Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 22)


Next one……very long….i teied my best……

Anu ask arjun “bhai…..what Do you think about wedding??”
Arjun doesn’t expect this…he stammer “a…weddddinggg plan….ammmm….actually Anu…”
Anu “bhai please tell me quickly…..otherwise I am not going to help you ”
Arjun “we wanted to marry with in a week because after that button have to go back to hostel…..but how to talk to mom dad… little angel please help me…”
Anu start jumping in happiness…….”bhai….sachii…m so happy……I will talk to them but…my fees…”
Arjun “Anu u knew very well that even if you dnt help me I never ever neglect your any wish or demand…or anything”
Anu”I knew bhai….dnt get emotional now…I will talk”
Anu suggest her parents s that bhai should got married…….or we have to wait for one long year…and so many other dramas….finally they agreed and call janvi…she also agreed with this…..

All of them are so happy and they call a pandit for good muhurat…so wedding date is finalised… It will be after 4days or 4 months… obviously they selected it after 4days..
Radhika and arjun are so happy….arjun waited for this moment from a very long time…and now….it’s too quick…..oh God he just can’t believe it
Wedding functions:
Day 1: shopping
Day 2: haldi
Day 3: mehndi and sangeeta
Day 4: marriage
Everybody is so busy……..and excited….but they decided one thing that during these four days arjun and radhika didn’t meet or call each other…….for their successful wedding… Coz otherwise they doesn’t pay attention to anything else… They have to agree……
Day 1:
Anu radhika janvi mom and arjun’s mom (Anita) go for shopping

They almost buy whole shopping mall…

..radhika just buy her wedding dress 2-3 sarees and matching accessories.. Footwear’s…and all other girly stuff coz rest of her shopping is already done by her Romeo……arjun already order various boutiques for designer dresses….sarees…..skirts…and much more…when only radhika and he decided for getting married…..this guy is an alien…..

Rohit arjun and his dad (arpit) all three select a best wedding planner and narrate them their requirements…….. prepare guest list and distribute all other things between them……
Day 2:
Doorbell rings….radhika open the door and see a man standing with a parcel in his hand….
Delivery boy:mam I have a parcel for Ms. Radhika
Radhika :: yes I am radhika
And he handover the parcel to her
Radhika open it and shocked after finding a beautiful yellow salwar suit for her haldi ceremony…. “Please wear it in the evening”
She understands that her Romeo send it…she feel so over whelmed…. He love her so much…..
In the evening

haldi function is going at both radhika’s and arjun’s home…..everyone enjoy alot…..(actually in haryanvi culture all of these functions are organised separately… bride and bridegroom doesn’t enjoy it together)
Day 3:

Radhika is so happy……she applied mehndi on her hands in the morning…

.so that it will become dried till evening and she can enjoy her sangeet properly……she is like in a dream world……with her dream man……her love….whole love her up to infinity…… She is going to get her soul…her Arjun……the day when he come to get her from hostel….her her skipped a bit after getting a view of her prince charming…….. She love him……dnt know from when……tough time of her life…..give her hid love…..OMG…these last twenty five days change her life……she put heena on her hands for him….when he take her hands into his….the color of this heena become more and more beautiful with his love…….. Sudden knock on the door take her out of her dream world and what…..same man with one more parcel… more dress for her sangeet…a light weight lehnga….(to ease you to dance and dnt make yourself more tired…..I will not let you take rest tomorrow.. Dnt complaint me later…)

