Nimki Mukhiya 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki crushes Diamond’s hands

Nimki Mukhiya 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says Nimki has whole village here. I will kill her. Babbu comes down. Nimki says what would you like? Tea or cold drink? Ritu says where is diamond? Give him to us. Tettar says who dare touch my son. Nimki says I dared what will you do? Babbu says you will die. Nimki says do you have any emotions for diamond? People will kill him if you threaten me. Let us show you Diamond.. He is is roped between people. Babbu goes towards him. Tune say don’t go forward. Ritu says leave him. Nimki says don’t tell me what to do. Tettar says Diamond why did they abduct you. He says get me out of here. Babbu says tell us why. Tettar says you people will pay back for detaining my son. Nimki says he touched a girl from ghat tola. Ritu says he can’t do that. Ramla says he did. HE

took off her dupatta. Tettar says you are accusing my son. Nimk says your son is characterless. Babbu says shut up.. Nimki says you shut up.

Ritu says you shouldn’t accuse people wrongly. Nimki says I am taking this matter seriously. Ritu says this is her personal animosity. All people take Nimki’s side. ramla says she misbehaved with our girl. Nimki says ask your son what is he doing here. Nimki says you’re our in laws. Babbu says bring the girl. Ramla says your son made the mistake and now you want us to embarrass the girl? Diamond says it hurts me. Babbu takes off duppatta from his hands. His hands are injured. Nimki says whem Parkash touched a girl from your village you crushed him hands. Tettar recalls. Nimki says we did the same. Tettar says I have never treated a kid like this. Diamond says it hurts. tettar says what is this? Do you people have hearts? Nimi says we knew you heart would shake when you see his hands like these. We didn’t crush his hand. Ritu says what.. She takes of the stickr from his hand.

Tettar says why were you crying then Diamond? BAbbu takes off his ropes. Babbu says I would have killed you f you had touched my brother. tettar says i would burn the village down. People laugh. Nimki says people were emotional for Diamond. But I told them how disgusting you are. Babbu says hey.. Nimki says this is ghat tola. You showed your true colors. I had to show you we aren’t scared of you. Tettar says what o you mean? She says means.. We actually got his hand cut. Its hurts him. Babbu comes to attack Tune. people grasps Babbu. Mauha says if each of us slap him once he would be dead here. Babbu says Nimi you and your family are gone now. See what I do. Ritu says okay we are going. You punished him. Nimki says what about that girl? She was about to get married.. Ramla says who would marry her now? Ritu says we can apologize her and talk to the guy’s parents and pay for her wedding. Tune says that wont work.
Nimki says we will get that girl married to your diamond. All people say yes. tettar is dazed.

Precap-Babbu says you see what I do now. Someone comes there on bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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