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Maharana Pratap 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap reaches the place where he had done the last rites of DS. He touches the ashes. Please forgive me, I have to make you alive again for my motherland, Ajabde and Mewar’s citizens. A kid comes there. Pratap requests him to play here for a little longer. A man will come here with his friend. He will look like some king. Tell him that Pratap Singh has gone to Bitthuria village to get DS. The kid nods.

US and Rawat ji are indeed heading to that side only. US wants them both to find out and accept it that DS is dead. This place matches with Patta’s description. They both get off from their horses. They both notice the ashen ground. The same kid gives them Pratap’s message.

Pratap reaches the village. He finds a lady running after a lamb. Another lady suggests her to sell it.

Pratap offers to buy it from them. he gives 2 gold coins to the owner of the lamb. Its name will be Dhaman Singh from now onwards. I want everyone to address the lamb with its new name only. The ladies are more than happy to do so. Pratap takes the lamb with him.

Jagmal is tensed thinking whether DS is indeed alive. DB reminds him of his own words. You said that you have killed him yourself. Did he not die because of the bullet injury? Jagmal recalls the incident and then nods back at her. I saw him with my own eyes but Dada bhai never lies. Entire Mewar knows it. he has gone to meet DS by escaping from the jail. DB assures him that everything will be fine. Pratap will be definitely hanged by tomorrow morning.

Saubhagyawati and Ajabde are looking at the moon from their balcony. Ajabde says with every passing breath I am only praying that he (Pratap) is able to prove himself innocent. I cannot accept it that tomorrow’s sun will be so merciless that it will snatch Mewar’s future from it; that it snatches my life from me. It cannot happen!

US and Rawat ji reach Bitthuria village. Rawat ji asks people if they know any DS. All the people shake their head while the same lady acknowledges knowing DS. You wont be able to get him now. a man came here a while ago and took him with him (on his white horse). Rawat ji and US feel that it is surely Pratap. He might have taken DS to the palace. We should leave for the palace asap.

All the soldiers at the palace pray that Rana ji is unable to catch hold of Pratap. Pratap returns there just then with the lamb. I am ready to go back to my cell though I have to go to a special place first. Patta and Chakrapani come to assist him. All three of them leave. The soldiers wonder where Pratap had gone to, and why did he come back! Chakrapani puts the lamb in the shed while Pratap and Patta stand outside. Jagmal notices Pratap from upstairs. This means DS is alive?

DB and Jagmal are worried over the news. She assures him that she will set everything right. She calls a soldier and tells him to hurry up the process of Pratap’s death penalty. Rana ji is not in the palace right now. If anyone says anything then inform me directly.

Pratap returns to the jail and gets himself arrested once again. Outside, the executioner is readying the noose with which Pratap will be hanged. He checks all the equipment while Pratap takes a bath inside. US and Rawat ji are still on their way back. Pratap gets ready. DB is pacing anxiously in her room. Pratap eats the food.

Sun rises. DB thanks Ekling ji. I have waited a lot for this moment. Thank you!

Akbar picks up a sword and practises angrily as he thinks of that lady who is staying in his palace as Mahamanga’s guest. She watches Akbar from her window. Daasi’s come there to help her get ready. She goes out to meet Akbar but instead notices Bairam Khan holding a rose in his hand and smelling it. she throws the rose (that’s in her hairs) and removes her veil. She intentionally collides with Bairam Khan. He looks completely smitten by her beauty. She smiles seeing the look on his face, moves a little closer and then walks away. She turns to go but then asks about the rose in his hand. she moves her hairs to one side so Bairam Khan tucks the rose behind her ear. She remarks that he helped a rose in reaching its destination today. He eyes her love struck as she walks away.

Ajabde, Patta, Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati come to talk to DB. Ajabde tells her that she has just got to know that DS is alive. Pratap has brought him here already. Rana ji isn’t here at the moment so you have all the rights to make any decision in his absence. People of Chittor are getting all the more aggressive now. we want you to take a correct decision in regard with DS. If you are unable to do so then you know that Rana ji will never forgive you. please give the order to hold Pratap’s death penalty for now. DB tells them to wait here while she goes out to check what can be done.

DB tells Jagmal that DS is alive and is hiding in that very shed (outside the palace). Go and kill him right now as everyone is in my room at this moment. This is the time to do it. JAgmal begins to go when they hear the announcement that US is back. DB tells Jagmal to finish the work asap.

Rawat ji asks a soldier if Pratap is back. He nods. US asks him about what all Pratap did once he returned to the palace. Soldier replies that Pratap first went to a shed and then went to his cell. He is there only.

Jagmal covers himself with a blanket and opens the door of the shed where the effigy is kept.

Pratap heads out with all the soldiers where people are continuously shouting in his support.

Ajabde prays that they are successful this time. US is about to go inside the palace when gets thinking. Why did Pratap go to that particular shed? Why did he go to that village in the first place and then returned quietly?

Jagmal closes the door behind him. Jagmal removes his blanket angrily. The effigy is completely covered with a blanket. You dint come to help even when you were alive. Now you are not able to even die properly. You are a big fool. But don’t worry, I will kill you once again. he stabs the effigy numerous times.

Soldiers are having a hard time restraining the crowd.

Jagmal notices the effigy and is shocked.

Outside, people continue to protest against US’s decision. The executioner puts the rope around Pratap’s neck.

Someone reaches the shed and walks inside. His face is in the dark. Jagmal is certainly taken aback to realise someone is here. He tries to stab that person but he holds Jagmal’s hand. The man moves ahead in light and Jagmal is shocked to see his father.

The executioner catches hold of his equipment while everyone looks on with bated breath thinking what will happen next.

Precap: US beats Jagmal using a hunter. He takes him out, all the way beating him badly for all the wrongs that he has done. A daasi comes to inform DB that US is beating Jagmal very badly. US demands for an answer from Jagmal. Why did you do it? DB runs across the palace, shouting for US to stop or her Jagmal will die!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Now jagmal will get punishment for his cruel deeds and Pratap will be safe anyways thanks for the update Pooja and also for writing in detail.I loved the way in which Ajabde,Pratap,Saubhagyawati ,Chakrapani and Patta are handling the situation with great smartness

  2. Pooja

    Anytime Kashish 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Pooja for writing these updates…

  4. Pooja

    You’re welcome Deepak 🙂

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