just meet him once, see I know it’s wrong to bring you here like this without informing about the actual motive, but just for once meet him, if you don’t find him good we would stop the matter over here itself” Ishana said making pleading eyes.

“Di… please please please” Sahil said holding his Anika di’s arm and pressing his eyes rolling his lips.

Tujhe bahut jaldi hai mujhe ghar se bhagane ki, you are dying to push me out of my house” Anika’s emotional torturous words again.

“Di… nothing like that, it’s just that I know his brother and they are in search of a girl for their elder brother so… I just asked if you two can meet” Ishana said slowly stretching the words.

“Yeah… and who else knew about this stupid meeting?” Anika asked.

“Only me and Om” Ishana answered looking down.


“Fhat The Wuck” Shivay shouted as soon Om explained the next set of matters to him.

“Please Shivay, meet her atleast once and I am sure that you won’t regret, please please” Om requested.

“Bhaiya… you have promised us that you wont ask any question next time when we would find a bride for you, so you are not allowed to ask questions” Rudra said.

“But… his girlfriend’s sister? It’s so not going to happen” Shivay got up throwing hands in air.

“Shivay, she might be waiting for us by now” Om looked down as he completed the sentence.

Phail gaya raita” Rudra said and held his head by both his hands.

“What kind of language is this Rudy?” an irritated man asked sounding way more irritated.

“Shivay… OmRu ke liye ek baar mil le, for your OmRu please go and meet” Om hit the correct point knowing that Shivay won’t deny anything when it comes to Om and Ru’s requests.


“See… late lateef kahinke, abhi tak nai aaye, the late stupid people, see they are not here yet” Anika said thumping the table.

“Di… they are coming, just sit silently na…” Ishana said justifying the people’s side whom Anika is cursing.

“I am going now, it’s high time we are waiting stupidly for them” Anika got up ignoring how much ever Ishana requested her to sit down and wait for a little more time.

“Don’t have any manners… who keeps one waiting like this huh… what does he think of him? Is he the president of this country… no right then he don’t have any right to keep me waiting for him, why would I wait… Ishana just asked me to come here, so I came and that’s it… stupid fellow, gadha/donkey, uhhh… uhhh…” she was approaching towards the door and was continuously cursing the man whom her sister chose for her to get married, or if not more than atleast meet once to talk about getting married.

“Who says yes to get married this easily… moreover who says yes to get married to her sister’s boyfriend’s brother, I would definitely reject her. I have just promised my brothers saying that I would meet the next girl without any questions, but I didn’t promise that I won’t reject the girl so for sure I would definitely reject her. The girl will also come to know that she did mistake by saying yes to this awkward proposal…” Shivay was on the other side blabbering these while coming inside from the door.


An unknown beautiful girl collided with him and she trembled resulting her fall, he soon extended his hands and held her and thus resisting her from falling down.

The intense azure eyes had something that kept her eyes stuck over him as she forgot where she was and what was her purpose to come over there.

The words they were blabbering suddenly faded from their mind but time and place and person remembered them where they are. He made her stand.

“You are fine?” he asked with concern.

“Yeah… sorry I was just not paying attention and got collided” she explained.

“No… no no… its completely fine, I was also not paying attention” he explained back.

They smiled awkwardly and looked around while calling their sibling.

“Ishana” “Om” both shouted the names in unison to call their siblings before they go away but turned back towards each other hearing the name which his brother and her sister told her as their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s name.

“You are Ishana Mukherjee’s sister?” “You are Omkara Singh Oberoi’s brother?” both asked each other in unison again and got way more shocked when the nod followed. The words that has faded from their mind few moments back again appeared and they scanned each other with an -I will definitely kill you- look.

But they will have to talk and if not then their siblings would make sure that they talk so without thinking anything, they started a short conversation.

“Hi… I am Shivay Singh Oberoi” awkwardly but with full attitude the man let her know his name.

“I am Anika Mukherjee” she just replied.

“You… you are gorgeous” Shivay said the exact line what Rudra has taught him and manipulated him to say in front of the girl to impress her.

“No need to be so formal, and listen I didn’t come here by choice, my sister literally dragged me” she justified.

“And me too, my brother pushed me into this” he answered.

“So…” she asked hoping that he would say they won’t meet ever again.

“So… you seem very dissapointed” Shivay remarked.

“Why won’t be I… at first my stupid boss’s stupid gaaliyan/bad words and now this awkward unplanned meet with someone whom I don’t even know, you know what… I would definitely run away from my own marriage if I am forced into it like this” Anika said without even recognising that the person with whom she is sharing her running away secret from her very own marriage is a stranger whom she met hardly half an hour ago.

“No no… don’t run away, just face the groom and tell him that you don’t want to get married” Shivay said.

“Where is my sister and your brother?” Anika looked around to spot them when she noticed Sahil speaking to some stranger and the stranger is pulling his cheeks.

“Hey hey… leave my brother” Anika shouted and entire Pizza parlor people looked at her.

The man who was pulling Sahil’s cheeks looked at her horrified and then looked at Shivay.

“I would call police if you try to harm my brother” she said trying to shoo away the man.

The man held her brother’s hand and approached towards her.

“Didi… I am not any kidnapper” the man answered ever so softly and then handed over Sahil to Anika and stood beside Shivay.

“He is my brother… Rudra Singh Oberoi” Shivay said it with pride and stressing the surname.

“Ohh… I am really sorry, I didn’t know” she apologized again getting awkward and feeling bad of making pappu of herself.

The awakward meeting ended with no number exchange and just cursing their siblings for this stupidest ever idea.


“I am not going to meet anyone from now, it was so stupid, I called his brother as kidnapper, what might be he thinking about me… and… and where did you go suddenly Ishu?” Anika asked looking at Ishana.

“I… di… Om…” she tried to form sentences but failed as her cheeks grew warm, with the hue of red.

“But yaar… you should have told me earlier, I would have then at least did the best effort and had put up a bit more makeup” after so long, now Anika confessed why she was adamant not to meet the man.

“Haaaannnn… I thought you were angry because I didn’t show you any picture of him before I took you to meet him, but your makeup was the main reason for your anger?” Ishana asked with widen eyes.

“I am still angry, you should have told me once or ateast show me a picture but no… what you did… you took me to meet him suddenly, okay leave it now… the main thing is that the meeting is done” Anika pressed the accelerator suddenly.

She is irritated… naahhh, something else was the reason.


“She was really gorgeous” Shivay appreciated but got stopped as Rudra said “and a bit scary too, she threatened me to handover to the police, umm… bhaiya… if she becomes my bhabhi, then aap zara bachkar rehna, you please take more care of yourself” Rudra completed intertwining his fingers with Shivay’s.

“Did you like her Shivay?” Om asked.

Shivay didn’t respond anything and kept looking at Om but smiled faintly.

“Definitely no O… how can bhaiya like a girl” Rudra said nodding no.

“No… I mean… she was different, unique and… and… not like the other girls” Shivay tried to explain the image of Anika that for formed in front of him.

“Bhaiya… different, unique and not like other girls… all these words has same meaning as far as I know english” Rudra said tapping his finger over his chin.

Om laughed at this super amazing comment of Rudra while Shivay smacked Rudra’s head saying “shut up Rudra”


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