you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 1

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In my ff, the pairs are sahil (Sanam and Ahil
from Qubool hai) and swasan (sanskar and Swara from Swaragini).

The episode starts with a girl singing bhajan. A lady who is in her late 30s comes and yells: aren’t you going to wake your dearly sister up? She is getting late. Doesn’t she need to go to radio station?
A old lady shouts from behind: Sumi… how much are you going to yell at my beautiful Sanam.. She will wake her up soon. Don’t worry.
Sumi: but ma..
Nani: if I said it then I said it.
Sanam: ok. Ok. You two stop arguing. I will go and wake her up.

A young girl is seen sleeping on her bed peacefully covered with blanket. Sanam comes and says: wake up! The girl says: no di… just 2 more minutes then I will. Sanam: I said wake up or else.. The girl says: or else what? Sanam gets mad and walks out from the room while the girl gets on to sleeping again. After a while, Sanam comes with a big bowl with water in it. She yells: SWARA… and puts the water on her face. Swara in shock , screams and wakes up hurriedly.
Swara: di.. Why do you have to be so rude?
Sanam: because you only understand that language. Have you seen the time?
Swara looks at the clock and says: oh my!!! It’s 8am and you didn’t wake me up. Im getting late… she rushes to bathroom.
Sanam smiles and goes in the hallway.
Sumi: beta, did you woke her up?
Sanam: yes ma…. Oh my gosh! This girl!!!!
Sumi: what happen?
Sanam: turn around.
As Sumi turns around, Swara was getting ready hurriedly with toothbrush in her mouth.
Sanam: Swara tum… Swara doesn’t let her finish her sentence and runs out. After a while, she comes back again.
Sanam: now what happen?
Swara: di… actually I forget that you had job interview today. I came to say best of luck… she hugs and kisses Sanam and rushes out.
Sanam thinks: this crazy girl. She put Colgate on my cheeks.

Two guys are in a car with loud music on. Char bottle vodka plays…
1st guy who is driving changes the song and says: don’t you dare to put music on this loud. My lady love will be on radio soon. As soon as he says that, a girl on the radio says: Goooood Morrnnning Mumbai.
The 2nd person turns off the radio and says: bhai… you haven’t even seen her. How can you love her?
1st guy: I love her voice. Whenever I hear her, I forget everything.
2nd guy: stop the car.
1st guy: whyyy?
2nd guy: just do it!!
They stop the car and get off. One of them was wearing a blue blazer while the other one was wearing a black one. They were looking damn hot.

Question of the day: who were those two guys? Who was saying good morning mumbai on the radio?

Credit to: guess. who am I?


  1. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    It was damn awsm I think ur anu di sorry I have taken wrong name those two boys ahil and sanskar and that is our cutie pie swara anyways ur story intro was superb upload soon ?

  2. shan

    awesome…..obviously its ahil and sanky….nd good morning s said by our cute swara…..

  3. tanu

    I just love sahil n swasan…they r my favorite till now …ty ki aapne mere dono fav ko ek hi ff me liya

    • guess. who am I?

      hi five cuz they are also my favorite Tanu..anyways thank u for commenting.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.