She dnt know what to do…..she has tears in her eyes now…….mom comes….hey baby what happened….
Radhika “nothing mom…….” And hug her mom with both smile and tears…..
One more door bell…..
Radhika”o God now what does he send……”
She opened the door and someone screams…”chashni………..”
Radhika put her hands on the new comers mouth to shut him…..”Neil……..”
Both of them hug each other…..”where is Sam? I am so much happy…….”
Neil:”she is not coming”
Radhika:”what?? Why??”
Neil:”coz she missed her flight….so she may be reached here in evening”
Radhika made a sad face
Neil “o u are sad coz she is late..but not happy that I am on time….. 🙁 ”
Radhika “no….I am so happy……CNT express…..u r my best m best friend”
They laugh and hug each other….
Neil is radhika’s best friend just like rohit and arjun they also have a great chemistry…….both of them are always together for everything… Neil start loving a girl and radhika help him to get his love…. Obviously Sam…….
Arjun feel very jealous from him in the beginning but then he started understanding their pure friendship and realise that he have no need to worry in any sense…..

In the evening…..
Radhika and Neil dance on “chull from kapoor and sons movie and in between Sam join them….all three dance like mad ones…….rohit dances with his mom…..
And in the last radhika, Neil, Sam and rohit dance on high heels from ki and ka

On the other side Anu’s college friend taara reached their home for Arjun’s wedding, anu dances madly with all other friends…..arjun dances with his mom and Anu again with her dad….

Arjun and radhika standing in the moonlight thinking about each other and the next day of their life….they are so happy……emotional….. And alot more….
Suddenly Anu and taara come there near arjun and Neil Sam come to radhika…. Start teasing them…..Anu call radhika and put it on speaker in front of arjun…..taara said “bhai u CNT speak to her but u can listen her”
Radhika pick up……
Anu ” hie sweetie….. ”
Radhika “hey… Howz the function??” Arjun feels so pleasure after listen the voice of his button after near about 3 days……
Anu :it’s amazing here u tell….
Radhika”” same here….howz everybody in the home?”
Anu “u can directly ask me howz bhai…I dnt have any issue with that”
Radhika blushed and after watching her expression Sam take her phone and put it on speaker… “Hey Anu… are you…Neil said”
Anu:”Neil….when did you come??”
Neil “in morning…..but u tell how is arjun?”
Anu:” he is damn excited to marry her button” arjun stare her angrily now….
Neil “I knew…..radhika is such a sweetheart… He must be excited”
CNT control anymore arjun speak “hey Neil…how are you?”
Radhika feels something different……so different after listening him
Neil “m fine dulheraja………and very happy for both of you…….”
Arjun smile “thanks”
Neil “but remember one thing…..she will be your wife very soon but she is always my best friend”
Arjun feel jealous now…..”yeah….I knew….both of you are friends since 12 years…..”
Neil:”hmmmmm……I will introduce with someone special tomorrow……..”
Arjun “seems you also……”

Neil “see you soon…..”
Arjun….” Just some more hours….bie and take care……I knew no need to say but….be your best tomorrow ” he said it indirectly to radhika…….
Radhika start blushing and snatch her phone from Neil and disconnect it……

Neil start teasing her……
Radhika “Sam….look at him na…please…”
Sam “oye….Neil….dnt do this…..please….she is our delicate barbie doll….and wink towards him”
Both of them laugh and start teasing her….radhika and angry faces now…..
Everybody try to sleep now…..but arjun and radhika….just keep changing their sides…they lost their sleep……. What if they CNT getup on time……hahaha…. Noway….

Finally the sun rises……it brings a different glow on the face of love birds….which will be come soulmates today….arjun get ready in cream colour sherwani (guys in Haryana most of the groom wear formal suits on their wedding day….sorry to say but I also dnt like sherwani…..I mean…..aggghhhhh.. So I dnt have any pic of that…… :/ )
He put sehra on his head and get ready to take radhika’s breath with his charm
On the other side radhika wear a red lehnga

She is looking like a royal bride……with a rich taste…..of everything……
Rohit and neil wear three piece suite…….and looking like models

Anu sam and taara wear Lehngas of different different types…….

