Beintehaa 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad sees his wives fighting and asks them to stop. They both continue fighting, fall in a pit, and request for help. Fahad and everyone gather to help them. They both fight even in pit to pull each other first.

Aaliya remembers Khatija bi stealing. She says Zain that she saw Khatija stealing from her eyes. Zain says he is seeing her from childhood and she cannot steal. Aaliya is adamant on her words. Zain then asks if she wanted him to tell Surayya that he believes his wife more than her? and says sometimes we have to overlook things.

Rizwan comes into Zain/Aaliya’s room without knocking. Zain scolds him to come in without knocking. Rizwan says he got into big trouble today. Aayath on the other side says Aaliya same thing. Rizwan says he proposed Aayath to marry him. Aayath on the other side says Rizwan proposed her. Zain asks Rizwan how did he become so corageous so suddenly and says he will solve his issue by accompanying him. Rizwan says to tell the solution there itself. Just then servant comes and informs them about Fahad and his wives.

Doctor checks Nafisa and says her face injury will heal, but the scar will not fade easily. Fahad tries to console Nafisa, but she does not allow her to touch her. Nafisa comes there eating food, saying she was feeling weak, so she is eating. She sees Nafisa and taunts her that scar will go only when she gets wrinkles. Nafisa remembers Fahad pulling Shaziya first and then Shaziya not allowing him to pull Nafisa, site workers pull Nafisa. She says Surayya that Fahad left her in pit and pulled Shaziya instead. Fahad says he did not do that purposefully, whoever’s hand he saw he pulled her first. Everyone go from there. Shaziya taunts Nafisa and goes. Nafisa thinks of taking revenge from Shaziya.

Rizwan asks Zain how to ask answer from Aayath. Zain asks if he has to teach her that also.

Nafisa angrily sees her face scar. Shaziya comes there and taunts her signing chaudhvin ka chand… song. She then asks her if she needs poison and says Fahad loves only her and says if he would have loved Nafisa, he would have kept Shaziya as her mistress/rakhail and would not have married her at all.

She taunts that her scar and her misery will not go away easily now. Nafisa asks what she needs to go away from there. Shaziya says she herself is poor, so she cannot give her anything. Fahad calls Shaziya. Shaziya says he cannnot live without me even for a second and goes from there. Nafisa writhes in pain looking at her wound.

Aayath asks Aaliya what to do now. Zain comes with Rizwan and says we should talk to phupa/phupi now. Aaliya asks Aayath to rethink and take a decision. Zain asks why. She says some people stop romancing after marriage. Zain says some women start sucking husband’s blood everyday. They both start fighting each other. Aayath and Rizwan say they will talk to them in the morning and ask them to go and sleep now. Zain angrily looks at Aaliya and leaves from there. Aaliya thinks he would have told what he wants to eat in iftaar along with her brain.

Nafisa reminisces Shaziya’s taunt and her telling she is going into kitchen. She comes to kitchen and cuts gas pipe. In a hurry, her watch falls down while she tries to pick fallen knife stand. She comes out and sees Shaziya walking towards the kitchen, but then she sees Saif coming from school and takes Saif to room. She gets annoyed that her plan failed. Aaliya asks her she is going to kitchen, if she needs anything to eat. She angrily nods no.

Rehan comes there and asks servant to inform Zain that he came. Servant says Zain is having bath. Rehan says he already spoke to him and to just infom him of his arrival.

Aaliya switches on gas and lights on the fire. Rehan hears a boom sound and runs towards kitchen. Zain comes and asks Nafisa what happened, she shows her hand towards kitchen. Zain also runs towards kitchen and sees fire busting from kitchen. He worriedly shouts Aaliyaaaaa…….

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. I think beintehaa is finisged….u wanna hiurry up!?

  2. chahat kalra

    Luv today’s episode.

    1. Why? What happened..?

  3. Yaa you’re r8…

  4. Its not easy to update…

  5. Did beintehaa finish hope so not:(

  6. Admin the precap was there I just saw it..

  7. Suraiya shows nafisa her watch which she dropped in the kitchen. Then she threatens her that if she tried to do something again so she will be thrown out of the house and from Fahad’s life.. Nafisa then says that Suraiya begum you will be punished soon for this

  8. Plz tell me is aliya ok because I don’t think she was in the kitchen right as t the end hear Zain calling aliya but he couldn’t see her in the kitchen what do you all think

  9. Rose what u think i really dont agree with that as he wall shouting aliyaaaaa… Because aaliya was stuck in the fire so that was the reason acc. To my opinion

  10. I think that now the episodes will get cuiter as ZAIN will start taking care of AALIYA and that will be super romantic ans super duper cuite

  11. I also didn’t see a precap

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