Better Half…(Introduction)

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Hey guys…! Heshine here…! Hope u all do remember me….if not its completely not ur fault as I was irregular in TU fa a time being. As juz my holidays have been started I have been taking days off to relax myself and resume my works. So enough of my bak bak….
Let me now say why I’m here….!
Yes I know that u would all might think that I would be here for my next chap of my ff…but I’m sorry…I’m here fa a new ff…yet again..

I know I’m not regular in my earlier one…but would try to be regular in the latter. I would solemnly try to be regular.
So let me give u a character sketch and may be the first epi here. I thought of writing an os in this plot but later thought of giving u an ff…but I seriously don’t know why, how and what. So lemme start.

The epilogue..!

Dev Dixit is a business tycoon who would sacrifice any thing for his family. His 2 prospect of his life was his FAMILY and his WORK. He was yet to married to a gorgeous….beautiful….elegant girl of obviously not his choice. ?? but his mother’s. He blindly believes his mother’s choice of a bride to him ….so he completely ignores the fact of marrying someone who doesn’t even seemed to talk to him even once, probably.

But he was sure that she was his wife. He tried a lot to indulge in a conversation with her but all went in vain as his sisters were very busy with their to be bhabhi. The Dev Dixit was calm and composed at times just to ensure that he wasn’t rude at all times but yes he was at times, rude, as like an OBHODRO types according to his would be fiancé. But he least know that he was awarded with a new name, better to say, in an amazing unknown language to his, by his fiancé. He have no clues about except her name which is more than enough for him to instigate a conversation with her.

Dr Sonakshi Bose, was his fiancé who was a nutritionist. She was quite innocent but seems to be independent in her own way. She is quite a feminist but also supports the law and order. She is a beautiful, bubbly girl with enormous talents. A girl who spends her whole time in making up herself is the merest dangerous sight according to her as she would woo them up in no time as this was her routine with her sister, Elena. The latter was fond of makeups, social media, and a lot which her sister dislikes even at a first glimpse. Yet, sonakshi was a homely girl who completely believes her family first for selecting a life partner for her. She knows that they choose the best but yet nervous like any other girl initially to see her would be groom in front of everyone with a coffee tray in her hands and her sister and brother teasing her behind and her parents watching her with their proud upbringing.

Ignoring all the pairs of eyes looking at her in different angle she keenly observed her mother in law(would be) first as she was seated first. Later, she offered the coffee mug to her would be sister in laws. She was quite shocked to know that there are three sisters for her would be husband but literally relaxed after knowing that they all were such sweet like her favourite Bengali sweet, rassagula. To her surprise his fiancé was absent on the first day of their meeting as he was busy in one of his office meetings. After few hours the dixits left the Bose house ensuring that they would soon tie the knot for their children as soon as possible. The initial thought of leaving her family made sonakshi’s ground sink but composed herself in front of everyone but broke down later everyone left.

Dev and Sonakshi both agreed to the marriage after they thoroughly checked about each other in their social profiles and understood that both were same as they were least interested in marriage and had a very similar thoughts of discussion. But each longed to talk to each other at least once before their marriage. They thought of knowing about each other as friends before being tying knot to each other but all in vain. As dev was disturbed by his sisters, Neha, Nikki, Ria…here sonakshi was disturbed by her sister, Elena and brother, Saurabh..

That’s all guys…! Hope u liked it…! I would try to give u the first epi by tomorrow..
Pls give ur reviews below…
Do u guys think that dev and sonakshi who were tying knot as dev – sonakshi would ever become devakshi.

Would they be able to fulfil the pheras and the vows they would take upon on their marriage….will they ever be better half to each other….to know the answers stay tuned to
“Better Half”

Pls cmnt below if u would like me to continue with this new ff ..! Would be eagerly waiting fa ur cmnts…

With love

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Nice post soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you…!???

  2. Nice intro.

    1. Heshine

      Thank you ..???

  3. DramaQueen1004

    Intro seems interesting
    waiting to read d frst epi…

    1. Heshine

      Thank you..!???❤❤

  4. Aarti32

    Lovely start dear

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aaru…!❤❤?

  5. Richa144

    Loved it dear

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Richa…!❤❤??

  6. Srush

    Intro seems to be good plz do post soon…and ya i remenber u…u used to read my ff “the reason i breahe”and u used o comment that’s why i know u..i am going to love ur ff and plz post soon…and ya i love you…

    1. Heshine

      Thank you srushti….❤??
      Will post soon…love u too…!???

  7. HarSHaN

    Hi Sissy!!!!Hw R U?? Nycc Intro Strt..Make the next Soon..

    1. Heshine

      Hey bro…! Yeah I’m fine…!
      And thank you bro…! Would post soon..??❤

  8. Kriti249

    It seems interesting but epilogue??

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Kriti..!????
      This is an intro…!

  9. Priya12

    Sry 4 the late cmt akka…
    And how can we forgot u..
    It was just amazing….interesting

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Priya…???
      And sorry la vendam OK..?!

  10. Priya12

    OK.. Heshine

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