Everybody at its best………..
Finally arjun reached at radhika’s place with his baraat…everyone is dancing……Anu and taara…..these two will definitely going to have whole body ache…rohit Neil. Also join them as arjun is also rohit’s best buddy and Neil’s friend…… In Haryana we people dance like mad………dance dance and dance….
So after dance…it’s time to welcome the groom……Janvi mom welcome Arjun with a plate of (aarti…I dnt know what to say it in please bare me) she do all the rituals and then arjun entered in the wedding hall and move towards mandap(again dnt know how to translate it in english)..

he eargerly waiting for radhika and she entered….his eyes stop blinking there……his heart stop beating there….he is more than happy now….speechless…..”is it really true…the girl for whom he cried a lot sometimes… going to be her forever……”
Radhika’s thoughts

As soon as she laid her eyes on her would be man…her eyes feel down…due to shyness she can’t look towards him….she tried a lot but no…..if she look anyhow she will definitely start crying due to happiness…..the person who is standing there…love her like no other thing matters for him in this world…….how can she is so lucky to have him…to have his love…sometimes she doubt whether it is reality or just a dream world….no no…it is a reality she realizes….
As radhika approaches towards mandap arjun comes forwards and give his hand to radhika….she put her hand on his….he hold it like the most delicate asset of his in this whole world…..she is overwhelmed with all this…..both of them stand together now……anu and taara handover them their garlands and their happily make each other wear that…….they sit down for their wedding wows now…..with each and every step they promise themselves to be true…honest…..caring…loving……always stand along with each other…….arjun fill sindoor in her hair partition….she just close her eyes at that completely feel it in her life(I done this at the time of mine…I thought it was the best moment of that day…hahaha)….life???…yesss….coz life changed after this point know…..this moment change her identity..and she is happy with that….
Arjun make her wear mangalsutra……finally their eyes meet at this point…..they just get happiness their….after all this…they are husband and wife now…they get up and take blessings from elders….rohit hug both of them tightly…..

Anu, taara, neil, sam, rohit, radhika and arjun all seven of them sit together to have lunch now…..radhika and arjun doesn’t want but they cnt deny otherwise all other five will definitely start teasing them…so they just carry on with them…… “what you want to eat?” arjun asked radhika in a very low voice…she is very happy and shy at the same time……they speak to each other after 4 days now……”whatever you eat I will share with you” she replied…they eat very less but at least their stomach stop complaining them for being hungry…..all other five stare them happily…..then arjun asked neil…”you want to make me meet with someone special….who is she?”

Neil “yes…meet my sweetheart sam”
Arjun “oh..hie….and neil your girlfriend??…really??”
Neil”yes…finally..i got her”
Arjun wishes them goodluck……
Now its time to leave from there……to say goodbie….
Radhika hug her mother and start crying……rohit also hug both of them”radhika if you dnt want to go…its ok…dnt go but dnt cry please…I will talk to arjun…u will stay with us always”
Arjun stare towards him…but before he said anything…anu speaks”no way….bhabhi is going with us…….”

Everybody start laughing…….
Neil sam also come with radhika to enjoy all other rituals and rohit also comes as in our culture bride’s brother also comes with her at the time of wedding…..and also he is arjun’s best friend….

Arjun’s mom anita welcomes her son and daughter in law in their home…..she do all the rituals… taara, anu and sam take radhika to their room and ask her to take some rest…as soon as they come out arjun start entering into his roon but anu stopped him……

Arjun “let me go into my room”

Anu “my fees?”

Arjun “how much?”

Anu “all cash which you have right now in your pocket”
Arjun take all the cash out of his pocket and hand over it to anu…he put his hand on her cheeks and say”I got my love only with your support…thx my dear sister… are the best…”

Anu hugged him happily and handover him an envelope….
Arjun”what is this??”
Anu “address and key card of the penthouse I booked for both of you for tonight….now dnt get emotional…I will charge you for this later now go and enjoy your life bhai….”

