Never let u go (Chpt 22)

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Chapter 23
Arjun pulled back and started driving without even looking at her. Radhika glanced at him a couple of times but Arjun’s eyes were locked on the road.He was in deep thought about what was just happened.

They drove in silence , but her heart was pounding within her chest. She still could feel the warmth and tingle of his lips on hers. His only touch made her shiver, no one in her life made her feel like that. She wants to kiss him again. Radhika increased the volume of the music to block her thoughts. No one spoke until he dropped her back to the apartment.

The rain was still coming down in steams as he got and came quickly to open door for her.Grabbing her hand he took her to the apartment.,both of them dripping wet from the rain.She unlocked the door and entered and Arjun followed her.
Still Awkward silent present between them.

“ Radhika…”
Turning to look at him, she saw something different in his eyes….something like…..REGRET..her heart stopped for minute.

“ I am sorry..i got caught up in the moment and I let myself go somewhere that I shouldn’t have…” He said while his eyes were closed in pain.

Every word cut her heart into thousand pieces. Though she was expecting something like this from him but her heart hoping to listen to something different from him.
“May be we should just forget about it….” Radhika said but only she knew how much her heart was paining..

“ I’m going to go..Good night Radhika..” Arjun said while turning the door knob.

“ Arjun….” She said with painful voice..
He turned back in hope that she will say something that his heart wants to hear.
“ Thanks for the ride….” She said looking at him for second and went rushing towards her bedroom..

His heart cried within and he left…
While driving, he wants yell and kick himself for uttering those words to her. Telling her that it was just a mistake it was killing himself…Little part of him was dying second by second…he want to concentrate on road but he could only remember the tingling of her tender lips on his. He wanted to make it special.. He thought that he was not prepared at that moment..
He pulled over to the side of road.
“ Radhika please forgive me..this was the last time I hurt you..From now I will only make you smile n happy..Soon you will became mine..only mine…”
He drove back to his home…

Wedding Preparation days…..

After the kiss incident Aradhika tried to avoid each other being alone.. They were always made conformed that they were surrounded by others.
While wedding preparations Radhika always came to Arjun’s house with Sam for helping Sonali.
Arjun steals glances of her when she was around. He used to watch her from corner of his eyes while she was helping with sarees to sonali or making flower decoration for engagement party of Nesam or playing with NGO children who were staying at his home for wedding preparations.
There were moment when Neil would look up and see Arjun watching radhika, he would smugly smile at him. Whenever Neil or Raj with Arjun they were constantly asked him what he was planning to propose her. He was used to ignore them.

The Night of NeSam Engagement party

Engagement party was organized at Arjun’s house. All arrangement was all done by Trio Radhika, Sonali and Prerana..
Walking along upstairs, Arjun looked down to see Sonali pointing towards caterers towards dining room and quickly giving instructions to waiters.. Suddenly she looked upwards towards and her eyes shimmered in happiness..She wants to indicate something with that happiness.Arjun smiled back and went towards the lawn area to look towards the party arrangements.

In few minutes Neil came in lawn he had worn brown coloured faded denim and crème color shirt with Brown sleevless jacket. He was not looking less than million dollar model.
People started to arrive, Then Sam entered with Samrat, Piyali and Jai.
Arjun and Raj went to welcomed them while Arjun eyes were searching to Radhika.

Sam noticed this and she smiled, called him..
“ Arjun, she is yet to come…Mala aunty and Ankush are coming so she went to receive them to the airport..”
“ While she gone alone…” Arjun replied quickly…and then he noticed his quickness.
“ I mean if you had informed me then I would have sent someone to pick them up…” Arjun somehow hide his restlessness.
“ You know how is she…she didn’t listen to me..I have called her up minute ago..she told she was on the way..maybe she will reached in a few minutes….” Sam
“ Okay….by the way you are looking gorgeous…Neil surely won’t take his eyes from you…” Arjun said teasingly…
“ Shut up Arjun…By the way where is that idiot….” Sam started to search for Neil and end up finding him with many girls talking laughing. She frowned in anger and went towards the other ladies but still observing him from corner of her eye that he still was busy laughing and talking with that girls..
Sam tried to avoid it and went toward the backyard of the house and suddenly felt the tight grip on her wrist.

Neil pinned her to the wall. Her heart was racing inside.
Suddenly she started to hitting him..
“Chilll…sammy…I was just teasing you….” Neil tried to stop her.
“ dare you next time..I will chop you into many pieces…” She had tears in her eyes…

“ Hey Sammyyyy…my darling I will never do this…pls don’t look hell cute when you are angry.I just want to see how much you love me.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into tight hug.

“ Neil I can’t imagine me without you..I can’t live a second without you…When I feel your gaze on me and your hand holding mine, I want to stay at that moment all my life.Your love has turned my life around.I can’t guarantee a flawless relationship, but I promise that as long as I live you found me always besides you..” Sam was looking deep in Neil’s eyes..

Neil leaned forward and whisper at ear shell
“ Sammy…I loved you from the day I laid my eyes on you for the very first time..My feeling will never change for you.. I want nothing more than my life spend with you by my side. When I wake up in the morning I want to find you beside me. When I go to sleep I want to feel your hands around me. I want you for eternity…” and he kissed her and they engrossed in each other, dreaming about their future life..

