Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2 Shot 4 by Marsuu

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Naughty Billo(SwaSan ff)Season 2
Shot 4:
Recap: swara ask sanskar how can she cancel her marriage.

Bose house:
After meeting Sanskar, swara came.
Shomi: where you were roaming???
Swara: I just went for cycling.
Shomi: swara I’m telling if you tried to use your tricks to cancel this marriage then you will see worst of me.
Swara(pout): I’m very innocent mom.
Shomi: I know that.
Dida: come swara I will make you ready soon they will come.
Swara’:don’t know why all are after my life.
Swara went with dida and she made her ready in blue anarkali and open hairs.

Maheshwari house:
Sanskar came early from hospital as sujata has called him
Sanskar: why you called me early ??
Kaveri: we are going to see a girl for you.
Sanskar: ohh
He was never a man who is much interested in marriage stuff. He has already said he will marry whenever they will say.
Sanskar was about to go to his room when sujata went near him and said slowly
Sujata(pleading): plz say yes to this girl I want her as my dil bcoz she is so cute.
Sanskar signed at her mother, she wants him to marry a girl just bcoz she is cute.
Sanskar: okay.
Sujata(smiles): thanks
He is happy if he can bring a smile on her mother’s face.
Sanskar (thinks): mom and swara are same ,crazy
Swara, she suddenly came in his mind. He thought she is the cutest girl he had ever met. Brushing his thoughts away, he went to his room to get ready.

Bose house (evening):
Shomi is desperately waiting for them.
Dida: Swara u should blush in front of them then girl looks nice.
Swara: what if I will not be able to blush then they will break the marriage.
She got excited as she thought she got reason to break the marriage.
Shomi: you have to blush anyhow.
Shomi ordered with finality while swara make faces.
Shomi ran to open the door as the bell rings. She greeted sujata and kaveri. Sanskar got shocked to see shomi, he almost got the idea that the girl is swara.
He bend and took his blessings.
They enter inside
Swara(shout): Sanskar what are you doing here??
Shomi glare at her that is this the way to welcome someone.
Kaveri; u know her Sanskar???
Swara: yes he is my doctor friend.
Swara said before sanskar could say anything.
Sujata(happy): you both are already friends great.
Shomi; swara he is the boy with whom you will marry.
Swara(facepalm): what what what!!!
Dida: plzz come and sit.

She tried to divert the topic otherwise this swara will make them run away.
Sanskar smile looking at swara’s shocked expressions. He never thought he will feel pity on himself only.
They sit in the hall.
Swara tried to blush.
Shomi: from my side it’s yes only bcoz sanskar is very nice boy.
Sujata(excited): from my side also yes only.
Kaveri: hmm so swara what are you doing???
Swara(directly): nursing 3rd year
Shomi give her look.
Swara(blushes and look down): aunty Ji I’m doing nursing.(sweetly)
Sanskar was staring her. He was suppressing his laugh. How she act like sincere when shomi look at her.
Kaveri: okay
Shomi: she can continue studies after marriage I hope?
Kaveri: yes we don’t have any problem.
Shomi: actually I want to clear now only swara don’t know households work much.
Sujata: don’t worry I’m there I will handle.
Kaveri: I don’t find any problem in her, Sanskar can once talk and his decision will be final.
Dida: sure they can talk in swara’s room.
Swara(stand up): let’s go to my room.
Sanskar got up and both went.