Arjun’s eyes will become wet..” and mom dad??”
Anu “I will handle them you just take her with you and go from here….”
Arjun nodded positively and entered in his room……radhika already to go…
he asked “you knew about it before?”
Radhika: “no she just told me 5 minutes ago….”
Arjun…come close to her and whispher…..”let’s go…..”
She do just that.

(readers please read it if you are above 16 or you use to read romantic novels…plzz)

Once at the building and after he inserted the key card in the slot of the elevator and entered a code in a separate panel to take them to penthouse on the top floor, arjun scooped her up in his arms without warning. “excited?” he asked
She felt a thrill go through her at that deeply voice, but the feel of his strong arms about her made her sigh and lay her head on his shoulder. Nothing could destroy her happiness at this moment, and she was going to live every second of it. His arms are comforting and hard like the rest of him. She never forgot on how wonderful his body was when she slept next to him, but was never able to tell him. In fact she hadn‘t had a restful night since the night on the farmhouse. The doors to the elevator opened and he retrieved his key card from the slot before stepping through and marching down the hall to his room without breaking his stride. Once inside his bedroom he bent his head and kissed her but only released her legs letting them slide down his body. Then he turned her toward him and slowly backed her toward the bed all the time his mouth moved over hers.

Arjun murmured against her mouth: “You‘ll have to excuse me Radhika, if I seemed rushed, but I waited a long time for this.
She never said anything but her hands went to the buttons on his shirt, fumbling to get them undone. Arjun: “Well it looks like I‘m not the only one.”
Radhika: “Do you ever shut up?” She smiled against his mouth while shoving his shirt off of his shoulders He chuckled while reaching up and loosening his it causing her laugh at her own eagerness, he helped her strip off his jacket and shirt piling them on the floor beside them. Her hands went to the belt of his slacks and he stilled her. “No. It‘s your turn.” Arjun said huskily.
Her cheeks pinked up but she started undoing the buttons of her blouse until it hung open revealing a light blue lacy bra.
Nice” He said while he slowly opened the ends of her blouse and moved his fingers up the inside of the collar to slide it off her shoulders. It fell in a soft swish behind her. Then his fingertips moved over the swell of her br*asts as his eyes followed their path.
Arjun “Touch me too Radhika”

She didn‘t need to be asked twice. She missed the feel of him and easily ran her hands over the hard contours of his chest feeling the masculine feel of him,
“I missed you” She said softly guiding her eyes up to his slowly.
His hands framed her face so he could look down at her with rare affection, “Me too darling. I can’t even begin to describe how these past few days have been for me.
Arjun: “More than you could possibly imagine. I thought it was just too soon for you……”
Radhika: “ I would have married you when I was fifteen if you asked.”
Arjun gave her a sinful grin “I think twenty is fair button. I wouldn‘t have touched you until now anyway. You are young, but now you‘re my young wife”
The word wife sounded so wonderful coming from his mouth. Her arms went around his neck as she stepped up to him and looped his arms around her pulling her tight against him as he bent his head and crushed her mouth under his. Soon she was forming her body against his and responding as if someone lit a fire in her. His hands reached down and undid the button of her skirt of lehnga followed by the zipper. His own belt had managed to get undone and was hanging loosely from the loops of his slacks. HE threaded his fingers in her hair and pulled out the pins letting it tumble down her back while his other hand circled around her lower back and pulled her tight against his body. He knew she could feel the length of his erection against her soft belly but she didn‘t move away, in fact she moved closer.

