One Shade Darker — a devakshi ff – part 13

                — The Button  —

           It was already 7 when Dev woke up with those tired eyes which meant he had no time for workout that da. Lifting those heavy dumbbells and running on that treadmill were an important part of his routine and Dev usually never skipped it……. 

          He quickly took a shower and dressed up in a Gray buisness suit , a deep blue shirt and descended to the living hall for his breakfast. His uncle was also ready by then and both of them left the mansion by 8:30……


          I was woken up by the beaming light coming from the windows hitting on my tightly closed eyes….. I move in my bed and rub my eyes… Wait…. What time is it…?? I pick up the phone and check the time ; it read ” 8:03 “. My eyes quickly widen….. OH….!! SH**……!! Pulling the covers off my body I literally shriek out 
    ” Mr. Sarcastic Dixit ”
Scaring Ele who is still in deep sleep….

                Brushing my teeth i think my alarm also likes that Mr.Dixit…..!! As Its only one work is to beep on time and best part is it  always succeeds to dissapoint me…..!!

           I should be there at 9:00 and even have to pass this heavy traffic of Mumbai…. It is at these times I miss those calm mornings of Singapore….!!

        I put on a lemon yellow knee length kurta top and quickly brush my hair setting all those curls at the end. I put on my favourite heels and apply a light makeup before leaving to the office….



         I was driving with a high speed than usual to make up for the time delay .On the same side of the road…..; I saw a girl absent mindedly crossing the road least bothering about all the vehicles fast approching her….. 

        Suddenly she took a turn nearing my moped and was about to get hit… ; but I apply the brakes and short come the accident just by an hair’s gap….

        She was fair and beautiful young girl probably of 20 years. Those expensive clothes and heels spoke about her richness. She looked totally  lost and disoriented….!! 

” Excuse me….; are you Okay…; you need to be very careful while passing these double roads. Please have this water….” I handed her water bottle from my side bag and lifted her up.

” No….. I’m fine…. I will go by myself…. Sorry for coming by the way….” She spoke up still blankly.

” Don’t be sorry….. I think you are stressed up…. Don’t worry I’ll drop you home… Please do sit….” I said signalling the pillion of my moped.

         After initial hesitation she sat down and taking a U-turn I drove according to her directions. I knew I was already late but this girl really needed help. After 5 minutes I halted near a very big mansion which occupied nearly half of that street…. 

“Thank you so much…..; please come inside ” She offered me politely..

“Its okay….. Some other time as I’m already running out of time and my boss is a angry bird….. Bye…..”
I again started my moped to take a shortcut from there to reach the office.


           The girl entered the huge mansion which had the name plate ” Ishwari Mansion ” on it . Ishwari and radharani were waiting for her in the hall wondering where she had gone so early in the morning….

“Nikki….; Kahan chali gayi thi…?? Ek baat kichu se bhi nahi kaha hai. … Mein aur bhabhi kitna ghabra gaye the…. Dev ko bhi call kiya tha….. ” Ishwari said in a single breath.

” Nahi maa….; I was just near the park. Morning walk ke liye chali gayi thi…. Ek achi ladki ne mujhe ghar tak drop kiya…. Mein bhaiyaa ko call karke bataungi….. Else he would simply be tensed……” 
Saying so she went up to her room still immersed in deep thoughts…

           She called Dev and informed that she is safe thus reliving him. He thanked the person in mind who has helped his sister unaware of the fact that it was Sonakshi…….!!! 



Location : Fab India ; Mumbai

        I push open the huge glass door of the company and quickly headed upstairs to the “Designers room” where our training would be going on.

         I had no idea what had happened in the past 30 mins but….; Reaching there I saw a bill board on which the Day’s tasks were neatly written in bold letters.

     I was happy that Mr.Dixit was no where around and I surpassed his sight but I was wrong……!!! I stood near the bill board and before I could go through the long list of tasks I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned back to meet the same eyes… Those dark black eyes of Mr.Dixit…..

“I hope you know charity is offered  in limits here and we have already passed those limits……!! ”
His voice is too deep and authoritative.


       The mention of charity irks me a lot. I really wanted him to know that I’m worth the job and prove him wrong…. 

“Don’t worry sir….. I won’t give you again any opportunity to shower charity on me….” I say coldly. 

” Let’s see Ms.Sonakshi…..; well for today you have to complete sketching 7 different types of high waist jeans and even stitch 1 graphic teen top….”
Dev instructed placing a file in my hands.

” Don’t worry sir ; I’ll complete it… ” I replied assuringly and got into work.

      Those special instructors helped all of us in displaying new patterns and the slight changes in the shades which would make a huge difference.


               It was 4 in the evening when we were given a call by Mr.Dixit to submit our sketches. I placed the file on his table when Baldev sir entered his cabin to inform him about an important meeting in just 5 minutes.

         Looking at the broken button of Mr.Dixits shirt….; Baldev sir informed me to stich it for him quickly before exiting the cabin. 

“Sure sir….;I would fix it…..”
I passed a forced smile to Baldev sir blankly looking at Mr.Dixits face.

          ( If Baldev sir would have said me to draw 20 more sketches I would have done easily…… But…. Stitching button of this angry bird was really impossible for me…..!! So I decided to quickly walk out of his cabin but I was stooped in half way…….!!)

” I hope you would not like to disappoint Baldedv Sir….. ” He said nearing me.

” No….; why would I dissapoint him….. I hope Tina would do this better than me for you…… I will send her in……” 

       The truth was my heart scolded my tounge for saying this….!!!

” In that case it is confirmed that you have no knowledge of stitching or………”
He was again being sarcastic with me…..


“You are afraid of our proximity…..!!”  

       The mention of “Our Proximity ” from his mouth turned my knees into jellies…..!!

“Are you all again into challenges with me Mr.Dixit….. ”

I somehow try to pass this situation… But I know for sure he is not the one to give up.

” How would it affect… Every thing is fair in war and……..”

       He again left those blanks for me….!!

“AND………?? ” 

“Work…… !! By the way…… I Hope you too thought the same Ms.Sonakshi……!!!” Saying so he placed the needle in my hand.

         I took  the needle and went near him with my stupid heart racing for no reason…….!! 

              Its 4 in the evening but still the Cologne from his deep blue shirt has not faded away….; His face beams under the evening tender sun rays entering from the window and his black jet hair were messed up making him look still more handsome than usual…….

          His uniform breaths hit the curls of my hair like a fine breeze……. Rhythmically…. A rythm which made me think should never end……The silence in the room , the proximity , the situation everything was perfect….. Just perfect……!!

         I have designed the tuffest dresses and gowns but this little button made my hand to tremble. But….Why…..??

           I was absent mindedly forcing that needle into those 4 symmetric holes of his shirt while my eyes were simply set on his calm face…..


Dhanke hue shirt ke
button sa…..
Godh rakh soya bachpan sa…
Haath ke laali sa….
Kabhi laga dhaga resham sa

Pyaar mein lipte kitne rang mile
Dekhe kabhi won rang Jo kabhi na mile 
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi……


 ” I hope you are done stitching Ms. Sonakshi….. Thank you….. ” He said breaking the silence in the room.

“Yes Mr.Dixit……..”   
I drifted away from him and  he walked away through the glass door as if nothing affected him……..!!!

            I stood in the huge cabin wondering why is Mr. Dixit sooo confusing…..?? watching his disappearing figure down the white stairs……. 

      Is Ele right….?? Will I fall everyday from now……??!!

Precap : Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand and takes her away……!!!!

NIVU saying bye for now
Love you all loads…???
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