Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Mrs. Luthra crying. The lady received the call and tells Mrs. Luthra that its Luthra’s friend’s call. Mrs. Luthra attends the call. Sunny says I m Luthra’s call, he told me that a woman was harassing her, don’t leave that woman, hire big lawyer, get that woman punished. He ends call and sings song happily. He laughs and says I will play the song now, Raju and his family will dance on it. Raju sits in police station and sees Garima. Lawyer says according to call records, your mum was calling Luthra, and sent threatening messages, the gun was found at her home, whoever planned this is very smart. Raju asks him not to sing enemy’s song, my mum will not stay in jail. The lawyer says its murder case, its good Luthra’s family did not put pressure, arrange money for bail. Raju says I will talk to Sethi, he will help.

Nani calls Raju and says Nandu feels Sethi planned this. Raju asks her to make him talk to Nandu. Nani ends call. Raju asks lawyer to make him meet Garima. Lawyer asks how, its not allowed. Raju is stopped by constables. Inspector comes and asks constables not to put Raju in lockup, he wants to go there intentionally to be with his mum. He asks Raju to go home. Garima looks on. Mrs. Luthra comes with her lawyer and says that woman should get punished, my husband’s friend said that woman harassed my husband. Raju asks lawyer what is she saying, check papers well.

Raju’s lawyer says your mum’s bail is tough to get now. Raju cries seeing Garima. Sunny comes to meet Garima. He says your life got a bad time, how did this happen. She cries and says you gave that 25 lakhs rs. He says I felt the same, I thought to get that man here, he said he did not deliver cash. She asks how can this happen. He says don’t know, no one thought this can happen, I feel someone is doing conspiracy about you all. She asks who and gets unwell. He says I will get water, and gives her medicines as well. Constable asks Sunny to come, time is over. She says yes, just giving medicine. Garima eats medicines. He says you will get fine and thinks forever.

Nandu cries and thinks of those ladies’ words. Raju comes and knocks the door. She cries and does not open the door thinking she is unlucky for him. He asks why did she shut door. She says just like that. Raju tells Nandu that he went to meet Sethi, but he is missing, open the door. Nandu says I don’t want to meet anyone. He says I need you. She says I can’t support you now and cries sitting the door. He says you can sit with me, I can hold your hand and hug you, the night is bad for me. She says the night will get darker if I m with you. He shouts asking her to open the door. Nani asks Raju not to be adamant, the NGO ladies have fed in her mind that she is unlucky for you and your family. Raju cries and sits near the door. Raju says this night is very dark, I did not feel so helpless before.

Inspector Tyagi laughs and tells Sunny that its nothing like that, we will make new uniform with long packets as we got friends. Constable says Garima is getting unwell. Tyagi says she is making excuse to go, let anything happen, go and do work. Inspector tells Sunny that medicine is working right. Garima gets unwell. Raju gets restless and says Maa…..

Garima falls down. Lady constables see her and worry. Raju comes to police station, and Sunny hides. Constables try stopping Raju. Raju says I have to meet my mother. Tyagi asks him to shut up. Garima tries to take a glass of water. Garima falls down.

Tyagi scolds Raju. Raju says I want to meet my mum. He pushes constables and goes inside to meet Garima. He rushes to Garima and asks how did she faint. Tyagi asks constable. He says look, its night, pulse is normal. Raju gets tensed and hugs Garima. He says I think she is unwell, just one night stay in jail here, I will take you home tomorrow. He makes Garima rest and goes. Inspector says call doctor, she may die.

Raju goes to Luthra’s house and threatens them, saying I killed Luthra, I will kill you, take case back from my mum’s name. It all gets recorded.

Raju gets beaten up by Tyagi and accepts the crime. His lawyer asks Raju why did he take the blame.

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  1. Today’s epi was so painful to watch! I really got annoyed with nandu for belieVing sunny that she is a bad luck for raju and his family, when she knows sunny is a psycho. Raju needs her support now?
    Indu and Rambhateri and raju’s sisters along with all the model town people have disappeared?

  2. spoiler
    We hear that while Sunny (Fahad Ali) will kill a resident of modern town and will put the blame on another, Raju (Jatin Sharma) will reach the place in time and will falsely confess that he has indeed committed the crime.

    “On the other hand, Sunny will brainwash Nandu (Vinti Idnani) that she is indeed unlucky for Raju and she should not be with him anymore”, adds our source.

    All these will lead Raju to get into some more trouble.

    When we buzzed Jatin, the young man with a smile replied, “I have no idea, what will happen in coming days, so can’t comment”.

    Let’s wait and watch what will happen in the series soon.

    1. ? I just want raju nandu scenes?

    2. me too i just wait for 7.30 whole day just to see them

  3. Today’s episode was too emotional,If nandu locked door then why raju ot climbed from her balcony???as he was doing this before,Intialy he never uses door of Nandu’s home he always directly climb her balcony..
    I just love Chemistry of Raju nandu,They r not like saas bahu serial.They act like they r real couple
    I wake up in morning @ 5 a.m only to watch repeat telecast of this show.after reaching office I first see their old scences on hotstar then start my work.I love the way Raju was flirt.7 his dialoge Oh my god those scenes were really fun.
    I hav decided when Vinti will not appear on JKHRR I will quit watching this show,Can’t imagine Jatin without her

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Painful episode…. Raju and Nandu ka plan backfire ho gya, so sad…. I hope all this sort out fast… ?????

  5. wonder whr Pratap & Dheeraj has gone?even whole modeltown people r missing

  6. is vinti really left the show?

  7. plz somebody tell

  8. Honestly guys when you watch soap opera everyday, it becomes part of your daily routine n the characters becomes like your friends, n when you see them in times of pain, silly but, it actually makes you sad. Yesterday, I felt so watching the episode. … I was like oh noo!

  9. Don’t beat Raju plz it’s so painful ???

  10. So shall we all consider that Nandu is NOT quitting the show???? Heehee…..

    I am so happy to see her….

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