“arjun you‘re driving me crazy” She moaned against his mouth.
“I am?” he chuckled moving her toward the bed, “I‘m so hard it hurts.” He pulled her hips tighter toward him, “See?”
“Should that be turning me on so much?” she asked innocently, “I mean we never—― ―Oh, God button! It‘s your turn to shut up.”
Her little naive statement nearly made him explode. She released a laugh as he scooped her up and tossed her on the bed coming down on top of her. He isn‘t only tall but heavy with muscle and she loved the feel of his weight on her. Then she heard him chuckle and shift his weight. “What is it?”
“I forgot to take my pants off.” He said quickly sitting up and disposing of the rest of his clothing shaking his head at her soft giggle. He was so eager to be with her that he‘d completely forgotten about his slacks. Then he turned and looked down the length of her body. She was still wearing her lacy undergarments, but he purposely did that. He wanted to slowly undress her himself. A pink tinge entered her cheeks and he shook his head again, “If you knew how beautiful you were to me, you wouldn‘t be embarrassed Radhika” He said
He reached over and ran his fingers around the waistband of her panties slowly pulling them down her legs. He could see her embarrassment, but He said sliding his hands up her long silken legs until he reached the soft junction of her thighs. Then he slipped his fingers in her causing her to arch off the bed and moan. “I love you button” He added with arrogant pride at her reaction to him while moving his hand with a practiced technique.

“Oh God Arjun!” She reached for him and he obliged by moving over her and using his other hand to quickly unsnap her bra exposing her beautiful br*asts. He teased and tormented them with his tongue and hot mouth until she was sobbing while twisting her fingers in his hair almost painfully. Somehow she‘d already managed to lift her legs and wrap them around his hips. He lifted himself up on his forearms and took her mouth with a possessive display of desire thrusting his tongue between her parted lips. One of his hands reached over to the bedside table and vaguely Radhika heard a door slide open and closed. She opened her eyes and watched him open a con**m packet. “Arjun?”
Arjun “ Shh, it won‘t be for long Radhika. I‘ll give you all the children you want when your studies over with. We can‘t have that right now.”
“ Okay?” She almost cried at his tenderness. How he even was able to think of her through his desire was beyond her. She couldn‘t even remember her own name at that time. He is right. He centered himself back over her “Let me know if I hurt you baby, I‘ll take it slow.”
She nodded to afraid to say anything unless the tears she felt prick her eyes threatened to fall. Then he shifted his hips and lowered them against hers probing for entrance, “One quick thrust Radhika, then it‘ll be done.” He said quietly bending his head to kiss her. How his mouth made her forget all of her worries, she‘d never know, but soon she was back in the fever of forgetting her name. Then he moved. It was quick and there was a stab of pain as his hips met the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She cried out unable to stop it and he instantly stilled smothering her with kisses.

Arjun “I have to move honey or I‘m going to die.” He murmured as he captured her mouth again. She was so tight that he could instantly feel himself pulse within her at the rapid beating of his own heart. There was no way in hell he could remain still for long. She nodded responding to him as if there was no pain because he easily made her forget. When he pulled out there was a small stab but then just discomfort until he pushed back into her again. Her eyes flew wide and she released a gasp of wonder causing him to grin against her mouth.

Again—please!” She said arching her head back into the mattress.
“Oh hell yes!” he growled beginning a slow torturous rhythm until she was begging him for more, but he still didn‘t give in. She had to experience the pleasure of lovemaking to its fullest extent for her first time, and he was going to give it to her. Finally, when her hands started clawing at his shoulders, she was writhing beneath him like a wanton goddess, and his own need could no longer be ignored, he raised himself up on his hands and began stroking more forcefully.
Arjun: “Open your eyes baby…………I want to see you come.”
She did as he asked and although he‘d made her climax before during that night they shared, it was nothing like this. It was like someone set off firecrackers in her. Ripples of agonizing pleasure flushed out from her pelvis and rocketed through her. She actually heard herself scream his name which was cut off by a deep masculine shout of his own. She saw his expression of intense release as he arched over her before groaning in a rush of breath as he brought his full weight down on her capturing her mouth at the same time. It was a good five minutes before he finally lifted his head and looked at her, arjun: “radhika, if I‘d known it was going to be that good, I really wouldn‘t have waited until we were married.”
Radhika: “Are my toes supposed to be numb?” That got her one of the s*xiest grins she‘d ever seen on him.

