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Thankssss for all your lovely comments…. Please encourage me like this only to continue with my ff. Arpita dear I used your song as a dialogue of mine hope you don’t mind. So let’s move on to the episode. The link for the previous episode is given below
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Everyone dispersed to their room after having dinner.


Shivay: soo??

Anika: kya??

Shivay: haarne ke liye ready?
(ready to lose?)

Anika: oh Mr. kanji aankh haarne waale hai aaplog
(oh mr.kanji aankh you all are going to lose not us)

Shivay: oh really cooking compition aur hum haarenge? You are kidding….
(oh really cooking competition and we will lose? You are kidding…)

Anika: mai koi kid wid nahi kar rahi hu sach hi kah rahi hu…
(I’m not doing any kid I’m just saying the truth..)

Shivay: wayse my darling mai ek baat kahun?
(by the way my darling can I say something?)

Anika: haan boliye
(yaa say)

Shivay: mai kal thoda sa cheating kar lu and tum logo ko jeetwa du?
(if you say then I’ll cheat tomorrow to make you win)

Anika: rudra ko bulaaun?
(should I call rudra?)

Rudra: koi zarurat nahi hai bhabhi mai yahin par hu…… bhaiyaaa??
(it’s not needed bhabhi I’m here only… bhaiyaaa??)

Shivay: haann.. kaa..kkyyaa hua?
(yaa..wha…whattt happened?)

Rudra: aapne abhi abhi bhabhi se kya kaha?
(what did you just say to bhabhi?)

Shivay: kuch nahi… kuch bhi to nhi…
(nothing… nothing at all)

Rudra: theek hai mai hi sabko bolta hu..
(ok fine then let me tell everyone)

Rudra went out of shivika’s room and stood just outside the door of shivika’s room

Rudra (shouting): suno…suno…suno… aaj ka breaking news… shivay bhaiyaa bane chor… suno… suno… suno…. Sab log suno… aaj ka breaking news shivay bhaiyaa bane chorr..
(listen…listen…listen… today’s breaking news…. Shivay bhaiyaa became theif… listen…listen…listen… today’s breaking news…. Shivay bhaiyaa became theif…)

Rudra repeated this until everyone at the house gathered infront of shivika’s room.

Shivay: shut up rudra…

Rudra: aap bhi bhaiyaa… kya kahte ho… mai shirt up kaise kaarun jab mai T-shirt pahena hu to
(now what is this bhaiyaa… what are you saying…. I’m wearing T-shirt so how can I do shirt up??)

Shivay: rudra tu chup karega ya nahi?
(rudra will you shut your mouth or not?)

Rudra: karunga pahle mujhe sabko ye baat batane to dijiye…
(I will but at first let me speak the truth to everybody…)

Om: kya baat hai rudra?
(what happened rudra?)

Rudra: haan o aap hi se to baat hai
(yaa o I’m to say this specifically to you only..)

Om: kya?

Rudra: hamare param pujya bare bhaiyaa kal apni biwi ke team ko jeetwaane ke liye cheating karne waale hai
(our dearest and nearest brother mr. shivay singh oberoi was talking to cheat tomorrow to make his wife’s team to win)

Om: what?

Rudra: haan sahi suna aapne o
(ya you heard it right o)

Om: shivay tu sach me paraya dhan ban gaya?
(shivay you really turned into someone else’s property?)

Shivay: om nahin aisi koi baat nhi hai..
(om no nothing like that…)

Rudra: phir se jhut..??
(again lie…??)

Shivay: shut up rudra..

Rudra: phir se shirt up?
(again shirt up?)

Shivay: oh god mai pagal ho jaunga… mai to pakaa pagal ho jaunga..
(oh god I’ll get mad surely I’ll get mad)

Om: shivay tune sach me aisa kaha?
(shivay you really said like this?)

Shivay: mai to bas aise hi…
(I was justt…)

Om: aise hi…?? Tu cheating karne ki baat kar raha hai aur phir kah raha hai aise hi??
(justt..?? you were to cheat and you are saying just??)

Shivay: chhor na om bhul jaa
(leave it om forget it)

Om: kaise bhul jaaun shivay ki tu paraya dhan ban chukka hai…
(how can I forget shivay that you became someone else’s property)

Shivay: oh god not again…

Rudra: where is our rafari..?? mera matlab referee…
(where is our rafari?? I mean referee??)

Chulbul came with a whistle hung on his neck. After he got the call from rudra he started to play the whistle.

Om: tu ab ye whistle kyun baja raha hai?
(why are you playing the whistle now?)

Chulbul: wo rafari ke pass hota hai naa to isliye
(actually all the rafari does like this soo..)

Rudra: o aap abhi chup raho….. abhi mujhe mere bhabha ji se mera matlab chulbul ji se kuch baat karni hai
(o now you keep quite…. Now I want to talk to mai bhabha ji I mean chulbul ji)

Chulbul: haan rudra ji bataiye na
(ya rudra ji say na..)

Rudra: haan to mai bata raha tha ki mere bhaiyaa matlab Shivay Singh Oberoi kal chori karne waale the…
(ya then I was saying that my bhaiyaa I mean the great Shivay Singh Oberoi was to cheat tomorrow…)

Chulbul: achhaa…??

