Nakchadi Ch 1 (SwaRagini)


“Raj… Raj get up” said a female voice taking the aarti thal across the hall to spread the holy smoke to touch the every corner of house. Raj held his pillow still close to his ears and moaned irritated. “Get up beta… You will be late to office and your Papa will get a chance to scold you again” shouted the female. “Mom don’t take that Khadoos name to wake me up. My whole day goes bad” said Raj still burying his head in the pillow. “Rajjjjj” screamed the lady and turned. She is Mrs Sunita Khurana ( played by ever smiling Smita Bansal)wife of Mr. Sanjay Khuarana (played by Ayuub Khan). “Okay mom. I will get up” said Raj. He removed the pillow from his face and stretched his hands smiling and opened his eyes slightly due to the rising sunlight. He rubbed his eyes with one hand and yawned. He looked at the watch. “Oh fish. I’m late again” he said getting up from the bed suddenly. He ran to washroom. After half an hour he came out of washroom only in his towel. His milky skin and perfect abs were enough to make any girl go week in knees. He wiped his wet hair with the other towel and got ready in gray pant and white shirt. He combed his hair stylishly and tried tying his tie, but couldn’t. He threw it on the bed and wore his gray blazer and set his hair. He winked at his reflection kissing it. Then headed out of his room. “Mommmm” screeched Rajbeer hugging Sunita form back and keeping his chin on her shoulder when she was arranging breakfast. She jerked then smiled and cupped his chin and kissed her hand. “Now have your breakfast. Your dad might be waiting in office for you. Don’t again get scoldings from him” said Sunita dragging him to front and making him sit. She served him food and turned to leave. “Maa” screamed Raj. “Ohho” said Sunita hitting her head. She fed him the first byte. Rajbeer had it and smiled widely. She nodded her head and headed to kitchen. “Still a small kid you are” said Sunita from kitchen. “You know na unless you feed me my first byte for the day I wont have food” said Raj smiling. “Pagal Ladka. When your wife comes na this all will change. Phir uske haath se khayiyo parate” said Suni chucling.

A girl choked when she was drinking water at some place. “Ladoo kya hua” asked her mom patting her head to relax her.

“Aise sapne dekhne chod do. You have to feed me all my life” said Rajbeer running out of the house. “Pagal Ladka” said Shalini and continued her work.

“I’m fine maa” said the girl as she cooled down. “Okay I finished. I have interview to attend today. Bye maa” said the girl getting up and walking out holding her handbag and her phone and her head phones. “Ragini dee” screeched a boy of age 10 years. Ragini turned smilin. “Bolo Nikit” said Ragini bending to the boy’s hieght. He fed her curd and sugar with his small hands. Ragini ate it and smiled looking at him. She wiped the cream near her lips and kissed Nikit and said “Thank you so much chotu” He stamped his baby foot and said “Don’t call me that. I’m big boy” Ragini smiled at his acts. “Okay okay bade bhayya. Now Happy” said Ragini pulling his cheek. “Ahhhh maa. See Ragu dee is pulling my cheeks” screamed Nikit and ran inside. “Kyu satati hai usse?” asked Supriya (played by Supriya pilgavnkar) to Ragini. “Maa he tortures me not me ok” said Ragini pouting. “You are telling me. Don’t I know how naughty is my Ladoo” said Supriya holding Ragini’s nose and shaking it. Ragini opened her mouth shocked. She chuckled and hugged Supriya. Supriya caressed her cheek with one hand. “Ragu” screamed Simran (played by Shruthi ulfat) “Haaa Chachi” said Ragini. “Bacha prasad tho lele” said Simi handing her a small amount of Laddu. She took it and at eat after touching it with her eyes. “Lado is eating Laddu” screamed Ravi (played by Ravi Dubey) laughing. “Bander ruk” said Ragini chasing him. “Ragu bacha you go you will get late. Iss bander ko tho mai dekhti hu” said Simi. “Thanks chachi” said Ragini hugging Simi and showed her tongue to Ravi and headed out with chin up. “Tu ruk” said Simi chasing Ravi. “Badi maa bachavo” said Ravi running around and hiding behind Supriya. “Jaane de Simi” said Supriya stopping Simi. “I love you badi maa” said Ravi hugging Supriya and showing his tongue to Simi. Supriya smiled and held his cheek. “Jeeji aapne bigad rakha hai isko aur Nikit ko” said Simi complaining. “Aur jo tune Ragu aur Ranjit ko bigada hai wo?” asked Spriya. “Jiji” cried Simi. Supriya hugged her and both of them smiled. Ravi was smiling looking at them. “Abbey gadhe you are not getting late for college?” asked Simi. “Oh no college” pouted Ravi. “Tho kisne bola tha ek ek saal do baar repeat karne ke liye. See Ragu and you have just 15 days difference. She finished her graduation and searching job and you still are in second year” taunted Simi. “Badi maa” cried Ravi. “Jaane de simi. Wo bhi paas kar lega is saal hai na shonu” said Supriya holding his chin. He nodded his head pouting sadly. “I will also see” said Simi and headed in screaming “Chotu… Chotu… Tu abhi tayar nahi hua? Teri school bus aati hogi” From inside chotu screamed “Maa don’t call me chotu” Ravi chuckled and hugged Supriya. “Badmash” said Supriya hitting his shoulder playfully.


