A new beginning yet to start – episode 11

Hello everyone….

So the episode starts-

All came to the breakfas table…
T- i want to tell everyone somethng important
L- yeah say beta…
T- i am ready to marry kunj
On listening this kunj gets a million dollar smile on his face
M- tw i m glad with your decision….
We will soon start your marriage prep…once we reach amritsar back….
haina leela ji
L- ji bilkul

They made twinj eat sweets….
L- i think we should let them enjoy the day alone….
M- yeah you are right….. Kunj take tw with you….see you in the evening….

K- ok dad….tw lets go….
T- ok…bie mom , dad, uncle aunty
All – bie beta….

Next scene
Twinj are shown walking in the park
K- so tw i hope you didnt take the decision in any pressure….
T- no kunj…its not like that
K- so may i know how you made this decision
T- kunj actually as you knoe how stuborn i am…i always wanted to live my life with my style….
i always thought that no one is this world is ever born who can chnge me….for whom i want to chnge…..
But i was wrong…. There is that someone…and that someone is you kunj……
I can do anythng for you….i want to chnge myself for you…..
I love you kunj….
On hearing this kunj walks to somedistance and turns….
Tw looks at him
He spreads his arms and say i love u too tw
Tw smiles brightly and run towards him….
And hugs him tightly….
Kunj slightly moves her up and twrils her around….
After sometime they both compose themselves….

Next scene
Twinj are sitting together in the park…..
Resting there back against tree….
Tw head is resting on kunj shoulder and kunj head is on tw head…
They are holding eachothers hand…
K- tw i m soo lucky to have you in my life…..
From childhood i only loved you…..
Tw thinks- should i tell him about uv….no i dnt think its the right time….may be after marriage…as uv is my past….past should remain in past….but kunj is my future…i should conc on him only….
K- tw are u listening what i m saying
T- yeah….kunj i think we should go everyone is waiting for us…
Tw starts to getting up but kunj holds her hand and pulled her close to him
T- what kunj….
K- i want a kiss as a symbol of our love….
Tw blushes and parts her lips giving a postive response…..
Soon their lips meet….
The kiss is full of love…deep and going in sync….
They pulled back….
Both hug eachother and after sometime both reach back to the hotel…

Episode ends
Precap- marriage prep


  1. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Amazing epi akanksha……finally twinkle changed and is ready fr d marriage ……eagerly waiting for the marriage

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Wow finally Twinkle is ready for the marriage 😍Is Uv going to create a problem for them 😯loved it 💖

  3. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Amazing! So glad twinkle realised her feelings for kunj. But the problem is uv now! Eagerly waiting for the next part 😊 wrote soon x

  4. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Girl u r literally driving me crazy
    Please please one more post for today
    Its a request
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤😍😘😘

  5. Baby


    |Registered Member

    omggggggggg amazing episode akansha i luvd it sooooooo mch excitd fr nxt episode dis sdn response wowwwwwwww luv u yr post nxt episode asap luvd it it ws luvly n amazing episode

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.