Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says to nisha don’t worry ur scooty will reach ur place safely, nisha goes with viraj n priyanka. Sourabh calls nisha, nisha doesn’t accept the call, viraj says u can receive ur call, nisha receives call n says sourabh i will text u. Gayatri goes to sourabh n says wat happened sourabh u look upset, sourabh says mam nishas form didn’t get signed i guess, gayatri says oh i knew it but sourabh u know ur very efficient employee but ur taste in friends isn’t good, never mind n leaves. Sourabh reads nisha text n says fabulous,gayatri asks sourabh wat is it, sourabh says nisha is with viraj n priyanka n it seems priyanka was so drunk that she couldn’t drive n so viraj sir is taking her home. Viraj calls sham singh home from palace, priyanka keeps saying

im sorry bro, nisha says don’t worry priyank ur brother wont scold u , he will forgive u chill, viraj says its right priyanka i wont scold u just calm down, priyanka doesn’t feel well , viraj says i think i shd call a doctor, nisha says no she just needs to vomit n she will be fine just get a bucket, viraj gives nisha a look, nisha says sorry i will get the bucket where is the bathroom, nisha gets bucket n helps priyanka, viraj feels sick looking at it, nisha says oh sir u don’t look ok n helps viraj as well, nisha gives viraj form, viraj abt to sign sih=gn form, gayatri comes n says oh my baby priyanka how are u wat happened, priyanka says oh mom plz stop over acting, viraj keeps nishas form aside n says aunty did u know priyanka drinks n u said she is delhi wat is she doing here, gayatri says wat to do i know she drinks n she comes during weekends n doesn’t inform me as well, viraj says ok nisha hand over priyankas belongings, viraj finds a night club pass , viraj says according to this pass priyanka is attending this club past a month, gayatri says viraj plz don’t discuss thinks front of strangers , viraj says ok miss isha u can leave, nisha says its nisha n while abt to leave by mistake breaks a glass, gayatri says nisha u fool do u know how costly it is, nisha says im sorry i will get u new one, viraj says just let it be n leave, nisha leaves angrily. Umesh goes to amanpreets home, amanpreets dad sees umesh n gets angry. Viraj asks gayatri why did she lie, gayatri says wat to do whole of academies responsibility was on me n so i didn’t take care of priyanka, viraj says but there where no students, gayatri says but still i thought it was my responsibility n in that tension i couldn’t look after priyanka n then till i realised it it was too late so i lied to u, trust me viraj i love u as ur mother ur son to me , me n priyanka have no one else, but still if u don’t trust us im ready to leave any where i will go London Australia where it will be less expensive. Viraj says ur the only people left for me, n don’t worry i trust u , n don’t worry aunty from now priyanka is my responsibility, gayatri says thanku son, sham singh comes, viraj asks him to find nishas number. Nisha on her way back , her bike breaks down, she gets angry n throws her form , nisha gets a call, nisha says idiot sourabh keep it out i don’t wanna talk to u, im very angry my form isn’t signed n my bike has broken so just shutup, viraj says hello miss, nisha says whi the hell are u, viraj says its viraj rathore.

PRECAP:gayatri texts nisha from virajs cell saying the interview is postponed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  6. hello , this is nicks from new delhi and i want to know real name of priyanka (gayatri’s daughter) who is headed as a new character in NISHA and USKE COUSINS as cousin sister of viraj rathore.

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