New Swasan ff {chapter 9}

New Swasan ff {chapter 9} {Please read the note in last}

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Please read the note in last…..

Next morning

Swara gets up late and comes to dining table.
Swara: good morning everybody!
All: good morning.

Shomi: Sanskar would be coming any time He called me that he wants to take you out , be ready.
That time they hear knock on the door. Swara runs inside the room. Shekhar and Shomi start laughing.
Shekhar: I never knew that my daughter is this much shy….
Shomi : You’re right Shekhar…. Even she didn’t shied this much when she was marrying Sahil….
But still my heart is saying that something bad is happening…..
Shekhar : Don’t worry nothing bad will happen….
Till then sanskar comes in….. Hello Uncle aunty…
Shekhar : Beta call us Maa Papa like Swara call us….
Sanskar : Ohk Papa…. Woh Papa…. Woh woh….

Shekhar : Don’t worry beta I know what you want to ask…. Let me call Swara…. Shona shona beta…
Swara descended from the stairs wearing a pink ? and black jeans….. Yes Papa….
Shekhar : Beta sanskar came….
Swara : Yes Papa….
Swasan went out in Sanskar’s car…. They reached a lonely place and came out….
Sanskar : I want to talk to you…. Actually… I wanted to say that I …I…

Swara : what do you want to say? Say without hesitation.
Sanskar: Swara! You gave me happiness of world by agreeing to marry me…. I have never felt this much happy….. Thank you so much Swara….. But tell me one thing are you under pressure?
Swara: No, I am very happy…. I realized your love for me.

Sanskar : Actually swara I always wanted to propose you so can I??
Swara : Yes why not….
Sanskar became happy and said Swara truth to be told I don’t know any cheesy proposal so I directly asking you that Will you marry me?? I promise I will give you all the happiness you deserve
Swara (unwillingly) : Yes but I have a condition
Sanskar : Don’t worry I will fulfill your all condition…. I’m so happy now we both will be live together forever…..
Swara just wanted to smash sanskar face…. But controlled herself….
Sanskar : Ohk so it’s late we should go home and I should see the arrangements…. Come I will drop you….
Swara : Sure….

They both drove back to home….
The night passes quickly and the engagement day comes….

Bose house

Shomi asks her to wear a light blue and white lehenga fastly as they have to go to parlor. She obeys her orders silently. Kavita was seeing this all with teary eyes and cursing herself….
At night, they come to Maheshwari Mansion…..
(Just imagine the decorations of swasan engagement day which was spoiled by Urvashi)
As soon as Swara comes a spot light falls on her….. Sanskar became memerized seeing Swara whereas she was seeing sanskar disgustingly…..

AP comes and greets them and caresses Swara’s hair…… They exchange the rings. Swara is eager to go to house but Shomi and Shekhar are busy enjoying different performances…. She gets irked but pretends to be happy…..

Suddenly the host comes and announce swasan’s dance…. Swara got shocked but composed herself without being noticed…. Whereas Sanskar got happy and forwarded his hands…. Swara unwillingly gives her hands and starts dancing on a romantic song…..

To be continued…..


1. Guys many of you must have read my story we are family right…. Guys I told you that it is the story of my colleague’s real life…. Guys his name is Dinesh and he’s suffering from the same pain which vikrant in that ff…. But guys yesterday his step dad crossed all the limits of humanity…..

Few weeks ago we heard that Dinesh Bhaiya is going to be a father which made us happy but it made his step dad and step siblings angry….

His step dad with the help of Maya aunty (whom I portrayed as ragini) send him jail accusing he tried to rape and also harassed Kriti (whom I portrayed as Kiara) and in home when asha aunty (whom I portrayed as Swara) and diya bhabhi (whom I portrayed as khushi) requested him to withdraw the case…. Raj uncle (whom I portrayed as sanskar) beat with hunter and also forced asha aunty and also threatened diya bhabhi that if she wants Dinesh Bhaiya out of jail then she has to abort her child and marry anyone out of his both sons or he will make sure that Dinesh Bhaiya dies in jail…. Guys please suggest me something about what to do as police are also against us…..

2. Guys which ff of mine you want to end please do tell me so that I will end the ff’s one by one as many people are confused about the ff’s and also if you want long updates then I will post after two months and if you want on regular basis then bear short updates….

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  1. nice part update next part soon coming to long parts its ok i vl adjust with short parts but want updates daily … now a days swasan ff’s are becoming less in TU dont no why no one is updating here..
    coming to note1 in my pov now its totally depends on faith and persons mentality uska solution kuch nahi hai.. police can take action against them but if the person is somewhat rich then its hard to take any action.. its just my pov no offence to anyone.. sorry if anyone hurted.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  2. Sus


    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  3. Hey sammie i think u are r mixing both ur ff becoz vikrant,kushi, r in we r family ff n this is new swasan ff.

  4. Oh really sorry dear i misread ur note and i skip that first 2 3 lines I’m really sry 1again

    1. SammieR

      It’s okay

  5. Try to record their crime in veiod footage with some plane n also make a vedio where the police is not cooperating then lick the vedio in social media sight n also contact with some media people journalist when the media will pressurise the police will be bound to tack an action in ir favour.
    Trust me this trick works as I have done the same with one police officer but the case was that a clerck in our department tried to rape one of my frnd

    1. SammieR

      Thanks I will try

  6. Nice continue both ff soon

  7. Nice part dear plz don’t worry he will be fine and come out

  8. Nice…….Reality me bhi aisa hota hai? u can go with ishani’s suggestions or u can convince Kriti to take her case back n not kill an unborn child…..

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya I will try

  9. Gayathri.visu

    About ur note u can go with Ishani’s idea. It helps u. But please don’t harm that unborn child.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya I will try

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