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At the college

Zeshan- dude you lost your bet. Now its my turn to ask you something.

Kabir- i have not. Nisha did not say no to me. So you should not assune that i lost the bet.

Zeshan- i think i should. Coz nisha ignored your proposal that means definetly its a no! Kabir admit it. You have lost the bet.

Kabir- no! Till nisha doesnt say no! I will not admit. But if she says yes then you remember you have to leave your one and only girlfriend.

Zeshan- yeah i know that. You should win first.

Kabir- listen… i am getting late…so bye.

Kabir walking in the corridoor and thinking.

Kabir.. kabir.. i have told ze but what if she says no? I hope she does not find her watch only. Then she won’t any option left apart from taking help from me.

He bumps onto nisha

Nisha- can’t you see? Are you blind?

Kabir- i am sorry. But are you okay? Let me help you picking up your books.
Nisha realises it was kabir!

Nisha- you!?

Kabir- why? I can’t bump on someone? And what were you asking me? Am i blind? Then what are you? Even you could walk by looking right?

Nisha- shut up!

Kabir- okay i am sorry! But listen to me! Have you thought about the deal? I hope you have decided.

Nisha- do you think i will date you?

Kabir- ofcourse i am so handsome. Where will you get such a handsome guy to date?

Nisha- you wish! I am not accepting your proposal.

Kabir comes on his knees- please! Please !say yes please! We will make a great pair like karan- arjun,simran-raj,deepika-ranveer. Please say yes i promise this won’t go beyond a month.

Nisha- kabir! Kabir! Please get up. Everyone is looking at us. Stop creating a scene.
Kabir looks around and gets up!
Kabir- nisha please yaar!

Nisha- ok i say yes! But…
kabir jumps in joy!

Nisha- kabir listen to me!

Kabir- yeah sorry! Say

Nisha- i hope you won’t give such stupid examples. Karan- arjun seriously? They were not a couple.

Kabir- really? I thought they were. But forget that. I know you said yes because of money. I’ll give you half the amount tommorow. Is that okay?

Nisha- yeah fine. But we need to set up some rules. And…

Kabir- see nisha i don’t want any relationship right now but since even i am trapped i don’t want to creat a problem for you so i think we should keep this in the college only. Outside college you don’t know me and i don’t know you. What say?

Nisha- great. And bye. Nisha leaves.

Kabir- nisha yaar! At least you should have told the rules! But whatever… i won the bet…i won the bet….

In the evening

Nisha is in her room. Sourab comes.

Sourab- you have grown up now Nisha! Now you have started dating guys and not even telling me!

Nisha- shu! Nisha closes the door. Mad a what? If mom hears she might get me married right away.

Sourab- but how did you say yes to him? I was just joking about that dating thing.

Nisha- what?! And i took it seriously. But its all happening coz of that watch. I needed money and he wanted to win a bet so he asked me avout that and i said yes to him.

Sourab- seriously ? I still can’t believe it. You and kabir. The whole college is talking about this only. Nisha and Kabir.

Nisha- yeah.. yeah… the breaking news… i don’t understand why the hell the people gossip about others? Don’t they have work to do?

Sourab- thanks to that gossip i came to know about you guys otherwise you had kept this as a secret only.

Nisha- there’s nothing great about this relationship to tell. Its just a deal which will be over soon.

Laxmi- what deal? What will get over soon?

Nisha- mom nothing much. I was just telling him about the deal which juhi made with nishant. Righy sourab?

Sourab- huh? I mean yeah. She was just telling me about juhi and nishant.

Laxmi- but who are juhi and nishant? Sourab?

Sourab- aunty you don’t know juhi and nishant? Laxmi nods no! Nisha you did not tell aunty?

Nisha- aunty! I mean mom they are the characters of the new novel i am reading.

Laxmi- hmmmk……anyways i was here to tell you about the watch..

Nisha- mom we are getting late. Sourab was here to take me for a movie. So bye.

Nisha drags sourab along her.

Laxmi to herself- whats wrong sith her? Everytime i try to speak to her she runs away. Has she lost it? I had come to her to inform her that i have given her watch for polishing and not to search for it. But she went without listening.

Nisha, sourab and keerti come to a park.

Nisha- what happened to you keerti? Why are you upset?

Keerti- that idiot,bastard zeshan! He dumped me becuase of some stupid bet. I mean how could he do this to me?

Sourab- chill! Anyways you would dump him after few days instead of you he dumped so whats the big deal?

Keerti- sourab! You are my brother or his? Instead of suppoting me you are asking me whats the big deal?

Nisha- from when did you want our sympathy? I mean why are you getting upset all this while i never thought you will be upset over stupid things.

Keerti- i don’t want anyones sympathy. And you are right these are stupid things i should not get affected by these. But what about you? You call these things stupid then why dating kabir?

Nisha- long story.. tell you some day.

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