Hi guys here is the next part. I mean 10 episode. Thanks nida, fatarajo, rockstar , siddhi. And I have to end this ff to start a new ff. but can u suggest for which serial I shd write ff? please suggest me.

Scene 1

Manpreet says no…I mean yes….matlab no…aare yaar chalo bol hi deta hu. YES I AM IN LOVE WITH HER. Yuvraj says what? Manpreet says yes. Yuvraj what a good news. We shd tell this to Rishi. Manpreet says no not now. First i need to know if she too loves me? If yes then only i will tell. And if you tell i will not leave you. Yuvraj says okay. Now both brothers are busy for AN INDIAN GIRL.

Manpreet says first i used to think only slim girls are beautiful. But Bhai ne proove kiya ki aisa nahi he. Yuvraj says yaa ye baat toh sahi he. Chalo abhi bye. Manpreet goes towards Ahana ‘s room. While going he stops outside Bani ‘s room. He hears Bani speaking tanu.
Afterwards he goes to Ahna ‘s room.

Scene 2

Manpreet says to Ahna you were right. Chachi wants to spoil Tanvi’s life. I heard them speaking that Rishi and Tanvi shouldn’t get one. Tanvi marriage shd happen that too with any guy and fast. Ahna says i knew it. Can i ask you something? Manpreet says ask. Ahna asks do you love anyone really by heart? Manpreet became silent. Ahna asked again. He said i nevered loved anyone but now yes i love someone. Ahna asks who is it? Manpreet says i will not tell. Do you love anyone? Ahna says today yes but i will not tell. manpreet says okay and goes from there.

Tanu comes in the room. She is lost in thoughts. Ahna notices and asks what hapenned di? Tanu says Rishi wants to tell Raj uncle that he loves me and wants to marry me and not Neha but when i said that Raj uncle will not agree he asked for my support. Now you only tell what shd i do? Ahna says simple you shd support him. Tanu says what? Ahna says what what? .Tum toh kismat par yekin karti ho. tum hi kheti thi na ki Tum dono kismat se jude ho. Hum kismat se bhaag sakte hai lekin badal nahi sakte. hume toh pata hai ki tumhi tanu ho. tanu says u r right Ahna. Saying so she goes to rishi. But sees Rano in Rishi ‘s room, so goes back.

precap – Ahman and Tanshi moments.


Credit to: tanu

  1. Tanu you are really awesome and episode too.

    Thapki pyaar ki, 5 shots nice idea.

    But then also write on kasam.

    Write next episode soon.

  2. Tanu really good work.

    Keep on writing.

    1. Thank you

  3. Very good episode pls continue.

    1. Sur thanks

  4. Love u tanu and the episode.

  5. superb dont stop this

    1. I have to

  6. Loved this episode Tanu??❤️❤️??…..please continue ??????…….and you said that you want to start a new ff so please can you write ff on krishnadasi???

    1. Thanks. And also for the suggestion. But I don’t know the story of krishnadasi. Sry?

  7. I too wrk in threatre …. N kratika is one of my fav artst … I wll one day wrk wd her ofcrse … I love hr actng n hr smplicity…… Ha kal ka episode me tanvi di ne glti se rishi uncle kheh diya tha while makng dough.
    I knw one day pawan’s trth wlcme … I too hve a grt plan really… Trp sayd bar jaee……

    1. Yes. I too love kartika. Her simplicity amd acting.

  8. Awsome??? can’t wait for the next episode. Anyways when r u going to write the next episode plzz tell and keep on writing??

    1. Next episode on Tuesday

  9. Awesome episode dear!

    1. Thanks Reena di.

    2. Yes. It is replaced either by IGT or Shakti. Sad

    3. Thanks Reena di

  10. Kasam serial awesome …but last two week not repeated in sat&sunday…please this serial repeated will be 1:30 to 4:30 replace by india got talent.

    1. It is either replaced by IGT or Shakti

  11. U said u will write it by Tuesday it is Friday today! Plzzz tell me when u r going to upload the next part? I m dying to read it!????

    1. I am really sorry. But my exams are on so next episode on friday. Hope u understand. And now i will adress my as TAANU and not TANU.

  12. Ok but try to upload it soon

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