Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Asmita shoots Shan

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita comes with police in her uniform. She says today I have a proof that can’t save Nevi. Asmita comes in. everyone is dazed. Moushmi says I told you she is a fraud. She is a cop. She holds asmita’s arm and says what are you here for. asmita shoves her and asys I am an on duty officer you can go to jail. Nevi leaves the shagun. Bua says what is all this Asmita? Asmita says the thing is.. Shan says you are a liar. Was this your friendship. Everyone says friend? Shan says Puchki. Ravindra says what are you taking revenge of? Shan says we shouldn’t talk to her. Get out. Ridoy says but I love her. Shan says you can’t marry this girl. Shan says get out. Asmita says don’t touch me. I am here for a reason. this woman.. Your mom kidnapped your dad. I have

the proof. Shan says shut up. You can’t accuse my mom. You impersonated to be someone else. Nevi says get out of here back to those dirty street. Asmita says I will go after doing my duty. Nevi says I wont go with you. Asmita says I have to encounter you then. Everyone is dazed. Nevi says I wont come with you. Asmita takes out her gun. She points it at Nevi.

Shan says stop Puchki. You can’t do this. She says for my duty I can do anything. You are not ready to accept the truth but I can do this. puchki shoots Nevi but Shan comes in front of her. He gets the bullet in his chest. Asmita smiles. Puchki runs and says Shan.. She says Shan open your eyes. Asmita screams and wakes up. It was her dream. Baba says what happened? She says I shot Nevi in my dream and shan came in front. I wont let this be true. Without proof I can’t do anything. I have to save Shan. Asmta says Shan is fixing the wedding. i dont’ have much time. I dont’ know what to do.

Scene 2
Nevi is getting things ready. Bua says we will have seven functions. Today we will have jagrata. Nevi says yeah lets start Ridoy’s wedding with pooja. Bua says this is Shan’s wedding to. Nevi says yeah yeah. Bua says in heart I hope in these seven days they will realize their love and unite with each other.

Shan comes to Ridoy. He says I want us to wear same clothes in jagrata. Ridoy says that’s such a good idea. He says I am sending this recording to asmita. Ridoy says Asmita I love you. I want you to say that you love me as well tonight. Shan says she will accept your love. Ridoy says I want you to help me find out if she loves me or not. Will you help me? He says yes.

Pathan baba says why don’t you tell everyone? Se says it will ruin everything. Pathna baba says you love him. Go and tell him everything that’s in your heart.
Bua says to Shan who are you waiting for? e says asmita. Bua says ASmita? He says i mean for ridoy he is waiting. Asmita comes in. Shan looks at her.
Shan takes Asmita to a side. She says leave me someone will see. Shan says why are you doin all this to Ridoy? Asmita says we are all suffering. Not everyone can pretend like you. He says why did you say yes to Ridoy? You can’t play with his emotions. Asmita says what about you? You love me but you are getting me married to Ridoy. He says shut up.

Precap-Asmita says to Shan I love you. He says why did you agree to marry Ridoy then? She says for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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