Siddhi Vinayak 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi confesses her crimes

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Siddhi Vinayak 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir says I am Baba. I know everything. He is very famous in market. Siddhi nods. You must have read about him in regard of Bhojpuri films. Rajvir denies. He is famous for Hindi movie too. Siddhi suggests letting Rajvir come home. We will discuss then. Vin tells her to let Baba ji decide. He will only think good of Rajvir. Mukesh says hero does mimicry. Will Rajvir be able to do it? Vin acts suspicious but Baba again speaks positively about Rajvir.

The smoke starts spreading in the room. Urvashi wakes up and starts sneezing / coughing. Prachi has an earphone plugged in her ear. She hints Siddhi.

Mukesh says Rajvir wont be good for the script. Rajvir wont be able to dance. Rajvir counters him on his statement.

Urvashi panics and feels dizzy. Baba’s words echo in her head.

There is no one around who will hear me. I should confess. She starts with her introduction. I don’t know if I am No. 1 dancer of Kohlapur or not but I have committed lot many crimes. Prachi thinks to divert others as Rajvir is acting crazy.

Baba suggests giving Rajvir a chance. Prachi asks Baba why he is panicking. Calm down. Rajvir forgets that he is in Baba’s disguise and talks to Prachi casually. He enacts all the famous heroes. Vin tells him he indeed dances well and calls him Rajvir. Rajvir stops in his tracks in shock. Vin says you should get Oscar for your performance as Baba. Rajvir gulps. Vin removes his beard and moustache. Shankar says you played with our emotions. What’s going on this house? Vin offers to tell him. He thanks his friend Mukesh and sends him home. Vin next shares that this was a sham to trouble Urvashi. Rajvir came here as Baba for the very reason. Rajvir will tell the rest. Rajvir turns to Shankar who warns him to be quiet. Vin tells them that Rajvir was just a pawn. Siddhi is the mastermind. She will tell everyone herself why she did it! He asks Siddhi why she did all that.

Prachi hears Urvashi shouting for help upstairs. Urvashi is confessing her past crimes. Prachi tells Siddhi that Urvashi has started her confession. I am switching on speaker. Vin and everyone hear Urvashi shouting for help. They all look up towards the speaker.

Vin asks Manjari what is happening. Manjari tells him that Rajvir aka Baba told them to lock Urvashi in a room. It is her last test. Vin is upset hearing it. I warn both of you that I wont spare either of you if anything happens to her! Siddhi asks for 5 more minutes but he hurries towards the room. Siddhi stands in his way requesting him not to do it but he pushes her away. How dare you lock Urvashi in the room? Siddhi looks at him as he reaches out for the handle. He hears Urvashi shouting that she married Rudra for money and freezes. Urvashi continues her confession. It was for my work. This is what I do. Please forgive me Lord! I came in this house and was mesmerised seeing the wealth of the house. I decided to stay here only. Manjari thinks to stop Urvashi before she says everything. Urvashi ends up saying that it wasn’t Siddhi in the video. I was wearing her mask. I did all that to trap her! Vin looks at Siddhi. Urvashi accepts her crimes. Siddhi is innocent. I am at fault. I blamed Siddhi intentionally on Rudra’s Chautha. Truth is that Rudra was mad for her. Siddhi wasn’t! Manjari says she is saying anything because of panic. She should be brought out. Vin stops her. I have to hear everything today. Urvashi also confesses that she trapped Vin in a fake assault case. He dint do anything to me that day. He was drinking and fell asleep while muttering Siddhi’s name. Forgive me God. I committed a very big sin. Open the door. I don’t need anything. She bangs at the door repeatedly. Vin looks at Siddhi with a bowed head.

Vin opens the door. Urvashi coughs badly as soon as she steps outside. She notices everyone looking at her and at Rajvir. Did everyone overhear? Vin asks her why she did all that. Why were you committing
Urvashi fumbles but Vin shrugs her away. Shankar asks her how dare she create a rift between Vin and Siddhi. We heard everything. You were trying to fool us? Urvashi says why I should accept doing it all by myself when I am exposed. I am not the only sinner here. It was Manjari who brought me in this house! I married Rudra wearing Siddhi’s mask upon her askance only. Manjari slaps her. How much more will you fall? I did bring you here but upon Rudra’s askance. He told me that you both loved each other very much. Urvashi is stunned. Vin and Siddhi look at each other. He takes her name but she walks away. He follows her. Gauri hides. Everyone goes too.

Vin stops Siddhi. I committed a very big mistake. I misbehaved with you because of Urvashi! I cannot see anything clearly because of all the misconceptions. I can never seek forgiveness for my mistakes. I held onto your hand with a belief that I will never leave your hand at any cost but I let go of your hand as soon as a problem came. He kneels down before her and folds his hand. I apologize to you for my mistakes. We will be able to start a new life if you forgive me.

Precap: Siddhi tells Vin she does not have forgiveness to give him today. I will give you something which you had been waiting for. She signs the divorce papers and keeps them in his hand. We are nothing to each other after today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow finally nautangi Urvashi’s truth revealed… Now that Gauri team up with Manjari again…
    Siddhi u don’t forgive him so easily…?u r standing so silent today but tomorrow u must open your mouth and shout at him.. ?poor Vinayak ha ha ha…???

  2. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode… ?very excited… ❤️right decision Siddhi…??

  3. Well, I know Vin has been very very bad to siddhi and does not deserve her forgiveness right away, but realistically thinking, any man would have done the same after seeing VIDEO proof of her wife cheating.
    So yeah… I wouldn’t blame him too much, the one to blame is urvashi. They shouldn’t divorce because of her.

  4. Manjiti should expose soon now

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