I knew all are waiting for me right.. I am reading all your comments.. because of not enough time lam not replying.. thanks a lot everyone… thanks to my silent readers too.. k. Now let’s go to story.. we need to find out about meera.. so let’s start our mission meera…
Meera entered abhis room where abhi is getting ready.. pragya too follow her..
Abhi seeing her..
Ab: you here..
Me: why I have no right to co Mr here.. abhi you changed a lot now.. and look at pragya… do you knew my name abhi.. I knew you can’t remember my name as me era.. because now you have got someone in my place..
Ab: meera. Why are you talking like that… why you came here..
Me: I think you will not come today to meet me..
Ab: but I am coming na.. I cancelled all my plans for you..

Meera happily hugs abhi.. while pragya got angry…
Me: abhi.. is this what you are going to wear..
Ab; haa.. is there any problem. Fuggi is this good na..
Pr: haa.. you will be looking good in this..
Mee: no abhi.. it doesn’t suits you.. where is the dress which I present you.. she opens the cupboards and take a dress.. wear this you will look handsome..
Abhi smiles.. I will stand outside after breakfast we can leave..
Ab: k.. done..
Pragya goes to kitchen and arrange food on table.. abhi and meera reached there.. when pragya started to serve..
Mee: wait.. I have prepared breakfast for him… his favourite.. pragya look at abhi in sad.. abhi too look at her..
Ab: k.. today I will have your food… as everyday lam having fuggis na..
Someone press the calling bell.. pragya goes and opens the door.. it was purab..
Pu; good morning prags..
Pr: good morning purab..

Purab sees me era..
Pu; meera tum.. yaham…
Me: yes.. you both forget me but I can’t how can I forget the beautiful days which I spend with you..
Pu: ya.. that’s days are really great..
Me: purab joined with us.. purab sees pragya..
Pu: prags come and sit..
Pragya also sits along them.. meera is serving food to abhi and talking with abhi..
Ab: k meera.. what’s our plan..
Me: going for party.. then movie and a long drive..

Pu: so you both are going to enjoy..
Me: yes purab.. I just need to recollect all the days.. which we shared.. and which I missed alot..
Pu: I still remember our last meeting here.. that late night party..
Abhi: ya that was an unforgettable memories..
All are smiling and talking but there was someone who is SO sad.. and too anger..
Mee: no.. now I can’t..
Pr: what.. me era gets up and hugs pragya calling di..
Pragya was shocked
Mee: sorry di I am bulbul not me era..
Pr: bulbul..
Mee: haa di when I called Bhai.. he asked me to do this prank.. he want to enjoy your jealousy..
Pragya look at abhi.. abhi is smiling..
Pu: sorry prags I too joined with him..
Pr: purab.. I don’t think you too.. really sorry it’s all this abhi.. he told me that he will not come with us when we don’t do this prank on you..
Pragya look at abhi in anger…
Pr: abhi tum.. abhi gets up and started to run.. as he knews that what will fuggi do on her anger..
Pr: abhi you can’t go away from me.. I will catch you.. you thought to make me jealous.. you want to enjoy that na.. abhi reached room.. now they both are running around bed.. pragya throws pillow on him..
Pr: what you think of me… I will kill you today.. don’t you knew how much I am..
Abhi is laughing loud..
Ab: it’s just for a fun na.. I just want to enjoy..
Pr: you need to enjoy then why are you running from me..
Ab: I knew when you get anger you will become tiger from a sweet cat..
Pr: what I am a tiger..
Ab: haa.. look what you are doing.. you are chasing a deer na..
Pr: you deer.. no you are a fox…
Ab: chee fox..

Pr: hàa.. you knew fox is always like you…
Ab: so I am fox right.. abhi stops and move to pragya.. as abhi coming closer pragya get tensed.. she moves backwards..
Ab: why are you going back..
Pr:, no.. don’t come close.. I will anger..
Ab; k show that I will really enjoy..
The gap between them Is coming lesser.
Pr: abhi. I told you.. abhi place his hand on her waist..
Pr: just Leave me.. abhi place his another hand on wall to just block pragya..
Pragya lowered her face.. abhi raised it and look into her eyes..
Ab: fuggi.. sorry I knew you become sad.. but that was not really sad.. it’s your jealous..

Pr: jealous.. who told that..
Ab: I have seen that..
Pr; no.. I have no problem.. if you company with any girls.. if you hug her.. or going out with her..
Ab: really.. so I think you have no problem if I kiss her too..
Pr: haa.. no problem..
Abhi suddenly kissed her on lips.. as it was sudden pragya get shocked and pressed on abhis shoulder because she can’t breathe.. they both break the hug.
Abhi holds her more closer.. and remove her hair from face.. I think she have no problem.. and move to her cheeks..
Pr: no I have problem..
Ab; but I have not.. abhi placed a kiss on her cheeks. Pragya get shy..
Suddenly bulbul came there..
Bul: sorry..
Pragya goes with shyness..
Ab; nothing happens here.. I am just helping her as some dust falls on her eyes..
Bul:I don’t ask you anything Bhai..
Ab; I think purab is calling me..

Abhi goes where bulbul laughs aloud..
Pu:abhi is your fight over..
Bulbul came there..
Bul: yes it ended in love..
Pur: what…
Abhi: she is just kidding yaar..
Pur: k abhi so what’s our plan.. we are going out na..
Ab: I am ready…
Bul: as Bhai is ready di too..
Episode ends..

I knew its small.. but I have classes now.. so I can do this much.. sorry for that..

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  1. Sabeenia

    Haaa heee ha hee…….kill u……it ws a prank ah.. …….

  2. Amazing keep it up

  3. Nice episode

  4. Short n sweet dear, just love it lot…..

  5. Superb di…

  6. B_Ani

    very bad joke, no no prank????for pragya. i was laughing at her state. dont worry if its short chechi. i loved it. love u tooo.??????????

  7. Trisha


  8. Hey wat s tz yaar giving a sudden twist bt solved it as a funny one not expected really awesome episode… Dint expected meera s bulbul nu…

  9. OMG heart beat ippa than kami achu… Its bulbul seriously chance less

  10. Asmithaa

    Superb diii.. Poor pragya???

  11. Awesome dear…. Sema….

  12. Rithu

    Very cute epi dear

  13. LakshmiSiva

    superb epic haritha. waiting for nxt part.

  14. sheerapthinisd

    Vow very nice

  15. Sandy

    Hahai Hari, When I first read the ff I was really anger on abhi, then what a twist #cantstoplaughing #hahaha then comes abhigya romance #keepgoing

    Did you just say that you are gonna start a new track in another ff ? Reallyy….
    [U should look at my eyes and smile now lol 🙂 ]

    1. HARITHA

      Ha.. ha… ya new track.. in that.. but not yet decided what was that track.. but will decide as I am now thinking wrote that ff now…

  16. Prathi

    Very Bad Prank!! But lovely!

  17. Saranya24

    ??awesome dear????

  18. Very cute and nice epic dear????

  19. Waiting for d next part of Love after marriage and Nafrat ki story..

    Trisha dear pls update yr FF kumbaqt ishq I am waiting for it for a long time yar…

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