He shifted his hips and she released a gasp.
“Don‘t start.” He groaned, ―I‘ve got to let you rest for a bit before we make love again. It was your first time.”
“i didn‘t know—realize that it would be so incredible.” She said softly feeling like weeping.
Arjun “It isn‘t, but it is with us because we love each other.” He‘d told her that earlier in the day but it still hit her with a wave of emotion.
Arjun “I‘ll go draw us a bath and grab a bottle of champagne “meet me there in twenty minutes.”
Radhika managed with a smile. “That sounds like heaven”
“It will be” He kissed the tip of her nose and rolled off her.
Radhika rolled onto her side to watch his naked form as he walked into the bathroom.
Then he stopped and spoke without turning around, “If you keep watching me like that, I‘m going to change my mind and come back to bed”
She released a laugh, “How did you know?” Slowly he turned around not the least bit shy about his body. And why should he be, she thought, he was gorgeous.
Arjun “Because Button, only you could make my skin heat up from your gaze.”
She lifted herself up on her arms “Really?”
Arjun “Every time you looked at me, I knew it”

Radhika “You must‘ve been warm a lot then”
He threw back his head and laughed, “twenty minutes” He repeated leaving the room.
Almost twenty minutes later he led her toward his bathroom. “Wait” he said, “this way”
Radhika in a laughing voice as he directed her from behind with his hands on her waist. “It would help if you took the blindfold off” She had her own arms thrust out in front of her.
“I don‘t think you trust me. Put your arms down” He said with laughter in his voice.
She replied “No. you‘ll throw me in the tub”
Arjun “Will I?” in a very unconvincing voice,
“Stop here” He said releasing her waist to remove the blindfold.
“Oh!”Just when she thought he couldn‘t surprise her anymore, “You did this in twenty minutes?” radhika said in disbelief.
He had about a dozen candles lit surrounding the sunken tub which was loaded with bath bubbles. On the marble ledge beside the tub was a bottle of champagne and two glasses.
“Arjun, this is so sweet.”She felt overwhelmed with emotion. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck, ―I‘ve waited years for you Radhika “ I‘m never taking you for granted. Not for one minute”

That confession coming from Arjun is earth shattering. Without saying anything she turned around in his arms, lifted herself up on her toes and pulled his head down towards her so she could kiss him. “Another drink Mrs arjun?” arjun said reaching for the bottle. She was settled in between his legs with her back against his chest in the hot soapy water of the tub.
Arjun “One more drink and then we‘re going back to bed.”
Radhika “Oh, Mr. arjun, you certainly don‘t have to get me drunk to take advantage of me.”
Arjun “No?” he said taking her glass from her hand and setting it beside the tub before running his hands up her body to cup her br*asts. She sighed and tilted her head back into the crook of his neck causing him to groan.
“ahhh button, you respond like fire to my touch” arjun said
She could feel the sudden jut of his erection against her back,
“Apparently so do you” She said turning around and facing him. He lifted her up so she was level with him and kissed her hard

“No more Mr nice guy” He said.
“Thank God!” she laughed just to have it cut off by the hard press of his mouth followed by a lot of splashing and another giggle

How is it guys….do tell me please………,……please please please

Credit to: maandey

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    aaj se meri request list me aur do requests add ho chuke hai

    aapki wish jaldi hi poore hoonge dont worry

    tell my hi to ur daughter
    take care dear

    music helps the human mind and body get through stressfull times
    so pls hear ur favourite soft songs that will reduce ur work stress darling

    loads of love ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  20. Very awesoooooome n outstanding episode. …was very nicely written n narrated with all the romantic, steamy n hot breath taking scenes…you really nailed it honeyyy. …I loved your warning…n here i believe our friends r mature enough to make their own decisions… did phenomenon job n I appreciate your hard work n talent of making this update as beautiful as u could….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh…take care sweetie

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