One More Chance- Once Again (BI,PKHJD,MATSH,DYM) Episode 4


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. Which scene is for which show will be mentioned.
Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am back with Episode 4. In this episode the mystery will unfold- Suraiya’s hatred towards Aliya,Ishan’s death, Gudiya incident and Arjun’s sister’s mystery. And do read it. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Here is which scene(s) belongs to which show:
Scene 1: Arjun’s sister mystery (DYM)
Scene 2: Ishan’s death (PKHJD)
Scene 3: Gudiya incident (MATSH)
Scene 4: Suraiya’s hatred towards Aliya (BI)

Scene 1: In the Car
(DYM part)
Arjun is driving the car, and he feels bad for Ishani.
Arjun: (in his mind) Ishani, your elder brother is very lucky that he have a younger sister like you. And look at my fate, I had a younger sister, but I was never able to give her that love.
Arjun gets into flashback. Arjun was a teenager and he is cycling happily. And just then he sees his parents weeping. Arjun rushes to his parents.
Arjun: Mom? Dad? What happened?
Mr and Mrs Hooda are both crying.
Arjun: Can someone tell me what happened? And where is Angel? (Arjun used to call his sister Angel)
Mr. Hooda aka Bade Papa points to the river, and some lady comes.
Lady: She fell off the cliff.
Arjun is shocked.
Arjun: But how is it possible? Angel knows very well she shouldn’t be going near, I know my sister very well.
Lady: That boy pushed her.
The lady points out Veer to him and this makes Arjun stunned.
Arjun: No Veer can’t do so, I know him very well he is my very good friend. He takes very good care of Angel.
Arjun rushes to Veer’s house and finds Veer missing. He knows that they will be there, and Arjun goes and rushes to the train station with his cycle.
He finally sees Veer from the back,
Arjun: Veer? Wait!
Arjun quickly cycles but as he was about to pat Veer, Veer’s dad whose face is also unreaveled pushes him very badly which injuires Arjun and Veer’s dad ran away holding Veer’s hand.
Arjun: Veer!
Arjun gets out of the flashback and is teary-eyed.
Arjun: I won’t spare you for killing my sister, Veer! The day I find you, I will make sure you get punishment, and then you will see who am I? Only then Angel ‘s soul can rest in peace, and I can also stay in peace.
Arjun looks at his hand where his scar which he got due to the falling down from the cycle, when Veer’s father pushed him.
Arjun: This scar? This scar will always remind me of that incident. I will make sure I take revenge on you. Just wait and watch Veer, once I find you I will make your life hell.
As Arjun looks, his car was about to hit a girl and he applies brake on the right time, but the girl falls down and Arjun rushes to the girl.
Arjun: I am so sorry.
Girl: Are you blind? If you are blind, then why do you even drive the car?
The girl is none other than Radhika.
Arjun: You?
Radhika: I had to bump into Arrogant Arjun.
Arjun: Did you say anything?
Radhika: No. I didn’t.
Arjun: What are you doing here alone at this time?
Radhika: That’s none of your business, understand?
Arjun: Okay fine, at least I can give you a lift.
Radhika: (in his mind) From when did this Arrogant Arjun became sweet?
Arjun: What are you looking at?
Radhika: Okay fine. I am coming.
Arjun and Radhika leaves.

Scene 2: Abdullah Residence- Rizwan’s room
(PKHJD part)
Here Rizwan feels bad as he takes out the picture, in this picture there is picture of Ishan.
Rizwan: Ishan, I am really sorry, but I had to do so.
Rizwan gets into flashback. Rizwan remembers his past, his dark past. A guy comes.
Guy: Are you ready for this mission?
Rizwan: Yes, I am.
Rizwan remembers how he was part of a terrorist gang.
Rizwan: Now I won’t spare India at all.
Rizwan remembers how he took special training along with others. And his friend, Mannat (assume Atif from Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do or Nirbhay from Meri Aaashiqui Tumse Hi as Mannat) comes to him.
Mannat: You seem to be quite happy today.
Rizwan: Yes Mannat, after all today my parents will get justice. I will never spare India for killing my parents when they were not in fault.
The attack day, 26/11 Mumbai attack,
Rizwan is prepared for his missions, and as he was walking he eavesdrop into the gang leader aka Baba’s conversation.
Baba: Today is the big day. Finally all my hard work will pay off. I have trained many for this so manpower is not a big problem.
Mannat: But how did you get manpower so easily?
Baba: It was not easy. I had to fool some.
Mannat: Meaning?
Baba: I just told them that Indian Army killed their family members, wheras it was actually us which did so. Indians had nothing to do with that.
Rizwan is shocked.
Mannat: I don’t understand.
Baba: There are many, I know that they can be capable so in advance, I planned about this attack and I killed their loved ones to create hatred for India in them.
Mannat is also shocked.
Mannat: That means, is Rizwan one of them?
Baba: Yes, he is one of them.
Rizwan gets stunned.
Baba: I killed Rizwan’s family, and I lied to him that it was Indians who did so.
Rizwan gets furious, and as he was about to hit Baba, he remembers about the bomb.
Another guy was about to press the button, Rizwan stops him
Rizwan: Stop it. Don’t press it.
Guy: Why?
Rizwan: I just said so, there is something I must tell you.
Ishan comes there.
Ishan: What is happening here?
Guy: Nothing.
Rizwan is about to snatch the remote, Ishan is surprised to see him like this.
Ishan: Why are you so serious? It’s just a remote.
Rizwan: It’s not a remote. It’s a bomb.
Ishan is shocked, and the other guy runs away,
Rizwan: Hey stop,
Rizwan was about to go, Ishan stops him.
Ishan: Where are you going?
Rizwan: To stop him. He must know that we were tricked.
Ishan: You can’t fool me so easily.
Ishan takes out his gun and Rizwan is stunned.
Rizwan: For now its necessary for me to stop this attack, please let me go.
Rizwan was about to go, Ishan stops him and they both fight over the gun where Rizwan shoots Ishan accidentally, Rizwan is shocked, and the bomb also blasts.
Rizwan gets out of the flashback, and he gets teary eyed.
Just then he gets a phone call, and its Preet
Rizwan: Hello?
Preet: Hello Rizwan ji, this is Preet speaking.
Rizwan gets surprised.
Preet: I know I shouldn’t have called you at this time but I had to do so.
Rizwan: Yes, sure it’s okay
Preet: Thank you so much for the way you handled Kavya.
Rizwan: No, it’s okay.
Preet: I was just asking if we can meet regarding the office matters tomorrow.
Rizwan: I am busy tomorrow, we can meet some other day.
Preet: Okay sure, no problem bye.
Rizwan keeps the phone.
Preet: (in her mind) Rizwan ji seems to be quite tensed.

