Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi goes to laxmis room and asks how is her mom,laxmi says she is better now, dadi asks where is ramesh,laxmi says what all is this happening what do I do now,dadi says I know its bad but nisha is young and ramesh is very emotional ,laxmi says I know ramesh did wrong,ramesh hears this and says everyone thinks im wrong. Dadi says laxmi even I know that but we are seeing it from one angle and also keep this house together I will talk to ur dadaji and u take care of ramesh and dadi leaves. Laxmi is sleeping and ramesh is sitting beside her, seeing laxmi he memorizes all the happy moments he spent with laxmi and says u always stood by me and now it’s the time I should do something away from babaujis pressure I know the path is difficult but I have to do it by

myself bcoz I no more can leave this let be rameshs life, I wished u understood me this time as well but,anyways take care of kids and ramesh packs his bag and leaves. Nisha wakes up scared and looks around, she sees chandu is sleeping and then sees a shadow near the window, nisha wakes chandu and hides her near the bed and walks towards the shadow and picks the flower vase on her way,nisha hides behind the door and as the shadow enters nisha hits him but ,its kabir nisha puts on the lights. Ramesh goes to dadi and dadajis room and touches dadis feet and says I know its wrong but its time for me to act along, I sent nisha so that she could find her way,im going and u plz take care of babuji and laxmi,ramesh removes dadajis specs and keeps it aside and says babuji I need some time alone I know we both never lived upto eachothers expectations but I hope this time u will understand why I did so, ramesh comes out of their room and walks, he looks around the house,remembers everyone and the memories of every corner and leaves, he opens the door goes out. Kabir is in pain,nisha gives him water and says who asked u to come like this, kabir says don’t give chandus reason, kabir sneezes and nisha again forgets what she was saying and says oh yes see kabir chandus life is in danger,kabir says I know im here to search my photo,nisha says is this the time,chandu finds the photo and gives it to kabir,nisha asks whose photo, kabir says I know but I have to find him,nisha says where will u find him rajasthan is very big and by this photo not possible,kabir says I will just see one day I will win and the world itself will bring this person to me,nisha says leave now and starts hitting kabir,kabir says now I know why ur boyfriend left u,nisha feels bad. Gayatri enters virajs house and finds him all drunk,gayatri says viraj look at u,viraj says go away and throws bottle at her and says leave don’t u understand,gayatri leaves. Nisha and kabir siting together and thinking what to do next,nisha says we have to leave its dangerous here,kabir says as if its safe out,nisha goes to chandu and says kbor see she has fever,kabir says u are right we have to stay here,nisha says u are right we have to leave,kabir smile, chandu kisses kabir and nisha,kabir says chandu must be hungry,nisha says chandu do u know where is ur mom,plz speak if u don’t how will we help,chandu closes her eyes,kabir says she has fever don’t trouble her,nisha says we need tablets,kabir says u lost my bag and sneezes, nisha says she got fever bcoz of ur sneezes go away,nisha sees a paper in chandus hand and sees a number in it,nisha says what is this,kabir says we will know when chandu will wake up,nisha says ok now out go. Shanti searching for chandu, she calls the bus attendant nisha was travelling in,shanti asks him was chandu in this bus,he says yes I left her with two people at the resort never the bus stop.

PRECAP: Laxmi sees a letter on her table when she wakes up on reading it she finds that ramesh has left the house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wow VIRU is bck.hpy 2 c hm.VIRU wil nw meet hs mum nd yngr bro KABIR.

  2. Viru aka taher,i am watchimg this show only for u . i dont want to miss u.i love u bro.

  3. So happy to see viraj back. Love u taher. Hope he soon realises his love for nisha and nisha also forgives him. Waiting to see niraj back together.

  4. Happy viraj come back hope to see viraj and nisha jealousy angle and niraj romance. ………..

    1. So true. Kabir is so lively and funny. But one thing is for sure that kabir and viraj are poles apart and it’s for nisha to choose now

  5. Smhw I find kanish jodi better than niraj ..
    I like taher but mishkhat s too awesome 🙂

  6. A surpruise gift was planned to nisha as a candle night dinner and she mistook kabir has he planed this for her and she hugs kabir and propose to him viraj get irked by seeing this

  7. Nice episode……

  8. Is kabir really virus bro. If he is then it will be so damn deja vu .

  9. Hey,anyone knows where we can get previous episodes of this show in 3gp?i mised some epis.


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  13. Sry,,

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