My one n only (Chapter 24)

Chapter 24
Adarsh cms thr wid his bike…
Adarsh:Ragini let’s go….
Ragini:ya lts go…
She starts to leave but her bracelet gt stucked in his wrist Button…she dsnt turn
Ragini:Sanskar mera hath choro…
Sanskar:aabe ooh churail!!! Im nt interested in holding ur hand
she angrily turns n finds her bracelet stucked in his button she angrily removes the bracelet n sits on Adarsh’s bike thy leave…
Sanskar sits on his bike n leaves too….

At the concert
there r hundreds of fans all around the stage is still empty…
The host cms thr…
Host: N here cms our rockstar Laksh Singhania…
A guy cms with a blue, black n silver combo guitar hes wearing a grey tshirt with black combat…
Everyone shouts his name
The Stage was now full of light…
Laksh played his guitar n now the whole Audience was silent evryone was feeling the music….
The atmosphere was full of music..
He closes his eyes n Swara’s face cms in his mind….
He starts singing
Laksh:Meri kismat ke…har ik panne pe…
Mere jeete ji baad marne ke…
Mere har ik pal har ik lamhe mein…
Tu likh de mera use…
Har kahani me…sare kisso me
dil ki duniya sachhe rishto me
zindagani ke sare hisson me
tu likh de mera use

Aye Khuda, Aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye khuda, Aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana

he recalls their days in the university their first kiss…her confession…
Uska hoon uss me hoon, usse hoon
usi ka rehne de…
Main to pyasa hoon hai darya woh…zariya woh jeene ka mere
mujhe ghar de…gali de…Shehar de ussi ke naam ke kadam ye chale ya ruke..ab usi ke vaste…
Dil mujhe de agar dard de uska par
uski ho woh haseen gunje jo mera ghar…
Aye khuda aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana….
Aye khuda Aye khuda jab bana uska hi bana….
Aye khuda…

He completes his songs n opens his eyes…
Audience cheer up again….all r dying to meet him…Laksh leaves…

Its 5
swara gts ready she’s wearing a black high low dress…very light make up dark red shining lipstick…her hair fully straightened…she’s a wearing a blaxk high heeled sandles….
Just the hears a honk outside the house she just knew it was him….she hurriedly ran down the stairs she waves bye to Ragini n leaves..
Laksh to himself:y do girls take so much tym?thats y i always hate gng out wid girls i wonder wat thy do during weddings…
He turns n gts mesmeirised seeing Swara…he opens the door n asks her to sit in…she does so….thy r is big akward silence gng on….
L:we wl go to a long drive first..
L:u stl ask lot of questions
S:u stl confuse me alot…
L:dnt u evr accept ur mistake??
S:fine baba…im sry
L:ek bat puchchu??
L:y ddnt uu cm at the airport tht day???ddnt u hv any feelings fr me???
S:Laksh i was cmng at the airport but thn i gt mom’s call n she told me tht dad gt an accident….i tried calling uu but u weren’t picking i ws in a great dilemma i had to choose either u or dad…n obviously i cnt choose my love over my family….n since u left mom n aryan nvr talk to me…thy thnk tht i broke ur heart n so u left..
L:im sry…i made u go thru a very tough tym
S:u knw laksh i also blvd tht im the reason y u left….ths used to kill me each day….one year had passed since uu left n one day sanky cm to meet me n he is the one hu told me tht u r back…n once again i gt a hope n chance of living once again….i always wshd to talk to uu but nvr had guts…
Laksh was silently listening to her words
Laksh thinks:Sanky was ryt i nvr got to understand her…..i hurt her so much but she stl loves me so much….she dsrvs the best
thy go for a long drive……thy r both silence…Laksh breaks the silence by playing
L:Swara!!plz play ths guitar….i remember u used to play ths during our A-level studies
Swara blushes:u stl remember??
Laksh:hw cn i fgt the most precious moments in my lyf…
She blushes evn more n takes the guitar frm back seat n plays it…..
She signs him to start
Laksh starts singing n she smiles….
Chahein me rahoon jahan mein chahe tu na rahe…
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat

Swara smiles n continues playing the guitar…he smiles back n continues driving

Dar hai tujhe me kho na doon
mile jo khuda toh boldoon
me do jahan ka kya karoon
tu bata
Tu jo mere pas hai
mujhko na koi pyaas he
meri muqammal ho gayi dua

chahe meri jism mein jaan rahe na rahe…
Teri meri pyaar ki umar Salamat rahe…

He recalls their nok-jhoks….she recalls hw he had proposed her she blushes

Teri tudko me jee rahe
tum jo mile to jud gaye,pankh laga ke udd chala maan mera…

Tujhme main hoon main, mujhme tu
aur saansein rubaroo…
Kuch bhi nahi ab dono ke darmiyaan….

Chahe us chand mein chamak rahe na rahe….
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat rahe…
Chahe mein rahoon jahan me chahe tu na rahe….
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat rahe….

Swara finishes playing guitar thy both praise each other…

Its 11:30
Outside the police station
Sanskar is standing on one side of the road…he’s waiting fr smone…
Ragini is on the other side of the road shes talking to smone in phone she crosses the road….she dsnt see Sanky n does he….she’s walking n passes by Sanky but smone passing by mistakely pushes Ragini n she falls on Sanky….thy go thru thr trees n end up in a forest…..
Thr r so many tress n Ragsan stucked btn thm…
Ragsan r lost in each other everything around thm fades away…but Sanskar cms in his senses n breaks the eyelock..
Sanskar:ooh jangli billi tu kya dekhe nahi chal sakti???dekh tere waje se hum kaha phas gaye…
Ragini:where the f**king hell was my fault??
Sanskar:khud mistake kar aur mujhse pooch were the f**king hell was ur mistake….dekh ke nahi chal sakti??
Ragini:meri fault nahi thi….smone had pushed me waise bhi im nt intrested in falling n hurting myself especially nt on uu..
Sanskar:to mujhe kissi pagal kuthe ne nahi kata he jo me tere sath yaha aur tym waste karu…
Ragini:to jao na mene konsa tumhe yaha rokh kai rakha hai…idiot
Sanskar:idiot hogi teri saas…

He leaves…ragini gvs him a deadly glare n leaves in the other direction

Precap:Ragsan romantic night in the forest…Swalak’s romance….

Credit to: Albina

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