Here in party Radhika came with Mala and Ankush. Arjun wants to talk to her but she was always busy talking to guest.He was just staring at her all the time..Not for second his eyes leave her. Soon After the party she left with sam. Arjun’s restless increased. He couldn’t able to bear this much formalness from her
The Wedding day

Radhika soothing Sam who was all stressed out and got paranoid for no reasons.
“ Don’t think so much Sam..Everything is going to be fine..Take deep Breathe Sam ..” Radhika Said when she was stood beside the nervous bride.

After deep breathe, Sam appeared to be calm down some. Sam’s nervousness was obvious every girl get nervous in her wedding.

Neil’s Room
Neil was continuously searching for something in his tuxedo.
“ What are you looking for..” Arjun asked.
“The rings..” he exclaimed
“ Neil you gave me them last night I have them in the car…” Arjun answered.. Neil sighed
“ Nervous.??” Arjun
“ Just a lil bit..” He said with Sarcasm…
“ Neil..its fine..all will be going to be perfect…lets go” Arjun
“ I love know that….” Started Neil
“ yeah bro…Don’t be nervous..Be a man…”
Neil laughed and went to hugged Arjun
And they left for the church.
As they reached there Arjun got call from Radhika..He swiped the button and answered her.
“ hello..” Arjun
“ Is Neil as nervous as Sam?” radhika asked.

“ Yep..” He laughed
“I figure guys ready?”
“ Yeah..Almost..n you..?”
“ can’t imagine how stunning and gorgeous Sam is looking…”
“ How do you look?” He asked
“like a fool” She laughed
“I Doubt that” Arjun
“ You will see that yourself in twenty minutes…”
“ You are beautiful Radhika. Don’t ever forget that…” Arjun exclaimed
She blushed..” Okay I am going now..see you there…”
Line went dead..Arjun had wide smile on his face.

After an hour wedding ceremony started and Sam entered into Church with fairy white dress , Neil’s heart beats stopped on seeing her. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and touching. The vows were perfect and the way they tremble before one another was sign of how much they love each other.
“ Ladies and gentleman , I would like to present Mr. and Mrs. Neil Malhotra
Soon NeSam tied their knot.. Samaira Khanna turned into Saimara Neil Malhotra.
After wedding ceremony, there was Wedding party.
After dinner Dj announced first dance of NeSam.After NeSam first dance other started to join them.
Arjun went to Radhika.
“May I have this dance?” He asked
She looked up and smiled and led her hand into His. Arjun wrapped his arms around her while she wrapped his arms around him. They got lost in the moment.Her touch was setting fire on him.
After song ends Jai asked Radhika for Dance, she diddn’t want to leave Arjun but she had accept Jai’s request.
Arjun couldn’t say a word but he was fuming in anger. He wants to snap Jai’s neck and take Radhika back. He wanted to be that only guy she would shares her laugh, her dance , her everything.
Suddenly he felt hand on his shoulder and turned to find Nesam..
“ Jealous….” Sam asked and winked
“ I..i…was..” arjun stampered

“ bro here all know that you love her and she loves you.Except you both.Prapose her before it get too late..” Neil said smilingly
“ Neil is right Arjun..She too loves you but she can’t admit it until you do..” Sam
“ Guys..On her birthday I will propose her I have made all the arrangement…” Arjun finally spoke about his plan.
“ Awwww.. a week later her birthday is coming..m too excited..but we will miss this beautiful moment…because dad booked our Honeymoon trip..” Sam said being little bit upset..
“ Don’t worry Sam after you guys came back I will propose her again…just one help from you..give me spare key of your apartment…” Arjun said…
Sam nodded..They got happy hearing confermation from Arjun.
The day end making one couple There is turn of Next magical couple..Aradhika

Next Day

NeSam were getting ready to leave for their honeymoon trip.
Radhika was helping Sam with her luggage packing.
“ Whats going on with you Chashni…? ” sam asked with confusion

“ I don’t know..” radhika replied
Sam took her hand
“ I can read you like Book Chashni..and I would guess it has something to do with Arjun…”

“ If I tell you what happened you won’t belive..” Radhika
“ Try me..” Sam
Radhika sighed and told her everything about their long drive, rain and their first kiss.
“ So he leaned and kissed you? “ Sam laughed
“ Don’t laugh at me..This is horrible…” Radhika hit her with pillow.

“ Chashni.. are you blind??” Sam asked

“ I guess I am..cos I don’t know what are you talking about…”

“ Radhika ,Can’t you see the way he look at you.. He loves you..more than he could love anyone in this world…and he felt bad for kissing you not because he didn’t want to kiss you , but he wants to propose you officially before that…duh ” Sam stated..

Radhika became quite surprised but she rolls her eyes away from her.

“ Still I don’t think so Sam…I have choose my path and I have to walk on it” Radhika said sighing

“ The reason you want to avoid his love and care is that you afraid about your past..but your heart belongs to Arjun and will always be..only when you realize that you will be happy and your life will be less complicated . I wish I could force you into realizing this, but I can’t . You have to figure it out, I guess soon this will happen…” Sam came and hugged radhika..and hold her luggage to leave..

“ I will miss you on my birthday Sammy…..” Radhika hugged her back tightly…
“ Me too Chashni..But your Surprise won’t let you miss me much…” sam winked and left to living room to meet other ,leaving Radhika behind comfused.

Next chapter: Arjun will prapose Radhika..Radhika reveals her Past

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