Do you find Diya Aur Baati Hum – Rajkumar’s track dragging?

Rajkumar has been introduced again in the show months before and the show is dragging a lot, post his sister Maya has come to free him from jail. She takes help from Prema and Disha in Operation Grahan, and both of them stayed close to Rathi Family. The show is ruling on TRPs by the exciting action track of the plane hijack and turning Sooraj into a brave savior of all the plane passengers. Sandhya will be teaming up with Arjun Chowdhary to negotiate with Maya and fool her about RK’s freedom.

Prema manages to kill the commando on board the flight to Dubai. In the meantime, Sandhya’s senior admits her to the hospital. On regaining consciousness, Sandhya reveals Rajkumar’s plan to her senior. Sandhya’s senior manages to warn the pilots that their flight is going to be hijacked. However, Maya manages to storm the cockpit of the aeroplane, and hijack the plane. Sandhya finds out that flight 2310 has been hijacked. Sooraj and Bhabho are devastated when they discover that Disha is a terrorist. Disha even threatens to kill Sooraj. Meanwhile, Rajkumar prepares himself for his death sentence. Arjun tries to make a deal with Maya. Sandhya becomes shocked on finding out that Bhabho and Sooraj are taken as hostage. Maya blackmails to kill Bhabho if Rajkumar’s sentence is not stopped. Sandhya’s senior decides to stop Rajkumar’s sentence, and saves Bhabho and Sooraj.

Later on, Maya demands Rajkumar be released. Sandhya’s senior misunderstands her, and wrongly accuses her to be selfish. In the meantime, Emily becomes elated on learning that Mohit has been selected for a job. Sandhya breaks the hijack news to the family and they get worried for their family. Sandhya asks them to trust the Indian Govt. and they will get all passengers safe. Sooraj makes a plan to take everyone’s support and attack the terrorists. Some action is surely going to make the show exciting. But Rajkumar’s silent smiles have bored a lot. What do you think? Let us know.

  1. don’t think a lot as its dragging and sandhya’s facial expressions are so annoying , the same worried look all the time , even after uncovering the plot she and her mates have failed , think this show should have an end date as well as its dragged on for few years.

  2. i think officer chaudhary is also involved with those terrorists …the makers of this wants to bring a twist

  3. yessss…… too much of anything proves fatal dear…

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