Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says dadajis treatment will be paid by me just me.ramesh says im very happy to have u in my family,laxmi says but im very angry,kabir asks why,laxmi says stop saying uncle aunty call us mom and dad we are part of ur family now,kabir says with practice surely I will mom and dad.
On breakfast table,kabir whispers to nisha that he had a call from London,nisha says what,dadaji says nisha eat ur food don’t talk,dadaji asks kabir what have u thought next,kabir says I have applied for advertisement companies,dadi asks dolly and aman where is the sweet they prepared,virendra gets a call and he says how ok ok I will do something,dadaji asks who was it,virendra says it was a agent, actually in wedding arrangements I didn’t look abt the advertisement

and our agent has made a foolish add it says khush rahe bhabhi khus rahe devar pehne gangwal ke jwellers and tomorrow is the last day of add and for this we have find a new person for publicity,kabir says I have an idea I think we shd opt for autos for publicity all ladies go through autos so it will surely help us,dadaji says brilliant idea,so kabir will u like to join gangwals for marketing,umesh says nice idea dadaji kabir is also trained in it,summit gets upset hearing this,kabir says dadu this requires lot of work,dadaji says but I have trust on u and so u will join us,kabir says but I have no experience,dadaji says but I do.roopan says but babuji we shdnt give such big opportunity and ,dadaji says I have told u roopan not to interfere in business matters and kabir its done now from tomorrow kabir u are incharge of the marketing now,nisha says ok dadaji I will bring him,dadaji says u will how come if u come to shop who will look after house,nisha says me and kabir will manage ,dadaji says on one condition nisha u will be allowed to shop only if u cook good food today and we all will taste it specially halwa,and umesh and laxmi I know how ur food tastes,so better not help her.

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Kabir on terrace alone,how will I do this,London is calling me for dance school but my fortune wants me to dance in gangwals shop,dance kabir dance and starts dancing like fools,nisha comes and says have u gone mad,kabir says yes I have,see this London dance school is calling me,my dream,its in june how will I manage all this,nisha says its in june kabir after three months,kabir says oh ya after three months but nisha I need time for practice but dadu,nisha says look u keep spoiling the work dadaji will surely throw u out,kabir says good ifea u look fool but have some brains and what book is this,nisha says its umesh bhaiya receipe book,kabir says good good keep going,nisha says don’t trouble both pull book and nisha gets close to kabir,dadi comes and says oh sorry to disturb,kabir says no we were fighting ,dadi says oh really then keep fighting like this and be always together and gives nisha a chain,nisha says oh dadi no more jwellery,dadi says after marriage these things are imp and asks kabir to put in nishas neck,kabir says me,dadi says yes u,girls love it when their husbands do this go ahead,kabir puts chain in nishas neck,kabir and nisha take dadis blessings and dadi leaves.
Nisha kabir and jwala are shopping vegetables,kabir says lets buy clock,nisha says no money wastage,kabir says so bossy anyways lets go shop,nisha says stop irritating me im not coming with u,kabir says so rude ,nisha and kabir walk away,and start shopping nisha feels like someone is behind her,a guy comes with household requirements,nisha says this isn’t mine,guy says its ur for sure,jwala says jiju is so loving see,kabir come and says I got everything but not jhadu,nisha says what all is this,kabir asks what,nisha says this why did u buy this,kabir says ur mad see jhadu and runs to get it.viraj come sand calls nisha,and says nisha I did all for u and incase if I have forgotten something do tell me I will get u,after all ur happiness matters to me the most,nisha says showing ur money and happiness are two different thins and while leaving nisha drops her keys,viraj picks it up and calls her,nisha says jwala get in thr car quick.viraj walks to nisha and says I wasn’t following u here are u keys,nisha grabs it and sits in the car,viraj goes and sits in his car and says I know nisha u are trying to forget me but I will never let this happen bcoz I know u did this marriage in anger.

PRECAP; roopan says to mohan that ramesh has suku bunty nisha and now kabir behind him but u have no one.Dolly says to summit ok if u don’t find job I will now.roopan says to mohan see now how we will go in loss.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. Guð
    [email protected]

  2. hi ..i am new her
    i don’t know hindi..i watch this serial by seeing the written update..can u pls upload fast
    nice to see nishu and kabir pair..loved this serial….

  3. Hate Viraj interference every where.if u truly loved Nisha na then u have thought about her happiness first.u r so selfish that u r thinking only about u,ur happiness,ur ego,ur attitude,u want everything and u don’t want to accept failure right.Nisha and love is not a game or trophy.if u want u can keep it and if u don’t want then throw it.Mind it VIRAJ SINGH RATHORE.LOVED NIBIR SCENES.

    • Hi muskan long time no c ….
      And nice comment … Specialy mind it viraj Singh rathore….
      And frnds PLZ some one explain me wat exactly was the precap I did not understand….

