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Natasha and Ada peeps in the Staffroom but doesnot find Kabir they ask a lecturer as where is kabir He replies who is kabir they are Surprised..Ada asks Natasha she knew the real name or not..she replies yes till that Natasha sees kabir and says he is professor..Natasha goes to kabir and says that he is taking much efforts to contact her Kabir asks what does she mean Natasha replies that till now he didnt contact her Natasha gives invitation to kabir of house party..Till that a Professor comes and Scolds kabir saying being a Fresher till now he didnt attended a Single class..Natasha says that she misunderstood him a lecture and kissed him..Ada says if she is satisfied to leave for party. Kabir asks where is the party Natasha says to forget it as she hates freshers Kabir says he already kissed her Natasha

is unanwerable and leaves..Natasha Abuses kabir as a blo*dy fresher and says she would have enjoyed doing Romance with a Professor…As Ada recieves Junaid text message and tells her whole night will be Spoiled as Junaid demanded video chat and she cannot come at the house party Natasha says she is fed up alone Managing whole class and now this party Ada says it is Matter of Junaid and she cannot Compromise no other way is left..Natasha explains Ada that Vaibhavi will win and they will be in jail Ada says that if she fails to talk to Junaid He would complain to Abbu and then phuppi will also be annoyed..Samar comes and asks if any problem Junaid comes on video chat and asks them to reach his home as fast as possible..Samar somehow Manages to take permission by Saying they have a project and they are staying at Natasha house for oneday Junaid agrees.Natasha calls Samar “hot” and thanks him..Ada asks Samar as why did he lied to Junaid ..Samar says he Has Seen first time Ada crying thats why..Ada invites Samar but he refuses and leaves..Natasha says it would be the best party of jabalpur..As party starts shaurya instructs the students that they are coming to college for studies not to fight..Till that they call Professor..it is kabir Shourya sees kabir and introduces him as his brother and fresher..Shaurya scolds him but kabir says that it was just a prank and to chill .Enjoy the party..kabir Comes to Natasha and says that he had come to enjoy..Natasha asks how he came without invitation Kabir tells in the same way he came to Ada engagement party..Natasha says she hates liers and leaves..Till that Natasha ex boyfrnd comes and says that how could she break up..Natasha says it is over and she loves her freedom..Natasha dances with Kabir in order to make Viren jeoulous and kiss him Viren comes and tries to Slap Natasha Kabir beats him..Both fight..Kabir falls Shaurya comes and hold kabir.Viren apologises and leaves.Shaurya Scolds Kabir..Vaibhavi enters the party wearing a short pink dress looking pretty..Ada asks how she came without invitation Baliram comes and says she brought her friend as they only gave him the pass.Vaibhavi says she came to Enjoy.Shaurya comes and interrupts says to Stop the fight and Enjoy the party..Vaibhavi makes an announcement to give the credits of party to Ada and Natasha and Enjoy.

Natasha challenges Vaibhavi to perform a task inreturn they will take all signatures of student”s freshers form..Vaibhavi asks if they meant that. Ada says that they belong to a respectable family..Ada asks Vaibhavi to Eat kebab infront of everyone as she is Vegitarian Vaibhavi agrees..Natasha gives the plate full of kabab to Vaibhavi Baliram tells that it is bad as her Religion will break..Vaibhavi says she can do anything to bring their college in Competition.Vaibhavi eats kebab one by one Natasha and Ada smiles..

PRECAP: Natasha tells Vaibhavi to take her FIR back then they will never Come in her way..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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