Never believe ur eyes – Part 7

Me: hello everyone.. before reading my story all i want to say is this is a bit related to the real ishqbaaz because i like some points from it.
Plz enjoy and let me know your view.
Sorry for any grammatic mistakes.
It is all about shivaaye point of view.


Its been 3 days i havent met her ever since that college incident and why should i because i have left the interest on the property.
Might be because i have left everything on my destiny to decide my fate. Or might be because i want to see if she is in my destiny before i own her.

I never left anything on destiny but this time, i had to. I dont know why but i want to see whether this word really exist or not.
What? I know i have only seen her twice but still she got on my head not on my heart.
Its not like i like her or something but i just want a break from my daily life and do some interesting thing like being detective, spy someone, solve a mystery blah blah … and i just found her a unsolved mystery and thats it..

But still i didnt lose my mind like crazy i distract my mind by fully engaging it on office. I am waiting for the call which i was waiting for so long … arg i hate waiting it drives me crazy.. ..

I am waiting for a call from khanna to know if we got the deal which is one of the biggest deal so yes, i am a basically a bit tense.
I know what all must be thinking about me that i am a arrogant and challenging person with a handsome look well you all are right but i am tense about our oberoie companies because of a newly rival company known as raizada.
None of us know where this company end up from which part of the world but indeed the CEO of the company always comes between our projects or deals and scratch it from us.
It all started 2 years last when our company was going to get a big project but at the end it went to them because it was said that they would give a bigger and better profit then us ..
well it was a insult to us so bade papa challenged them that this time we will sized the deal from them.. i mean we will do the same like them.
I met him twice and i must say he is short temper and has excellent skill regarding bussiness. Whenever we met him or he scatch a deal from us he always gives a evil smile or smirk. As if he won a battle and every time i saw a anger on his eye.
I took out all the information about the companies CEO and i list out the important points:


● He is same my age.

● No one knows about him so much because he was in london before coming to india.

● He is handsome with grey eyes and has nice sense of style. He is 6.2 feet tall and wears a expansive watch on his right. He is very clever and has a sharp eyesight and carefull look.

● He never lose any deal before.

● He is arrogant same like me .. i dont mind admitting the truth.

● He love to snatch others deals somewhat like me but i let the person a warning before stepping on their place. So i am better then him.

● He loves his family like me.

● He is experience person afterall he 2 times snatch our deal and that also the most powerful and important deal.

● He hate us.

● He is going to get marry today so advantage is that he wont be able to get the deal and guess what? He is gonna marry my ex-girlfriend. She is still my best friend.

Thats all i got important news about him.

I got a beep sound from my phone and i reached out to take.

We lost the deal, sir; khanna

I threw the phone in anger. I call my p.a to come immediately to my cabin.

“What am i seeing? How did we lose the project?”

“sorry sir, i dont know.. they are really smart and said to be expert.” She looked down on her.

” then what are you for ? GET OUT .. YOU ARE FIRED.”

“SORRY sir please give me one chance please.”

“I said get out from here.”

I knew i was not suppose to be angry at her but i needed to take out my anger and what are they doing here if they are not expert and experience enough?..
I took out a phone from my pocket.

(i keep a extra phone in case if i break my phone which i did.)

i let out a breathe and call bade papa. For first few minutes he let out the anger on me and finally decided to meet and disccuss about it in a meeting.
I left to oberieo mansion as i was hell tired and after all this effort we didnt receive any good news. If this countinues then bade papa wont get ‘bussiness man of the year‘ award. So i needed a rest and then countinue to think about it.

《Oberoie mansion》

I set a foot on the mansion when i found my whole family member sitting and discussing something. I clear my throat to get their attention.
All of them turn back to face me.
I look from left to right and i stopped to see a unknown face .. i mean not my family member but i am quite familar with its face . I stood at my place slowly she came toward me as i realise who she is.
I felt so glad. She is back and she can help me out from this trouble.


i know this is so short but i wanted a suspense like this for all of you to think about who she is?
Now this is your question: ( one who gives correct answer to this will win)

Who is she?
How will she help him?

Hey hello.. plz forgive me if you all are getting because of my late update…?? plz plz
plz comment and let me know ur views
Thanks to silent reader.. i really feel great seeing all the likes for me.

i am a type of person who loves suspense so yah my story is full of suspense ?? so have some patience i know all must be thinking i have left so many points to clear up but plz wait.

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  1. I think it is none other than Anika because she always help oberio’s in their difficult times . It’s just my thought i shared here .

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      Lets see????

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. I think it is mallika

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  3. Awesome

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  5. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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      Thanks.. hope u enjoyed

  6. Lovely part!!!
    I feel ” she ” is shivaay’s ex- girlfriend cum his bestie and lately Mr Raizada’s fiancee!!! Just a mere guess….
    Anyways waiting for the next?

    1. Qwerty123

      Lets see… thanks for reading … will try to post next one soon

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