Nimki Mukhiya 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety threatens Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu asks Sweety if she had s*xual relationship with Abhi? Sweety gets angry and slaps him, he raises hand but doesnt slap her, he says you didnt do it? good, he leaves. Sweety is in tears.

Abhi says to Nimki that Tettar was angry. Nimki says he will have to come panchayat, I am bored of it, I want to do something about village. Aunt says do something about you too. Nimki says I was thinking that if I can fight Tettar then why cant our women fight their abusive husband? they want to work but their men dont let them, I want them to become hero like Singham. Abhi says your thought is nice, I will make a list, you talk to women. Nimki says great, now I have to watch, she greets and leaves. Aunt says Nimki is becoming mature, Abhi says yes.

Babbu is pain, Mai asks to bring

warm water, Mai leaves. Sweety looks at Babbu’s wound and tries to clean it, Babbu says your hand is cold, Sweety presses on his wound and says you shot me in chest, he screams in pain, Sweety says what men dont feel pain? Mai comes there and says be careful. Sweety says remember once he broke his arm in anger, Mai says yes. Sweety glares at him and says you know how to hurt others and yourself, you have always lost, Babbu says I will never lose. Sweety says your ego is your biggest enemy, Nimki is not scared of you, she is fighting you with her mind, she will drag you to panchayat otherwise she will not spare you, she leaves his foot. Mai comes and says his foot is bleeding more. Sweety leaves.

Scene 2
Nimki says I will give shower to Ram, Mauha brings soap, Nimki asks to bring shampoo. Manu ties shower on stick. Tunee says its not needed. Mauha stops him and says if you cant pump water from well then I will do it. Nimki says he made shower for me so cant I do that for him? my father kept me as his princess, today I will make him king. Ram cries and hugs her. Mono says I will run well. Tunee says I will do it. Dumri comes there and sees Ram under shower. She asks what is all this? this Nimki is mad. Muaha says its nice. Tunee says Dumri must be happy to see it. Dumri runs behind him. Ram is embarrassed to take off his shirt so Dumri leaves. He takes off his shirt. Tunee pumps water and shower starts. Ram enjoys it. Nimki smiles. Tunee says I am tired, Nimki says he ran shower for one hour for me. Dumri hides behind wall and says be careful, he has wound on head, Ram blushes. Dumri says I am worried about you. Tunee says you sit with him. Nimki asks her to look away. Nimki washes his hair with shampoo, Dumri goes to make tea.

Dumri brings tea and sees Ram sad, she asks what happened? Nimki asks what happened? Ram says I remember your childhood. All get sad. Ram says remember Dumri. She says yes, you used to give her bath and not put soap on her face, you used to play with her, today she is giving you bath. Ram cries.

PRECAP- Babbu sends letter to Nimki which says that Babbu will go to panchayat and tell that when she was married and in palace, she had an extra marital affair with someone else. Nimki gets angry hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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