Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha starts crying and says I did everything correct theres definitely some problem with my gun I need to talk to viraj sir,dolly says ya u talk but now lets just go home,nisha says no I don’t understand how this happened,dolly says here ramesh uncles call he wants to talk to u, ramesh says nisha come back home,nisha says no I wont come unless I talk to viraj sir,ramesh says viraj is going nowhere u can talk to him later now come home,nisha says ok,dolly asks nisha to change.
Roopan takes amans cell and finds her uncle jaspal singhs number and says now aman will be thrown out of this house,vimla comes and stops roopan and says what are u doing this I know I don’t like aman but I don’t want anything bad to happen with her, her uncle is not a good

person and will trouble her,virendra comes and asks why are u too looking tensed,vimla says what are u doing out go rest ,virendra says is everything alright,vimla says yes u go have ur medicine,virendra leaves.

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Vimla gets a call from leela,leela says im good I was just missing dolly,vimla says dolly was gonna call u but she had to go out with cousins,leela says how is virendra bcoz u know sumit said umesh wants to marry Punjabi girl and I dollys wedding u people insulted my Punjabi friends so I said sumit u must be wrong gangwals will never allow intercast marriage, vimla says u must have misunderstood,leela says see we are ur relatives and when this Punjabi girl will come to ur house I don’t think dolly n summit relations will go well so before u take any decisions make sure u think about dolly as well.
Roopan asks vimla what happened,vimla says leela said if umesh and aman get married that will endanger dolly and summits wedding,roopan says that’s sad and u know it will be good as soon as this amn will leave our house and our lives and for this my idea is the best trust me.vimla walks away.
Nisha changes and shekhar goes to her and says miss nisha all that happened im sorry,nisha says sir why are u saying sorry all was my fault,shekhar says don’t feel bad but it may be that u aren’t made for shooting,I think u should forget all this shouting thing and join ur family business,jwellery design,make good luck charms etc,anyway good bye nisha and best of luck and leaves.nisha goes home,sourabh drops her and says nisha im not doing any sympathy act but im shocked how could gun have some problem since I saw shekhar sir check gun by himself and hand it to care taker and u told him to check right,nisha says I don’t know what is happening lets talk about it tomorrow.
Nisha goes to her and sees ramesh and laxmi waiting for her and starts crying,nisha hugs laxmi and says I don’t know how all this happened I did my best I have spoilt everything I have broken everybodies trust,laxmi says its not like this failure is first step to success remember that,nisha says but mom bcoz of me laksha academy has lost its hope,ramesh says u gave viraj ur goodluck charma as well so all will go right,nisha says good luck charm,laxmi says nisha don’t loose hope it wasn’t in ur hands,ramesh says somethings aren’t under control,nisha says one minute,ramesh asks what happened,nisha remembers shekhars word abt charm and sourabh seeing shekhar with her gun and thinks there is some connection,nisha says mom dad im fine thanku so much so two go and closes the door.
Nisha says to herself I kept lucky charm in investor file drawer and only I and viraj sir knew about it and the one who robbed the bag is none other than shekhar sir, there were two guys who attacked us and one was injured and that must be shekhar sir and so I have to check if he has mark on his leg I have to call viraj sir and tell him all these things.
Viraj walks towards all the guns, sham singh asks viraj to have some food,viraj says I don’t need anything plz leave, sham singh says don’t loose hope,viraj says nothing is left there wont be my dads dream any more and no laksha academy. Viraj cuts nishas phone,picks a gun loads it,nisha calls back,viraj switches off his phone,nisha says god sir has switched off his cell I n have to meet him.viraj aims at the target and remembering nishas words that gun has a problem he shoots with the gun, viraj gets a bulls eye he gets angry and walks towards other gun and loads it,he shoots and it’s a bulls eye again,viraj looks at nishas gun and pushes the table in anger and gets angry on all the words the investors said.
Nisha keeps calling viraj but virajs phone is switched off, jwala comes and asks nisha to have food,nisha says jwala I need ur help,jwala says ok let me get bunty and leaves,nisha walks out of her room,bunty gestures all is ok come down,jwala is ready with nishas bike,bunty and jwala wish nisha luck,nisha thanks them and leaves.

Gayatri says to viraj all that happened was bad and now its difficult to find funding and u know I haven’t yet refused for the hotel deal and I can go with the talks if u want,viraj gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Ruchi

    The spoilers say that shekhar is gonna get expelled out of the academy!and viraj is gonna fall in love with MS.AARTI none other than MS.NISHA!!!

  2. sree

    Haan SS…Nisha toh viraj se milne jaa rahi hai shayad tab hi nisha ko viraj drunk state me milega aur nisha usse sambhalegi…

  3. SS

    sree kya tumne aaj t.v me SBS ka telecast dekha …………………useme nisha aur viraj ek dusre ke saath dance kar rahe the…………………………musheje lagta hai ki ye sab episode me hi hoga …………. i can’t wait yaar …………………..musheje unka niraj dance dekhana hai…………………. and i can’t wait for today’s episode …………………………………….

  4. In todays epi nisha sees viraj has drunk and helps him to climb stairs
    And in today SBS thy showed tht nisha is wearing white one peice dress which has brought by viraj to arthi viraj breaks nishas heart by saying it is not for u
    Nisha looks so pretty in white dress

  5. SS

    par musheje lagata hai vo arti se pyar karne laga hai ………………………… lekin vo nahi janata ki aarti hi nisha hai……………………….and please nisha tum udash mat hona …………………kyonki viraj tum se hi pyar karta hai ……………….par vo janata nahi hai ki MS. NISHA hi AARTI hai…………………………………Soooooooo please sad mat hona………………………

  6. sree

    Jab viraj ko pata chalega ki nisha hi aarti hai toh usse kaisa feel hoga…?woh nisha ko accept karega ya nahi…really hope ki accept kare…

  7. tajun

    nisha aur uske cousins spoilers

    Viraj is glad with Nisha and her cousins – Umesh, Suketu after Shekhar’s expose and invites them for a party at his mansion. All cousins come there and are in awe of the place and have good time. Nisha has changed her persona from a tomboy to a girl to impress Viraj and comes there in a new avataar wearing a nice white dress with flat hair and anxiously waits to confess her love to Viraj. Later, she finds an opportune time and finds Viraj alone and goes ahead to express her feelings. However, Viraj is mistaken and thinks Nisha and Aarti are two different people and thus declines her proposal. He tells her on loving someone else and thus couldn’t reciprocate his feelings for her.

    Nisha didn’t want to reveal the truth of Aarti being herself and after the rejection feels dejected and heart broken and wishes one day Viraj will come forward to profess his love for her. She couldn’t control her emotions and gets tears but Viraj couldn’t react more and instead keeps quiet on breaking her heart. She goes from there with a heavy heart. While, Viraj is in awe of Nisha’s talent and capability but the misunderstanding put a block and not let them to come closer in love. How Viraj will come to know that Nisha and Aarti are one ? What would Nisha’s cousins and her dad Ramesh do to bring Nisha closer to Viraj ? Will Nisha be able to get the love of her Prince Charming Viraj Singh Rathore ?

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