Rudra: haan wo chori se girls gang ko jeetwaane waale the
(yaa he was to cheat to make the girls gang to win)

Chulbul: waah bahut achha kaam karne waale the isse girls jeet bhi jaate waah…
(very good… he was to do very good work to make the girls gang to win verrry good..)

Om: chulbul tu phir se ladkiyon ki taraf se bol raha hai..??
(chulbul again you are speaking from girl’s side?)

Chulbul (in his mind): gauri tu chup ho tu abhi chulbul hai…. Inlogo ka rafari chulbul sharmaa…
(gauri you just shut up.. now you are chulbul… rafari of the competition)

Rudra: chulbul…tu bhi??
(chulbul…. You also??)

Chulbul: naahi… naahi humara baat to sun lijiye…
(nooo…nooo.. at first listen to me…)

Shivay: haan bata..
(yaa say..)

Chulbul: bhaiyaa ji aap ne galati ki hai to aapko to maphi mangi paregi…
(bhaiyaaa ji you did mistake so you have to apologise…)

Rudra: good decision…

Shivay: ok fine sorryyy…

Chulbul: aur ab dusri baat hum bare bhaiyaa ji ko ek last chance de rahe hai agar unhone koi gadbad ki to wo comspition se out…
(now we should grant another chance to bhaiyaa ji… but if he again thinks to cheat then he would be out of the comspition)

Shivay: chulbul it’s not comspition it’s competition…

Chulbul: haan wahi to kaha humne…
(yaa I said that only…)

Om: chor de shivay issse kah ke koi faida nahi…
(leave it shivay you will never be able to correct him..)

Shivay: yaa right… after all ye anika ka long lost bhai jo hai..
(yaa right.. after all he is long lost brother of anika..)

Rudra: to referee ji aap sure ho ki shivay bhaiyaa ko ek aur chance dena chahiye?
(then referee ji are you sure we should grant a chance to shivay bhaiyaa?)

Chulbul: haan shure.. shure…
(yaa.. shure.. shure…)

Rudra: shure nahi sure..
(it’s not shure but sure..)

Chulbul: haan wahi to shure…
(ya that only shure…)

Om: rudra ghadi hai tere pass?
(rudra do you have a watch?)

Rudra: haan phone me hai..
(ya I have it in my phone..)

Om: time dekhna aataa hai?
(can you see the time?)

Rudra: o aap kahin mujhe insult karne ki koshish to nahi kar rahe? (with his one eyebrow up)
(o you are you trying to insult me?)

Om: tu pahle mere question ka answer de..
(at first you answer my question)

Rudra: haan aataa hai kyun?
(ya I know… but why?)

Om: sona nahi hai kya time dekha hai
(you don’t want to sleep? Look at the time..)

Rudra: haan o dekha aaap mere saath rahte rahte intelligent ban rahe hai..
(ya o correct… see you have become intelligent after you started to stay with me…)

Om: to chale shone?
(so let’s go to sleep??)

Everyone nods in yes and disperses to their room.

Next day at a fixed time both the gang arrives at the hall. Rudra after looking at shivay started to tease him.

Rudra: gali gali me shor hai… SSO bana chor hai… to sab bolo gali gali me shor hai…
(in every corner everyone came to know that… SSO became thief.. so say everybody.. in every corner every one came to know that….)

Everyone (except shivay): SSO bana chor hai…
(SSO became thief…)

Shivay: ok enough..

Daadi: ab bechaare ko tang mat karo..
(now stop teasing him..)

Everyone stops teasing our great SSO. Daadi asks the girl gang to cook the continental dish at first. And then the Indian dish. She fixes half an hour for each dish. The girls gang went to the kitchen to begin their competition. Anika soumya and prinku was arranging everything to prepare the dish. Anika was cutting vegetables; Soumya was arranging other ingredients while Prinku was putting oil in the pan. All other family members were looking at them through the kitchen window. Shivay was constantly looking at anika. Anika and shivay were sharing an eye lock. Anika was so busy in looking at shivay that she did not notice that knife came near her finger and mistakenly she puts the knife on her finger.

Anika: aahhh…

Vigorous blood flow follows the action. SSO jumps through the window and runs towards anika, everyone else comes inside from the door.

Shivay: anika…

Anika: shivay kuch nahi hua hai.. bas thoda sa kat gaya hai
(shivay nothing happened… just a small cut..)

Shivay put her finger inside his mouth to stop the blood flow. After sometime he took out his finger from his mouth.

Shivay: tum theek ho na?
(you are fine na?)

Anika: bas thora sa kat gaya hai… aap chinta mat kijiye
(just a simple cut… you don’t worry..)

Shivay: tum ab koi competition me participate nahi karogi… room me chalo and araam karo
(you will not participate in any competition… now just go to the room and take rest)

Anika: shivay aap ye kya kah rahe hai?
(shivay what are you saying?)

