Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Update from comments in yesterday’s episode by Lucky

2days epi, lakshmi comes to nishus room and panicks on not finding her. Nisha was about to go frm hospital bt ramesh comes right then. Nisha tell him about kabir’s innocense again nd ramesh believes her and they call laxmi and calms her down. Nisha got discharged and go to police stn.

While in gangwal house jwala,bunty nd aman had a talk on kabirs state nd bunty tells that im sure sumit is behind all this. Just then dadaji dadi, vimla aunty came and everyone became ready to go to hospital. Then sourav comes and asks about nisha. Aman replies she’s fine now. Dadaji tell sourav not to come to gangwal house nymore. Dolly was standing upstairs nd watches sourav going away with sad.

Mohan uncle and

suku come and ask the family where they are going. Dadi tell him tat they r gng to meet nishu and then suku asks then where did nisha and ramesh go then. Nisha and ramesh in plc stn, nisha shouts on police to see kabir. She tells dat u people don’t know anythng, if u knw then u won’t arrest an innocent man, if u knw then u will find the real culprit, if u knw u will let me meet my husband. Ramesh tell police to let her meet kabir for just 2 minutes on humanity pls. Bt police tell him to bring an advocate

Nisha tells ‘kabir’. Jst then kabir wake up frm sleep calling ‘nishaa’. He asks a police did my wife come here. He says yes she came and shouted to c u. Kabir asks where is she then. Police says she went. He gets sad and then says i jst want to c u once. Nd then happily says i knw u will come to meet me for sure. Cousins have a talk on where did nisha went. And some1 says she went to kabir that’s sure. They call nisha and say they are with her always, whenever ny problm came who solved it, it is ‘nisha aur uske cousins’.

Nisha in her home, remember about how kabir made her grihapravesh, their happy moments, their dance etc. She was about to fall,then viraj come and hold her. He makes her sit and she says kabir is innocent and she want his help to make him out of jail. Only he can help her. He asks how could she believe him to b innocent, she says she does not believe instead she is sure about it. He says i saw with my eyes that only he was present there, she says everytime we can’t believe our eyes only and asks for his help to get bail for kabir

Precap: sourav tells(through phone) sumit that before giving nisha’s phone to him, kabir has sent the recording to his phone and make him hear a portion of that. Sourav asks is that enough or u want to hear some more. Sumit is shocked.

Update Credit to: Lucky



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  11. vani

    The promo was tooo good. Kabir sent the voice recording to saurab. Awesommmeeeeeeee… Ab aaya kahani mein twist. Nauc rocks!

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    Sonpari to nikal gayi…hahahahahah….huhuhuhuhu…… Ab meribaari… Bhooooooothhhhhh

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    Yesterday nisha rushes to p’s to see kabur with ra mesh
    nisha aur her cousins help her and lay a brain
    to trap sumit

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    Yeah d promo ws awsm n -_- still updatng …. -_- dis is irritating >_<

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    Ok nisha and her cousins lay a trap along with sour ab and get evidence to prove kabur innocense

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    Lo g ab to 23 may updates aane b shuru ho gye pr yahan to 22 may ka b ata pta nhi

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    Where s the update I missed yesterday episode how long u will update tanaya r u sleeping pls get up and update the episode

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    Guys, update is given by one of ur friend lucky in yesterday’s nauc page comment section @9.23p.m and then read on below

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    Aaj tyme pr update krna tanu di bcz many including me wud b nt able 2 c epi nd rely on writn updates

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    any1 here ………………………….. today’s episode rocked……… sumit soon out ………..leela is a total stupid ………………… 🙂

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    leela does’nt even realize that it is not sumit on phone and told everything (precap)

  25. Lucky

    I didn’t replacd tanaya. I think tanaya didn’t watch yesterdays epi so she copy pasted my comments as written update.

    • Krishna :)

      i thought you are a new one who is going to update the episode like tanaya …………………………sooory dear ………….anyways nice update 🙂

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