Scene 3: On the road
Here Ranveer is finding Ishani, and he is walking around.
Ranveer: (in his mind) I have this gut feeling that this Ishani is here.
Ranveer: Ishani looked so sad when she left from the house. I wonder what happened with Ishani? Something is very wrong.
Ishani, on the other hand is walking on the streets and is super tensed and she remembers what Arjun told her.
Ishani: (in her mind) I think I should tell Rizwan bhaia the truth about what actually happened that day. But will he forgive me when he gets to know about it?
Ishani is lost while she gets thinking, and Ranveer sees Ishani.
Ranveer: Finally, Ishani is here. Found her.
Ranveer sees a car approaching towards Ishani, and he gets stunned, and he rushes and saves her in the nick of time.
Ranveer: Ishani?
Ishani sees Ranveer and hugs him. Bolna from Kapoor and Sons plays. Ranveer looks on. Ranveer cups Ishani’s face.
Ranveer: What happened Ishani? You seem lost.
Ishani tries to speak but she isn’t able to and she cries and Ranveer makes her sit down.
Ranveer: Listen, Ishani.
Ranveer gets thinking about how to stop Ishani from crying. And he looks at the star.
Ranveer: Look at the star.
Ishani looks at the star.
Ranveer: Now close your eyes and tell me your problems.
Ishani closes her eyes and she starts saying.
Ishani: I have done a very big mistake, and my brother is carrying the burden on me and he doesn’t even know that I am the one. How should I tell him the truth?
Ranveer is stunned.
Ranveer: (in his mind) It won’t be right to ask Ishani what she did? I should calm her down.
Ranveer: Look Ishani, do you know this lullaby?
Ishani: Which lullaby?
Ranveer sings a lullaby which makes Ishani cool down and later she falls asleep on Ranveer’s shoulder. Ranveer looks on.
Ranveer: (in his mind) Ishani you are not the only one in this world.
Ranveer gets into flashback,
Ranveer and Gudiya were kids and how Ranveer loved Gudiya.
Ranveer: It was like love at first sight for me.
Ranveer remembers how he played with Gudiya and also Gudiya sang this lullaby to make him sleep. One day, Ranveer and Gudiya was running around.
Gudiya: You cannot catch me.
Ranveer and Gudiya is running,
Ranveer: Gudiya slow down!
Gudiya smiles and they play hide and seek.
Gudiya is at a place near the cliff, Ranveer finds her and scares her. Gudiya gets scared and she slips and falls down from the cliff. Ranveer is shocked.
Ranveer: Gudiya!!!!!
Later, Kailash comes to Ranveer.
Kailash: What happened?
Ranveer: Gudiya? Gudiya fell down from the cliff.
Kailash is shocked.
Kailash: How?
Ranveer: It’s it’s because of me I scare her and she fell down. I am responsible.
I must save Gudiya.
Ranveer is about to go near the cliff, Kailash takes his hand and goes and runs away.
Ranveer: But Papa?
Kailash: Nothing will happen.
Kailash takes Ranveer’s hand and goes. They go to their house and starts packing.
Ranveer: Dad, where are we going?
Kailash: Leaving this city, forever.
Ranveer: But Dad?
Kailash: No ifs and buts.
Ranveer is crying and they go near station, Arjun who is also young reaches there.
Arjun: Veer!
Ranveer: Dad, Arjun? I must tell him at least.
Kailash: No.
Arjun comes to Ranveer, and is about to catch him, Kailash pushes Arjun and takes Ranveer and runs away.
Kailash hurriedly takes Ranveer to the station.
Ranveer: Papa? Arjun got hurt?
Kailash: Look Beta, I know you are worried. But don’t worry, nothing happened. Gudiya falling down was just an accident that’s it, and you were not that day. Just imagine this day was never a part of our life.
Ranveer gets out of the flashback, and looks at Ishani.
Ranveer: I am responsible for Gudiya’s death. So strange I killed my lover with my own hands.