Shivay: mai sahi kah raha hu..
(I’m saying right…)

Anika: nahi shivay mai aise thodi na aap logo ko jeetne de sakti hu?
(no shivay I cannot let your team win like this)

Shivay: tumhe abhi bhi tadi dikhana hai?
(you want to show your attitude now also?)

Anika: aapko jo lag raha hai aap wahi samjhiye..
(think what you feel so…)

Shivay: ok theek hai… par tum sab se pahle first aid karogi…
(ok fine… but at first I’ll do first aid of yours..)

Anika: ok theek hai..
(ok fine…)

Shivika went to their room. After they went pinky pulled daadi aside.

Daadi: kya hua?
(what happened?)

Pinky: aapne dekha un dono ko?
(you saw both of them?)

Daadi: haan dekha kyun?
(yaa I saw but why?)

Pinky: kitna pyaar karte hai na ek dusre se?
(they love each other soo much na?)

Daadi: haan wo to hai…
(ya that’s true)

Pinky: par mummy ji unke beeech pati patni walaa wo sambandh abhi tak bana nahi hai… aap samajh rahi hai na mai kya kah rahi hu..
(but mummy ji they don’t share that type of bond which a husband and wife should share with each other… you are understanding na what I’m saying?)

Daadi: haan puttar par mere khyaal se unko iske liye samay dena chahiye… jab wo dono chahenge tabhi shayad sahi rahega..
(yaaa my daughter but I think we should give them time for this.. I think it would be right only when they would want so…)

Pinky: par mummy ji…
(but mummy ji…)

Daadi: puttar inn mamlo me jaldi baazi nahi karni chahiye.. sabra rakh sab acchhha hoga
(my daughter we should not do hurry in these matters… so be patient)

Pinky: hmmm…


Shivay was bandaging anika’s finger and was scolding her while anika was lost in his caring nature.

Shivay: kya hua ab aap kuch kahenge bhi maharani?
(what happened now will you say something my queen?)

Anika: hmm…??

Shivay: kya zarurat hai anika abhi competition me jaane ki?
(what is the need anika to go back for the competition?)

Anika: rudra ko bura lagega shivay aap samjhiye to..
(rudra will feel bad please try to understand…)

Shivay: haan theek hai sabke baare me sochna hai bas apne baare me nahi..
(oh ok… you think about everyone else just not about you)

Anika: aap hai na mere liye sochne ke liye to mai kyun sochu?
(you are there na to think about me.. so why should I think?)

Shivay: haan theek hai wayse bhi makkhan kaa price bahut zyaadaa hai…
(ok fine but price of butter is very high these days)

Anika: matlab??
(what do you mean?)

Shivay: matlab mujhe makkhan lagana band karo aur chalo…
(I mean just stop buttering me and let’s go…)

Shivika went to the kitchen.

Rudra: wahh bhaiyaa kya jump tha…
(wahh bhaiyaa what a jump…)

Om: haan shivay kya jump maraa tune window se kitchen ke andar
(yaa shivay what a jump from window to inside the kitchn)

Rudra: bollywood-hollywood ke saare hero aaj fail ho gaye mere bhaiyaa ke saaamne
(all the heroes of bollywood and hollywood failed infront of our bhaiyaa)

Shivay: ab competition start karen?
(noe let’s start the competition??)

Omru: haan zarur
(yaa.. ok)

Gradually girls gang and boys gang completed their tasks under the supervision of our great rafari oh ho I mean referee chulbul Sharma. After all the result time came. Every participant stood in a line to know the result. Daadi spoke up.

Daadi: hmmm… to result…

Rudra: hum log jeete hai na mujhe pata hai….
(we won na… I know…)

Daadi: ruko ruko…
(wait wait…)

Anika: daadi boliye na..

Daadi: hmm.. Continental dish to boys gang ka hi ek dum mast tha..
(hmmm… the continental dish from boys side was very nice…)

Rudra: yeeee…….

Shivay: dekha hum log jeet gaye…. Wayse prinku haar ke kaisa lag raha hai?
(see we won.. by the way prinku how are you feeling after losing?)

Priyanka: daadi Indian dish?

Daadi: Indian dish….

Soumya: daadii…??

Daadi: wayse maan na padega hamari gahar ki bahu and beti se achha Indian dish aur koi bana hi nahi sakta….
(I should agree that the daughter and daughter-in-law of our house cooks the best Indian recipies..)

Soumya: to daadi result?

Daadi: ye round to draw ho gaya… aage dekhte hai kya hota hai…
(this round went draw… not let’s wait for the next two rounds)

Rudra: haan girls gang aage aage dekho hota hai kya…
(yaa you just wait and watch… what happens next)

Om: next round me hume kya karna padega?
( what we have to do in the next round?)

Daadi: maine abhi tak socha nahi.. soch kar bata dungi.. par abhi sab apne room me jaakar rest karo…
(hmmm… I’ve not decided yet… I’ll decide and will let you know but now just go to your rooms and take rest)

Everyone went back to their room to rest a bit.

Peeps today’s precap seems boring na? But please stay tuned to know what happens next. One more thing I want to ask you all that actually I prepared for two rounds but idea for the third round is not their so please peeps do help me by giving all your precious suggestions in this matter


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