  4. richa

    well now all seem to be going against” nisha nd kabir”…………..roopan all money minded like bua g nd summit is all wicked like his mum…………… hey nauc team why r u gathering all negative characters there are more bad ppl than good in the show ‘…………………

  5. stuti

    hey tht part was nice na when nisha n kabir were fighting with the book n they came closer…

    • shaka

      Ya but kabir says that we were fighting .. Dadi says k then continue ur fighting like this……. Hahaha……:-) 🙂

  6. Good morning susi amyra kanisha Richa shaka stuti kasha …… And all NIBIR FANS….. NICE EPI BUT I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PRECAP …..

  7. neenu

    I don’t like viraj’s interference bt ween nisha nd kabir s life..I want to see nibir as pair always…nd a good girl nd boy not marty more than 1 time bt all hindi Seriel s done martiaage of heroin atleast 3 times qat a foolish ness..there is no need of nww marraige..nd bee close niashand kabir..nd want to viraj go away from nisha

    • Neenu I totally agree this yar that many not many almost all serials show 2/3 marriages for same person…… And I don’t knw whether these writers have forgotten INDIAN CULTURE. … OR R THEY INDIANS …no I don’t think so they r coz I they wer Indians they would have known r culture…. Just irritated with these too many divorce and marriage again ….
      I don’t want this crap in NAUC. … ONLY NIBIR TILL END

  8. kani

    hello friends …. u know that u all won yesterday .. ur comments were more than kyy…. I just love that scene when nibir were close to eachother on terrace and then dadi comes …. woww … plz viraj u leave Nisha.plzzz … OK friends….bye …. :-))…

  9. sriju

    hey viraj u stop calling nisha “ms.nisha”….now she is mrs .nisha kabir singh and simply don’t enter into her life and we hate u…..kabir is 1000 times better than u….u made her cry and kabir made her laugh …so enough of u r drama

  10. viraj fan

    Good job #nibirians.u people made #nirajians ran away from ths site wit ur irritating comments.keep going.enjoy nibir

  11. lavi

    Hi i m new here. Bt i m watching this serial from the start. I dnt knw hindi. So i m reading written updates also. Nisha and kabir looking cute together

  12. papia

    the ad tag the gangwal jewllers is hillerious.Kind of said the viraj nisha relation.But terrace scene of NIBIR is awssome.i wish they fall in love soon.even my grandmom says tht NIBIR is bst.viraj is old.waitting for their grihapravesh. 🙂

  13. SHOCK

    shocking news fr all NIBIR fans….. “”KABIR gets fatally wounded by Gayathri and her goons””

  14. shaka

    Hi richa yrr wht happening ???? I think Shock as made all shock??? Ha ha ha:-) 🙂 and today is April 1 na

  15. kani

    I don’t know…. but yrr sometimes I feel bored … I don’t want to say but its true yrrr … earlier I used to like nauc a lot …. till viraj’s entry..

    • richa

      ammm virajs entryy??? i didnt understand what u r trying 2 say in the above comment kani yrr

      • kani

        u asked for the current track … so I wrote that now in watching nauc leaving the nibir scene I don’t like…. now they show just about viraj family… instead of nisha’s cousins….

    • richa

      srry yr 4 lateness ntwrk was already disgusting…. bt now this battery nd electricity r irritating meee

  16. nirajdbest

    Kani i feel that nisha nd kabir will eventually discover love and as they pehla pyar so nisha will always have a tinge of feeling for vraj.and yes the current track is tooooo boring.makers pls bring something new and pls nothing bad for my sweetie nisha

  17. Hi frndzzz…. I am sure nishu will fall in love with kabir and labor will also fall in love with nisha ……. But I want only nisha to express first….. As she can see how much kabir has sacrificed for her…… She should …….
    wat say frnds….. Am I right… Or wrong ( ur suggestions if I am wrong )

  18. fggg

    Pls viraj quit this serial. There is no importance to u r character they made u one dump . For your charm this is not the right place. They are totally wasting u r talent . let them replace with someone else you do some lead role don’t be a supporting actor that does suits you . Don’t spoil your image. Let the writers do what ever they want with new viraj.

  19. Richa angel does not comment here regularly I have seen on yhm page … So leav v don’t knw wat is the meaning of …. ~ etc etc … V will concentrate on NIBIR… 😉

  20. Susi (NK)

    As ur wish of my frdzzz I back to susi 🙂 🙂 Dade Dan tan (music) 🙂 😀 gud evening frndzzz….. Now only I reached my house yrr ….sry for the late msg yrr 🙁

  21. stuti

    ok dont be sad yar…in todays episode they showed mishkat n aneri celebrating aprilfools day

  22. stuti

    ya it was really very cool …..Aneri was teasing mishkat n suddenly he got very angry …aneri thought tht he was really angry n at last mishkat couldnot control his laughter seeing aneris reaction

  23. nika

    Oh ya stuti later summarise today’s epi because don’t know when tanaya eill update i hope she does fast

    • Haan yar angel …. He is acting too much …. Bade bhaiya hadh hoti hey pareshani ki… Has bahuth hogaya … Jeise thumare fans need bola bahar ja nisha aur nauc se

  24. Wow today’s epi was wonderful with NIBIR SCENES…. only except that roopan summit and viraj’s ….

  25. Wow last scene…
    OMG … I AM FROZE ……
    omg can’t express wat happened to me seeing that scene ….

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