Nadaan Parindey 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Channi asking Bebe to fix Sameer and Meher’s marriage. Bebe says fine, and fixes it after three days. Everyone is happy. Purab gets angry. Channi asks Meher to come to Nimmi’s house as she will come here with Sameer. Mangal says right, Meher come back home, be with us for three days. Mama asks Sameer to be away from Meher for three days and then they will be together. Bebe says I will send Meher tomorrow, let he be here. Channi says last night as daughter, than she will come as bahu. Bebe says she will always be my daughter. Mangal is happy and says we will leave now. Mangal asks Meher to come in morning and make breakfast. Everyone have a laugh.

Malik tells Sameer congrats, you will be groom now, take care of Meher, she is special to me. He leaves. Its night, Sameer

thinks of Malik’s words about Meher. He calls Malik and says he wants to meet him. Malik asks where. Sameer says in jungle where no one can see us. Malik says fine, I will reach in 30mins. Sameer leaves on his bike and Purab sees him from the terrace. He follows him. Sameer comes in the jungle to meet Malik.

Purab comes after him and keeps an eye on him. Sameer waits for Malik. Meher comes there and Purab is shocked to see her. Sameer is shocked too as he did not call her here. Malik hides and sees them. Sameer asks what is she doing here. Meher says I went to your room to meet you, so I came here. Sameer says you should have not come here. She asks why, what happened. We are getting married, so I can meet you. She asks why did you come here alone. Purab hears them.

She says you want to marry me or not. Will you refuse again like last time, tell me. She says I won’t feel bad by any of your words, I can wait for you till you say, if you want this, don’t make fun of my love. Sameer sees Malik there behind the tree. He says I don’t have any problem in marrying you. Purab and Malik are shocked. Sameer says I can marry you now. Meher asks why did you come here. Sameer says to fill my old wounds. She says I don’t believe this. Purab leaves angrily.

Sameer asks how to show you. She asks don’t you know. He asks what. She says draw me closer Sameer. He says what. She says closer to you. Music plays…………….. Malik looks on. Sameer feels odd in his presence. He holds her hand and she says more closer. She hugs him and closes her eyes. Sameer and Meher have a lovely hug. She smiles and says hmm…. When I go tomorrow, I will miss you. He says so don’t go. She asks what. He says wait here. She asks will you keep me like this always. He says I will try, these three days will be very tough, then I won’t let you go.

She says I already lost my life by giving my heart. Its morning, Malik comes to Mangal’s house and asks for Meher. Sameer drops Meher at her home. They greet Mangal and Malik. Nimmi and Mangal hug Meher. Minty comes and is happy seeing her. She hugs Meher. Meher sees Sameer and is sad to be away from him for three days. Minty teases her and takes her. Sameer says I will leave now, I have work at Dhaba. I will be there all day. He makes Malik hear his message. Malik smiles seeing him. Sameer greets them and leaves.

Sameer and Malik meet in the morning. Sameer asks why did you not tell me you know Bebe. Malik says why will I tell all old stories. Sameer says why did you send me here, you could have come. Malik says general wins the war but don’t go to war ground, I came here for you, you spoiled everything. Sameer says it was Maseeta’s mistake, not mine, what was the need to attack Baba, he took my real name infront of Meher, Purab doubts Maseeta’s name was not Iqbal. Malik says what about the girl. Sameer says why did she come in between.

Malik says you should have killed her, but you are in love with her. Meher tells Minty that Sameer loves her a lot, I did not think I will find to spend these three days tough. Sameer says I don’t love Meher. Malik says you are fooling me, I saw the times. Sameer says you are seeing what I want to show. This is drama, as Purab was doubting me, I m fooling Meher and Bebe being Sameer. I m using them.

Sameer says I m doing this for the mission, trust me. Malik says I can’t believe this, don’t you love Meher. Meher says I did not think Sameer will love me so much, he cares for me so much. She says I can’t believe how can anyone love me so much, that he can risk his life for me. Malik says you say you don’t love her, fine I will believe this. Sameer says I won on many mission before, why are your doubting me now, I can do anything for my country. Meher says nothing is important to Sameer more than me. Sameer says nothing is important to me than my mission, how to prove you. Malik says prove it to me. Sameer asks for the gun. Malik gives him his gun.

Bebe asks Sameer where was he, you were not at Dhaba. Purab hears him. Sameer hides something. She asks what is it. Purab gets suspicious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hate iqbal,meher and this faaaaalllllltuuuu serial.where is sameer????who is the hero????what’s going on…..sameer became responsible for meher,aur yeh ladki kisi aur pe maar rehi hain…..all the cast and the directer are b*****ds…..

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