Next day morning,
Scene 4: Abdullah Residence
(BI part)
Here Aliya is rushing for her classes.
Aliya: Ya Allah! That Radhika left early in the morning without even informing me, and now I am getting late. I won’t spare her once I meet her.
Here Zain is following Aliya, And Aliya is avoiding him.
Zain: Mamu ki Bhanji, listen I am sorry.
Aliya ignores Zain.
Zain: I said sorry.
Aliya: Look Zain, I am getting late for classes, I can’t speak to you now.
Zain: God Damm stop ignoring me.
Zain takes Aliya’s hand and pulls her closer to him. And they share an awkward eyelock. Yeh Ishq Hain plays.
Aliya makes Zain leave her hand.
Zain: But Mamu Ki Bhanji.
Zain tries to stop Aliya, but she ignores as she is rushing for classes and she collides with Suraiya and drops her phone.
Aliya: Mami, I am so sorry.
As Aliya was about to pick up the phone, Suraiya picks up the phone.
Suraiya: No need to pick up the phone.
Aliya: I am sorry Mami, I didn’t see.
Suraiya: Don’t you have eyes to see, are you blind?
Aliya is stunned by Suraiya’s behaviour, Zain is surprised too.
Suraiya: Now can you just move from here and leave?
Aliya gets teary-eyed. Usman sees this.
Usman: Suraiya! Why are you speaking to Aliya like this?
Suraiya looks at Usman.
Usman: This is not the way to speak, apologize to Aliya.
Aliya: It’s okay Mamu.
Usman: No, Aliya Suraiya shouldn’t have speak to you like this.
Suraiya: I won’t it’s her mistake.
Suraiya leaves from there angrily. Usman follows Suraiya.
Aliya: I think I should leave now.
Aliya leaves from there crying, and Zain looks on.
Zain: (in his mind) Why is mom so furious on Aliya?
Here Suraiya and Usman’s discussion are going on.
Usman: What just happened downstairs?
Suraiya: No answer for that.
Usman: You shouldn’t have behaved rudely with Aliya. Did you see how much hurt she was?
Suraiya: And how about her mom? How much she have hurt us?
Suraiya gets into flashback. Suraiya and Shabana were best friends. And also very happy. Suraiya and Shabana were talking as Zain and Aliya were kids.
Suraiya: Shabana when our children grow up, Zain will marry Aliya.
Shabana: Okay finalized.
And they both start laughing, Usman and Ghulam (Aliya’s father) smiles seeing this.
And then one day,
Suraiya is crying as someone close to her passes away. Suraiya is not able to believe it. Usman is consoling her. Shabana who is shattered as well comes near to her, and sits besides her, Suraiya moves her away.
Suraiya: Get lost from here, you are responsible for all this.
Shabana breaks down.
Suraiya: Your husband is a murderer, a murderer!
Ghulam is speechless, and Shabana too,
Usman: It was not their fault.
Suraiya: Oh yes, you will support your sister as usual but this time.
Suraiya takes Shabana’s hand and throws Ghulam, Shabana and Aliya out of the house and she closes the door.
And Suraiya gets out of the flashback, and Suraiya and Usman are both teary-eyed.
Suraiya: I will never forgive Ghulam. He snatched the person whom I loved the most in my life from me.
Usman: But Ghulam?
Suraiya: I know he passed away. But for what he did his wife and daughter also deserved this punishment.
Suraiya wipes her tears, and leaves from there. Usman looks on. Zain is shocked who overhears everything.
Zain: (in his mind) Who was he/she? And what did Ghulam Fupa did which made Mom hate him so much? I must find out this matter.
Zain leaves from there and gets thinking, and as he was about to go, he is shocked as he looks behind.

Precap: Zain tries to talk with Aliya, and Aliya ignores him , and as Aliya was about to go, Zain gets hit by a car and gets injuired. Aliya is stunned and shouts Zain! Rizwan confesses to Preet that he is the murderer of Ishan. Preet is stunned. Some goons come and attack Ishani, and Ranveer saves Ishani from the goon, and tells her that until and unless I am with you, nothing will happen to you. Ishani looks on. Radhika gets furious on Arjun for some reason, and slaps him. Arjun is stunned.

The next episode will be published on Sunday, 8th May. And from now my episodes will be shorter than episode 1-3 but longer than episode 4. And don’t miss episode 5, as it will bring a twist in all the couple’s story and episode 5 is Jodi’s special. Hope you will love it. By any chance, if I can’t publish on Sunday, I will publish on Monday for sure.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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