“Kab bada hoga yeh Bauji” said Sanjay standing holding window of his cabin. “Arrey Sanjay Abhi to usne life jeena shuru kiya hai. Let him enjoy” said Harpal Khurana ( Sudhir Pandey) “But Bauji” said Sanjay. “Beta. Uske life me bhi koi aajayegi usse sudharne wali. Tab sab teekh hojayega” said Dadaji.

Ragini again choked when she was waiting in queue for her turn. “Are you okay” asked the girl sitting next to her offering water bottle. Ragini gulped the water and handed back the bottle and smiled at her.

“You keep dreaming. See I told him to come on time today as we are taking interview for his secretary post and he is not yet come and candidates are waiting outside” said Sanjay irritated. “Arrey beta. You only finalize the candidate. You know his choice na. He will select some hot chic and he will not concentrate on work” said Dadaji. “Bauji” cried Sanjay. Dadaji chuckled and Sanjay nodded his head and joined him.

“Okay Ms. Gadodia. You are selected for the job. From Monday you can join the company. I will instruct the HR to complete the formalities for joining. You can wait in waiting area” said Sanjay smiling looking at the girl he selected. “Thank you so much sir” said Ragini smiling widely. “First job?” asked Sanjay smiling at her excitement. She nodded her head excited. “Okay” said Sanjay and got back to his work smiling. Ragini headed out of his cabin smiling. As she was walking she collided with Dadaji. “Ouch I’m sorry sorry Dadaji. I’m really sorry” said Ragini apologizing. “Arrere that’s okay beta. Ho jata hai kabhi kabhi” said Dadaji smiling. “I’m really sorry” said Ragini. “You are new here?” asked Dadaji. Ragini nodded nervously. “Arey now stop worrying. You carry on your work” said Dadji and headed to Sanjay’s cabin. Ragini completed the HR formalities and headed out of the building. “Ahhh my bad habit” said Ragini taking her phone and head phones out. She hated traffic noise so to avoid it she used to put the head phones on always as soon as she started walking on the road. “Woow my favorite song…. Tere sang Yara… hmmm” she lipsinged and walked carefully. She used to keep the volume so that she cannot miss the honk sound which alert her.

“Fish I’m late again. Hitler is gonna kill me today” said Rajbeer hitting his hand on steering wheel. He saw a two wheeler approaching him swiftly. He turned his steering wheel screaming “from where these idiots come on road” His car tilted left and was about to hit a girl. Rajbeer halted the car at the right moment and closed his eyes breathing heavily. He opened his eyes panting and looked in front of him. His eyes met with a dove shaped eyelids. Her black orbs were deep and magical. “Love at first sight? What b*** sh***?” he said him saying the dialogue to his close friend in college twirling a book in his book on his finger. His heart raced looking at her pink lips. He hit his head and came back to sense. Anger crept his body. “Are you blind?” he screamed as soon as he lowered the car glass peeping out. Ragini removed her head phone from one ear and shouted back “I’m not but you surely are” She rubbed her nose with her index finger and walked further ignoring him. Raj’s gaze followed her. “Nakchadi” said Raj and turned to his steering wheel and started his car and drove off. Ragini’s phone ringed and she picked it up smiling. “Hello” she spoke and the girl on other side screeched “Ragini” Ragini chuckled and said “Relax Swara. Why are you screaming?” “Ohho my sweet nanand call me bhabi” complained Swara. “Oye hello you are my best friend first then my bhabi okay. If you impressed Bhayya and became my bhabi I cannot change the designation okay” said Ragini. Swara chuckled and said “Fine come home soon. We are back” said Swara. “Yippie. So you brought my gifts right?” asked Ragini. “Hey Bhagwan tu ghar to aaja” said Swara. “Ha ha aarahi hu” said Ragini and disconnected the call and got inside her bus happily.

