Our love story is different (Episode 2)

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Hello friends!! I know I am late but I am in boards so i have lots of studies and other stuffs so.. you have to bear with me . Thank you for your wonderful support I appreciate more support  and love.???

Lets get in the episode!!

Zoya was puzzled with Aditya’s behaviour.

Zoya’s pov…

I just met him before one hour and he knew that I smiled forcefully. Was I faking too much?? May be yes. No I should say him sorry it’s not good to hurt someone like this.

End of pov…

Zoya’s phone rang and it was Noor. She picked up the call.

Noor: where are you Zoya come fast we all are waiting for you in canteen.

Zoya: yes I am coming.

She kept the phone and headed towards canteen.

As she entered the canteen she saw Prerag and Arnoor and waved towards them and went towards them. They all greeted each other and sat down with each other asking about there vacation and there random talks.

Hii guye! Zoya heard the familiar voice and turned to saw Aditya there.

Anurag: hii bro. Come and sit with us. Have something.

Arjun: yes come and sit.

Prerna: Zoya meet…

Zoya: Aditya Harshvardhan Hooda. Studied in Mumbai and came here just because his friends wanted it and he felt that he needs a change in his life. He loves playing basketball and football. He loves his father alot because he has always been more close to him. He loves meeting new people and his Instagram Id is aditya_hooda. He also sent me a friend request there.

All look puzzled and looked at Zoya.

Anurag: wow! Did you check him out ? How do you know so much about him. Wait! Do you guys know each other?

Zoya pov…

Oh no! How could I do this I talked about him so much. Was I interested in his talks ? What is happening with me?

End of pov…

Aditya : no no Anurag it’s just that we met in general assembly and talked with each other.

He smiled and sat with everyone.

Prerna (whispers) : Zoya you don’t talk to much than how today? Do you like him. She said smiling.

Zoya: shut up Prerna it’s just that he kept on speaking and I kept on hearing and that also totally  uninterestedly.

Noor: Zoya then why you gave his introduction before Anurag could speak because you liked hearing him ?

Zoya: it’s nothing like that I just spoke in flow nothing else don’t dream too much please.

Noor : ok ok don’t be annoyed now.

Arjun: hey guys let’s go to our favourite place today. Let Aditya also see it.

Prerna and Anurag: yes we should go but after classes.

They spoke together and Zoya smiled looking at them.

Zoya: how romantic na completing each other sentences or speaking together.

Prerag blushed but couldn’t say anything.

Zoya smiled looking at them unknown that someone is busy admiring her beautiful smile. Aditya smiled looking at there bond and felt happy to meet his friends again.

After there college.

Adiya,Prerag and Arnoor went to there favourite place which was a lake near there college.

Zoya: Prerna and Anurag you both go together on a walk because I think you both need to diet and exercise. How fatty you are!

Prerna hitted her playfully and smiled as she knew that her best friend was trying to knit her love story.

Zoya smiled and whispered to her: go go my bestie I want your love story to start soon.

Anurag heard that and spoke: don’t lie Zoya I know you got a crush on aditya and so you want to talk with him more.

Zoya hitted him playfully and sended them together.

Arnoor went to get something to eat.

Zoya sat near the lake on one of the bench.

She thought to say sorry to Aditya for her behaviour and started searching him.

She saw him playing with small kids and admired him.

After few minutes…

Zoya went there to call Aditya…

Zoya: hey Aditya can we talk for a minute please?

Aditya: has sure why not any problem?

Zoya: no… Actually I am sorry I didn’t mean to behave like this. It just happened as I don’t like more people. I mean I am a introvert. I am really sorry.

Aditya: hey it’s okay. I can understand it’s okay don’t feel bad. It happens but I want one thing from you.

Zoya: what?

Aditya: talk with me properly and introduce yourself to me with all your heart.

Zoya smiled and forwarded her hand.

Zoya: hii I am Zoya Siddiqui.

Aditya ( shaking there hands) : I am Aditya Hooda.

Zoya: nice to meet you Aditya Hooda

Aditya: nice to meet you too Zoya Siddiqui.

They both smiled and had a different feeling which was unknown to them. The feeling that they couldn’t figure out. What was it?

Please guys more support and more love and I will try my best to post regular but not promising. Tell me in the comment section which part did you liked the most. See you soon.

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  1. Anuva

    Awesome… I like the part when zoya tell everything about Adi… Cute couple…

  2. Hey nice update. I loved that last part of Adiya. Please post the next part soon whenever you get time.

  3. Hey , wasn’t it short ??? btw I loved the last scenes of adiya ????

  4. Too good brush???

  5. I like the part when zoya introduced Aditya and the last part also.the update is very nice.please the next soon.

  6. Jasminerahul

    zoya telling everything about aditya n others teasing her was cute.zoya apologizing to adi n like adi wished zoya introducing herself well was nice

  7. The last part was very nice when they introduced themself.

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