Swara’s room:
Swasan enter inside and close the door. Sanskar look at bed where so many dresses were scattered.
Swara(smile sheepishly): I was selecting dress to wear later forgot to keep in cupboard.
Sanskar: it’s okay.
Swara started laughing suddenly.
Sanskar: what makes you laugh??
Swara: I’m thinking our meeting in the morning. I was practicing what to say to the boy wait I will show.
Swara came in front of him and said looking down.
Swara: actually Ji I can’t marry you bcoz I want to settle in my career.
Sanskar: that you can continue after marriage also.(smirk)
Swara: but this idea you only had given now answering back(pout)
Sanskar: I know your all ideas so why to waste time.
Swara: you really want to marry me??
Sanskar: yeah may be.
Swara: we are so different but your are my friend then we can marry also.
Sanskar (shock): you are ready?
Swara: u know my mother is adamant to marry me if I will refuse you she will find someone else so its better to marry you bcoz you know what I’m in real.
Sanskar: hmm right.
Swara: but I have conditions to marry you.
Sanskar sit on bed removing clothes.
Sanskar: say
Swara: you will never stop me from eating uncle chips.
Sanskar: okay
Swara: after marriage I will bring my cycle to your house.
Sanskar: hmm anything else??
Swara: and you will never say me to study.
Sanskar: what if I disagree to your conditions???
Swara; then I will not marry you.
Sanskar: okay then don’t marry.
He stand to leave. Swara remembered shomi’s warning.
Swara(pleading): agree to them they are so simple conditions you are my good friend.
Sanskar(smile): okay.
Swara(hug him): thank you.
Sanskar: let’s go down.
Swara: wait wait
Sanskar: now what??
Swara: did you have injections in your room?!?
Sanskar: why??
Swara: after marriage if you will give me injections??
Sanskar: I won’t give.
Swara: promise?
Sanskar: yes now come.
Swara went to door sanskar signed seeing her.

In the Hall:
Swasan came and stood beside each other.
Kaveri: what is your decision sanskar.
Sanskar: we both are ready.
Kaveri: that’s good.
Shomi: I will be really happy to have Sanskar as my son in law.
Kaveri: I had talked to pandit Ji he has given next Sunday for marriage.
Dida: how we will prepare everything so fast.
Sujata: don’t worry we will do together.
Shomi: okay.
Swara lean towards sanskar and whisper.
Swara: I will be so happy if next week will be our marriage.
Sanskar (confused): why??
Swara: from next week my exams are there so if I will get less marks then I can make excuse that I was busy in marriage. Smart me.
Sanskar stare at her then turn he his face other side. How he is going to spend his whole life with her.
Kaveri: now we should leave.
They move towards door. Sanskar is at back. Swara ran to him
Swara (whisper): doctor I need party.
Sanskar: for what??
Swara: your marriage got fixed.
Sanskar: then you should also give.
Swara: I had asked firstly so you will only give.
Sanskar: okay I will give now bye
Swara: bye
They left from there.

Maheshwari house:
Kaveri and sujata are sitting in the hall and discussing about marriage. Sanskar came and sit near them.
Kaveri: so finally our tension of sanskar’s marriage will be over.
Sujata: yes I’m so excited for the marriage.
Kaveri: I think swara is prefect for Sanskar. She is beautiful and innocent. Don’t speak much.
Sanskar cough out of shock after listening these words for swara. She speaks less????
Sujata: sanskar you like Swara??
Sanskar: yes mom I’m okay with it.
Sujata: yeah she is so sweet how won’t you like?
Sanskar (thinks): they will get shock to see swara’s Sweetness and innocence let her once come in this house.
He went to his room.

Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar is reading a book when his mobile rings. It was unknown no. He received
Other side: how can you do this to me Sanskar.
A shriek voice shouted from opposite side.
Sanskar: excuse me what I have done??
Girl: we both used to love each other now how can you marry someone else.
Sanskar: what non sense?? I never loved any girl.
Girl(happy): really??
Sanskar: yes now cut the call.
Sanskar was not knowing who is this girl.
Girl: i will not cut.
She giggles.
Sanskar get to know who is the girl as she laughs.
Sanskar: swara
Swara (shock): how you got to know its me.
Sanskar: leave that from where you got my no.?
Swara: I took from mamma’s mobile and had added you on whatsapp,you didn’t messaged me lazy fellow.
Sanskar: you have something important to say.
Swara: no just time passing.
Sanskar: I’m busy so bye
Swara: how rude Sanskar can’t you take out your few mins for your future wife??
Sanskar: you are such a dramebazz swara.
Swara: I know as many have said. Asha your room is of which colour??
Sanskar: blue
Swara: it’s not pink so sad. What if I can bring my room also it will be nice na??
Sanskar(roll his eyes): very nice now bye
Swara: bye take care
He cut the call.
To be continued….

Precap: swasan marriage.

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