“Woow today I got new name Late Latheef” said Rajbeer coming out of Sanjay’s cabin and settled in his cabin. He sat in his chair and analyzed the resume of his secretary his dad gave him to study. “Ragini Gadodia. I’m sure koi behenji hi select ki hogi Khadoos. I will make her run from here in just one day then he will get me my type of secretary. Let her come Monday. Ms. Ragini Gadodia. Your countdown starts now” said Rajbeer smirking. Ragini again choked when she was eating the barfi her mom was feeding her after she told that she got the job. “Ragu relax bacha” said Ranjit (played by Niel Bhatt) patting her head and consoling her. She cooled and hugged him smiling for his concern.

Sorry for the typos. How was the intro. Tell me how did you find the Ragini and Rajbeer characterization. This a light hearted ff with so hope you will like this I’m trying it for the first time.

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  1. Sowmya Johnson

    superb dear

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Sowmya.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear

  2. Sindhura


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      Thank you so much da Sindhu.

  3. A12345

    Awesome.. Who is playing Raj

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Karan Tackar is playing Raj

      1. A12345

        Sally you are awesome.. Your all ff are amazing…

  4. Awesome

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Dears

  5. Asw

    Amazing yaar I like Ragini,raj mom’s are cool in serial couples ragbeer will be quite interesting keep going what is the meaning of Nakchadi?

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Actually it has different meaning. It is for a girl who rubs her nose always with attitude or if she is always angry or get irritated with every little thing. In my ff it means girl with attitude who rubs her nose

  6. Superb

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you lovely

  7. Superb. Wat is the meaning of nakchadi ?I love ur both ff so much.will u accept me as ur friend ???

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Pinky. Ofcourse Pinky We are friends sweetheart. Actually it has different meaning. It is for a girl who rubs her nose always with attitude or if she is always angry or get irritated with every little thing. In my ff it means girl with attitude who rubs her nose

  8. Jazzy

    superb sally dear and it is light hearted thank god otheewise i would had killed u for making my ragini suffer heheheheheheh and why don’t u uodate ur stories on whattpad too

    1. Sally_blr

      Sare log mere jaan ke peeche pade hai. Here only very less people read my story what will I do uploading there

      1. Jazzy

        who else is the intelligent person other than me u deserve it heheheh

    2. Sally_blr

      Asra is also saying she will kill me

  9. A.xx

    cute can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out it’s ragini……
    i think they will be a cute couple and love how she coughs when he remebers her name or when people talk about him having a would be.xx

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Glad that connection didn’t go unnoticed from your mind.

  10. Superb start dr. I loved it. I don’t know Hindi. Even if you write in Hindi can you give translation. bcos without those small dialogues I feel it incomplete. Waiting fr nxt update. Take care dr

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you da. I will surely keep that in mind Kutty. You know I thought of including the translation but at last moment I forgot.

  11. Ragz_teju

    amazing.. loved it so much

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      Thank you Ragzee

  12. Asra

    amazing dear….Thank god it’s light hearted…In thz ff u make my ragini suffer I will kill u dear….waiting for ragbeer meeting in office…loved it dear….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Asru. I think I should take police protection now. You and Jazzy both are trying to kill me. Ha ha ha ha. I was just kidding challame.

  13. Akshata

    its so interesting and easy going episode. i loved ragini and nikit’s bonding. waiting for the next

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Akshata.

  14. Sreevijayan

    Hw did i miss dis? loved the start my rockstar..very sweet nd relaxed…m already loving it..

    Hhehe..ragu also hve my habit of walkng wid headset…bt its risky rajbeer is waiting fr ragu..lets see hw it shapes up…m imagining rajbeer as nithin only..hehe…

    Keep rocking my rockstar..cant wait to read more……

    1. Sally_blr

      Even I have the same habit. Same pinch. Why are you imagining Nitin. Raj is way too different from Nitin. You will realize it soon

      1. Sreevijayan

        I meant d face of the character darling..nithins character cannot b replaced by anyone

    2. Sally_blr

      You really love Nitin so much. he he he he. Why all are imagining Shaleen only in all my ffs. Like people have become more obsessed with him after reading my ffs I feel.

      1. Sreevijayan

        I havent watches shaleens ny fr me he is nithin..hehee

      2. Sreevijayan

        I meant *watched

  15. Amazing

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Ammy

  16. Malika

    Sally im anjali…..don’t. Believe. What that jazzy said she is very pagli and coming. To your new story….its really super. And i love ragini …..awwwwww update sooner yrrr …love you my sister

    1. Sally_blr

      No no sweetheart. I don’t mind if you called me like that also ok. I really very much enjoy such teasing sister bonding. Thank you so much dear Actually I’m missing my cousins so you all are filling their places so I’m glad. You can tease me no problem at all sissy. I love you all. A big hug

      1. Malika

        Hehehhhhhhhh making me emotional very bad diii.l also love you diiiiii….a teddy bear hug hahahhhhh. Diiiiiii…awwwwww ????????????❤❤❤❤❤??????

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